Guide To Buying a Mattress Topper

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Mattress toppers provide the user a number of benefits. Firstly, investing in a great mattress topper will eliminate the need to buy a whole new mattress altogether. The comfort that is provided while you sleep on the mattress topper is boosted, at a fraction of the price of a mattress.

The most important thing that needs to be noted, when buying a mattress topper, is its functionality. This in turn, depends on the existing mattress’ nature. Since the topper will take the same shape as that of the mattress underneath, a good base mattress helps in enhancing the comfort provided by the topper. It is vital that your old mattress supports the topper well. Else one may not be able to enjoy all the benefits, which a great topper can provide.

Mattress toppers are available in a number of styles by incorporating several different kinds of materials. The price of these depends on the materials as well. Irrespective of the type of topper you choose to buy, the factors that one needs to take into consideration remains the same.

  1. Density

Possibly, the most important factor of all, when buying the topper is its density. This is something you simply cannot ignore. Also, one tends to notice that as the density of the topper rises, so does its price. It isn’t just the price which depends on the density; the functionality depends on it as well.

If the density of the topper is low, then it will protect the underlying mattress minimally, as compared to a dense one. If the density is high, then the topper will be a lot more capable of getting back its original shape, after the pressure that has been exerted on top of it is taken away. However, the low density toppers tend to retain the shape of your body for a longer time.

Density of these mattress toppers are measured in pounds/cubic foot. Higher the density, higher is the capability of the mattress topper to respond to temperature. They soften due to the warmth provided by the body when you sleep on it.

  1. Thickness

When trying to choose the right mattress topper, it is very important to take the thickness into consideration as well. It really depends on how firm you want the sleeping surface to be.

If you are the kind who sleeps on their stomach, then a 2 inch topper must suffice. But if you sleep on your side or back, then an enhanced comfort can be obtained by using a 3-inch topper.

A low density, 3-inch topper is great for people who prefer sleeping on a softer surface. The density and thickness are inversely proportional to each other. Hence, a low density topper must be thick, while a high density topper should be thin.

  1. Temperature

One very unique property of the mattress toppers is that they should respond to temperature. The body heat softens them up, which in turn allows your body to descend onto it, making the topper conform to the body. When we get off of the mattress, it should go back to being firm.

  1. Smell

Nobody would want a mattress that has a horrible, pungent smell to it. These can be a result of usage of chemicals, being used while producing the topper. If chemicals are used, then they can be harmful to the body.

There are some toppers which have been produced using a process, that is environmentally friendly, and the final product satisfies all the rules laid down by PURGreen certification. This is a better option to buy among the two.

In case you accidentally have ended up with a smelly one, air it out until most of the smell goes away, before using the topper.

  1. Durability

A high density topper is a lot more durable than the low density one. With passing time, they undergo wear and tear, which in turn reduces its functionality.

These mattress toppers range varies from those made using memory foams, to those made using down feathers. Take into consideration the sleeping patterns and comfort, before zeroing in on the mattress topper that is ideal for you. Get all the necessary advice regarding the care, as well as, maintenance of the mattress topper when you are buying one.

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