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About Us

Kathy Manon


Kathy is a proud mother of 2 who (clearly) knows the value of a good night sleep. She helps with most of the product reviews for Mattress Topper Judge, and had a hand in its original creation. She handles most of the content development and social media. 

Scott Manon
Scott Manon


Scott is a proud father of 2 who also (clearly) knows the value of a good night sleep. Mattress Topper Judge started as Scotts passion project after he spent 3 years as a sales manager for a mattress retail store. Scott manages product acquisition, SEO and graphic design.

Why Do We Only Focus on Mattress Toppers?

Most sleep-centered websites out there focus around mattresses. Sure, you can improve your sleep with a good mattress but what you probably don't know is that the mattress industry is fraught with sleazy sales people who are just looking to make a buck. 

If your mattress is less than 5 years old, odds are, it's fine. 

What I've learned while working in the mattress industry is that profit margins on mattresses are great. Because of this, most mattress companies will try anything to convince you that you need a new mattress. 

Personally, I've found you can dramatically improve your sleep experience without shelling out $1000+ on a new mattress. Mattress toppers are often overlooked, but one of the best ways to customize the feel of your mattress and improve your sleep health. 

What Is Mattress Topper Judge?

This website started out as a passion project. I wanted to share what I knew about mattress toppers and how much they can improve your sleep. However, since starting the site, it's grown and is not a great little business. We don't sell mattress toppers, but we do still make money with this website.

When you read any of our reviews, you'll notice that we use special links when linking to manufacturers. These special links allows us to track traffic we send to manufacturers. If you happen to make a purchase after using one of these links, we get a small commission for sending that manufacturer a customer. It doesn't cost you anything to use these links. We don't sell your information to anyone either. These links simply give us the capability to monetize Mattress Topper Judge without having to use intrusive ads.