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BedJet Review: BedJet 3 Analysis

Last Updated: May, 2023 | This Post May Contain Affiliate Links


Many things can hinder a good night's rest: a late-afternoon latte, inadequate exercise, and even late-night Netflix binges. However, sleeping in a hot bedroom is one of the most frustrating. Generally, the optimal sleeping conditions for most people are between 40 to 60% humidity and approximately 60° F and 68° F.

Anything outside these ranges, and sleep quality drops. Multiple uncomfortable nights spent tossing and turning on your bed can leave you unproductive during the day and might eventually cause severe health issues. That's where the Bed jet 3 comes in.

This climate control system can help you transform your entire bed into something more tolerable, even during the warmest summer nights. Depending on your sleeping environment and bedroom in general, your bedjet unit can be a better and more practical solution to a fantastic night's sleep than purchasing additional air conditioning units.

In this review, we tested the BedJet 3 to help you make an informed decision about whether or not it's a worthy investment.

Here's everything you need to know about the Bedjet climate comfort system, including the pricing information, assembly, and operating tips, and a glimpse of the company's various policies. 

The BedJet 3 At a Glance


  • Can sleep cooler or warmer
  • Gets rid of night sweats
  • Relatively quiet
  • Easy to maintain
  • Dual zone bedjet allows you to choose two different temperatures


  • Works better with cloud sheets

Overall Thoughts

If you've ever wished to control the warmth of your own bedding, the BedJet is specially made for you. Although it carries a hefty price tag, we loved how its climate control system is carefully designed to allow you to regulate your mattress and body temperature while you sleep. It provides instant relief from stuffy memory foam mattresses, hot flashes, and night sweats without changing the feel of your bed. With a smartphone app and advanced remote control, you can effectively switch between different temperature preferences and valuable features. What's more, you can opt for its dual zone design version, which enables you independently control the temperature on your side of the bed. So, if you're ready to shell out the cash for it, purchasing the BedJet 3 is a worthwhile investment that will pay for itself in just a year!

Setting up the BedJet 3

Setting up the BedJet 3 was as easy as it gets. Plus, every purchase features a user manual that quickly walks you through each step. However, some sleepers might find it a bit long as it contains around 20 pages, so allow us to hit you with some of the need-to-know basics.

You need a top sheet to ensure airflow is distributed evenly and stays trapped beneath your covers. BedJet has cloud sheets that feature three small openings through which you can insert the air hose. To choose the perfect hole to use, consider where you'll need the most heating or cool air. It's wise to replace your top sheet with the company's cloud sheets for optimum results. Although they're a separate purchase, they come included if you opt for the dual zone BedJet.

After making your bed and choosing which of the three holes you're going to use, take out three pieces for the bed mount base from your bedjet box and fit them together until they click. Take out the air nozzle and the hose and repeat the same process.

Then, slip the mount base directly beneath your bed, under the section you want to experience maximum temperature regulation. We placed ours right at the middle of the base of the mattress, which we found to provide an even air flow distribution. Place the hose in your mattress mount base, adjusting it whenever necessary so that the Bedjet hose nozzle rests on your mattress. The nozzle plays a vital role in blowing cool air into your mattress, so it should rest directly on your mattress top.

Now take out your machine and fit it in the air hose. Plug in the BedJet base machine, put batteries (AA batteries included) in your remote, and sync it to the unit. If you also want to sync your smart device, download the BedJet App and go through the on-screen instructions.

Remember, if you get confused along the way, you can always refer to the manual. Besides being easy to use and understand, each machine part is labeled and presented to avoid mistaking one component for the other.


How the BedJet Works

The BedJet 3 is a climate control system that uses advanced technology to offer customizable temperature settings for single and partnered sleepers based on whether you purchase a dual zone bedjet or a single zone setup. In this review, we tested both the single zone and double unit.

The single zone cloud sheet is perfect for single sleepers and couples with the same temperature preferences. On the other hand, the dual zone bundle comes with two bedjet units that can be operated independently. It's the best option for partnered sleepers who prefer different temperature settings. 

A hose (resting directly on your mattress top) blows air into your bedding. Remember, the temperature of the airflow along with its intensity and duration is up to you. You get to control everything using a smart device or remote control. Generally, we prefer using the remote as it's sleek, straightforward to use, and can help you avoid using your phone while in bed.

Additionally, every BedJet 3 function is labeled clearly on the buttons, meaning you don't have to be tech-savvy to figure out how it works. For instance, whenever you want your machine to cool you down, simply press the button labeled "cool." Alternatively, when you want your bed warmed, press the button labeled "heat," and the machine will blow hot air right into your bedding.

And by saying hot, we mean 104° F. But no need to worry; it doesn't feel that hot on the skin - just warm enough to get you sleeping comfortably. If the heat becomes too much to bear, you simply press the minus sign on the "temp" button to decrease the heat. Likewise, press the minus sign on the "fan" button to lower the airflow intensity.

When you find a fan speed combination that ideally suits your comfort needs, you can easily save it to your remote. The BedJet remote control allows you to save customized temperature settings. All you need to do is hold the three M buttons for about five seconds.

There's also a button that reads "time," enabling you to set a timer for your machine if you don't want it to run all night long. And whenever you run into a problem with your device, simply press the button that reads "question mark," and the customer service info will pop up on your remote's screen.

Lastly, BedJet's "dry" function allows you to enjoy a nice airy breeze. In other words, this function makes your machine blow temperature-neutral air into your mattress. We found this feature to be very helpful for wicking sweat.

Excellent Warming and Cooling Perfomance

Most couples often have different opinions concerning what the perfect body temperature should be. You may yearn for warm tropical air while your partner may find a cold, dark, Icelandic sleep environment fit for them. Fortunately, with the dual zone bedjet, you can have warm air on your side of the bed, while your partner can cool their side. So, you won't compromise on your home's heating or air conditioning settings.

How it Cools

Although the warming feature comes in handy during winter, we loved the cooling function the most. You can set the temperature as low as 66 °F, so if you're a hot sleeper, you'll be impressed by how bedjet cools your mattress. The BedJet cools through powered ventilation of fresh air injected directly onto your bed.

This ventilation gently wicks away your body heat and moisture that gets trapped in your mattress by the bed covers. Inherently, you have a base unit sitting under your bed or to its side if there isn't enough clearance under your bed (less than 6.25 inches). A bedjet hose from the base unit stretches up to your bed's foot and blows cool air out for a cooling performance that will keep you sleeping comfortably all night.

What's more, you have multiple settings and options at your disposal to help you finetune your cooling. Each option has an impact on precisely how and where you experience the cool effect. They include;

Selecting the fan speed of your liking, from 5% to 100%

You can opt for the BedJet cloud sheet, which can effectively help you enhance the spread of cool air. This prevents the air from blowing directly onto your feet.

You can have the temperature of the cool air slightly warmer or drop it down to 66° F.

A dual zone cloud sheet allows you to cool just one side of your mattress, whereas a single zone cloud sheet means your entire bed has the same temperature

You can set the air to blow between your top sheet or directly onto your body

You'll be better off going for the dual zone design as it comes with two bedjet units and a dual zone sheet. With one base unit, the cool air envelops your entire overheated body. However, getting these sheets will cost you some extra bucks.

We found that the fan speed at 100% is a bit too powerful. For effective cooling performance, go to bed with a speed of around 70% to 80%. And thanks to the advanced remote control, you can pre-program the fan speed to about 20% while you sleep.

This approach works pretty well. We've tested many essential cooling mats and mattresses for hot sleepers, and we can confidently state that the Bedjet 3 outshines all of them. The only cooling methods that can compete with this climate control system are more powerful and expensive systems that feature cooled water inside the mattress.

How It Heats

Aside from BedJet's cooling mode, we also appreciated its secondary job as an effective warming system. Hot sleepers might rarely use this feature, but during the icy depths of winter, you'll love the powerful warm airflow performance on your freezing toes. Want your bed warmed after coming in from the snow? BedJet's heating mode lets you have warm air flowing in your bed right up to 109° F.

Or, you can opt for a more moderate temperature - anywhere between the unit's full heating spectrum of 72° F - 104° F. Like its cooling options, BedJet also features various heat settings, each of which is represented in the color screen remote control. These heating options include;

Dry: middle temperature of about 92° F that helps you keep night sweats at bay

Extended heat: about 12 hours of moderate warming from 72° - 92° F

Heat: approximately four hours of solid warming from a temperature of 72° to 104° F

Turbo heat: a pre-warming burst of the highest temperature at 109° F for up to 10 minutes

Unless it's a super cold winter night, use the pre-heat for only five minutes or so as turbo heat's 10 minutes duration is a bit too intense for a comfortable night's sleep. You can then program it to slowly decrease over the remaining hours before it automatically shut down.

What really amazed us about BedJet's heating system is its safety and power consumption. You won't have wires or electricity running inside your mattress, which is preferable to other options such as electric blankets and heated mattress pads. Plus, running a bedjet unit costs far much less than operating a central heating system or space heaters.

Advanced Features

We're big fans of the BedJet 3, and we like many things about this device. Let's walk you through some of our favorite specs to help you decide whether or not the climate control system is the right fit for your comfort needs.

BedJet Aromatherapy Upgrade Kit

The BedJet aromatherapy upgrade kit enables you to entice all your senses in bed. With this fantastic feature, your mattress will be smelling as impressive as it feels. Another good thing about the kit is that you can use it with any essential oils such as lavender, vanilla, and valerian. So, feel free to induce your bed with an oil of your liking and drift off to blissful BedJet-induced rest.

Custom Biorhythm Sleep Technology

With the biorhythm feature, you can pre-program your warming and cooling settings for each hour during your entire sleep cycle. You won't have to wake up and make any changes after falling asleep since the unit will function exactly how you set it. Once you work out your temperature changes and how they help you sleep, the biorhythm sleep tech is a helpful feature that functions seamlessly.

Dual Zones for Partners

It's time to cuddle more and sleep better. No more nighttime battles over the thermostat with your partner. The BedJet 3 comes with a wider temperature range and different setups too. It's simple if you sleep alone because all you need is a single unit. And, you can even survive without a cloud sheet. But for couples, you have three options;

1 BedJet, 1 zone. You can comfortably share one unit if you both prefer the same temperature. Either use a single zone cloud sheet or your normal bedding for excellent air flow.

1 BedJet, 2 zones. If only one of you enjoys the room temperature, you just need one BedJet. However, it functions perfectly with a dual zone sheet to enable you to keep the air to one side of the bed.

2 BedJets, 2 zones. Here, both you and your partner get a separate remote control for customizable temperature regulation.

Remote Control and Smart Home Integration

Unlike the BedJet2 's primary remote control, BedJet 3 comes with an advanced new remote control, featuring state-of-the-art specs and functions. The remote settings couldn't be more intuitive; Apart from having a sleek design, it's straightforward to use. Through its color screen, you'll be able to see all the settings you're choosing and change them easily at night.

We were also impressed by how quickly BedJet's temperature changes. Unlike most temperature regulating mattress pads, the air in this unit gets warm or cool immediately. Not to mention the cloud sheets are 100% cotton. So, feel free to throw them in the wash with your other cotton bedding.

Durability and Maintenance

According to the many reviews on the Bedjet website, this temperature-regulating product is specially designed to last for years without any problems. Like BedJet 2 and the original BedJet, BedJet3 needs minimal maintenance. And since bedjet require special filters to function, ensure you wash them roughly once every three months. Luckily, they come built in the machine, meaning you won't have to buy them from your local store or online. To remove the filter, press the BedJet logo, wash it, and pop it back into place once it dries.

Shipping, Warranty, and Returns

BedJet accepts Google Pay, PayPal, ShopPay, and all major credit cards. And, the shipping process is really speedy. If you reside in the U.S. and make a bedjet purchase, expect your product within 2-3 days. Keep in mind that BedJet offers free shipping only within Canada and the U.S.

BedJet3 has a two-year limited warranty covering the machine itself and all its parts, including the comfort sheet if you have one. This comprehensive warranty starts immediately when the product ordered is delivered.

BedJet provides a 60-day risk-free return on all new units purchased directly from the BedJet website. However, this doesn't include certified refurbished machines. As long as the device is undamaged and complete, expect a 100% refund within three to five business days.

Upgrade Your Sleep Experience Today

If you have issues with temperature regulation, the BedJet 3 is a solid investment and viable replacement option for traditional mattress pads and electronic blankets. It acts as a climate control system that can heat or cool your sheets using ambient bedroom air.

However, it comes with a hefty price tag. So if you can get past the charges, this product will help you fall asleep faster, find a perfect sleep temperature and wake up feeling more refreshed.

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