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Best Mattress For Snorers

Last Updated: May, 2024 | This Post May Contain Affiliate Links

Among the many causes of snoring is poor sleep quality. If you're a snorer, not only does it affect your sleep but also that of your partner. Before exploring solutions for combating snoring, you need to know how snoring occurs? For those who don't know, snoring is brought by vibrations occurring in your upper respiratory system. Generally, snoring is a common problem that many people experience. About 98 million adults snore, and more than ⅓ of that total snore daily. 

There are many factors that cause snoring, one of them being obstructive sleep apnea. And as a result, technology has ushered in a vast array of devices that claim to combat the problem. So, if you've been looking for a legitimate, viable solution, then purchasing the best mattress for snoring will go a long way to help you curb the situation.

There's no denying the fact that there are so many mattresses on the market that can relieve snoring. However, our collection of the best mattress for snoring is your best ticket to achieving a healthy sleep, as comprehensively outlined below. 

Our Picks For The Best Mattress for Snoring


GhostBed and the Adjustable Base


If you're looking for an adjustable bed, then GhostBed is exactly what you're looking for, as outlined in this review.


Puffy Lux Hybrid Mattress


Puffy may not fall under adjustable beds like GhostBed, but it's definitely suited for those seeking to reduce snoring and sleep apnea and customize their sleep. 


Amerisleep AS5


Aside from helping eliminate sleep apnea and snoring, if you're also a fanatic of foam mattresses, consider going for Amerisleep AS5. 


SleepOvation Hybrid Mattress


Generally, SleepOvation is one of the most technologically advanced hybrid mattresses for snoring to hit the market. So purchasing it means a quality snore-less healthy sleep. 

nolah evolution hybrid mattress

If you're a lover of thick mattresses, then you'll love this organic mattress. Essentially, it will help change your sleeping habits for the best. 

Layla hybrid mattress

Layla Hybrid Mattress


Suppose you or your partner constantly roll on the bed at night; this mattress is the best go-to option—courtesy of its fantastic motion transfer. 

Molecule Hybrid Mattress

Molecule Hybrid Mattress


The molecule is a hybrid mattress to die for, given its superior layers' performance, as outlined in this review. 



  • Built to combat aches and pain
  • Suitable for those who like watching or reading in bed
  • Its built-in massage and anti-snore functionality
  • Easy to assemble
  • It is made of high-quality latex and Memory foam Materials.


  • Not suitable nor recommended for side sleepers

Overall Thoughts

GhostBed Memory foam mattress alone can't help relieve snoring very much. However, the mattress, in conjunction with an adjustable base makes, will definitely deliver significant results. Though they might be two separate equipment, setting up the whole thing is relatively easy and shouldn't take more than 15 minutes. Everyone desires to sleep comfortably and buying the GhostBed mattress and the adjustable combo is one way to achieve that. Specifically, the base is 100% steel.

The Adjustable Base

At the bottom of the base frame is a steel retainer that keeps the GhostBed mattress in place. No matter how much you shift your sleeping position, you can rest assured the mattress will stay in position. Plus, it won't cause any accidental falls or cause you any discomfort. Additional superior features of this adjustable bed include the; remote control, timer, foot, head massage, and zero gravity, among others. Notably, zero gravity comes with crucial perks like; enabling proper blood circulation, breathing, and digestion. Moreover, it also ensures pressure exerted on the bed is evenly distributed throughout the entire bed. 

Mattress Construction

GhostBed company is reputable for producing some of the best latex mattresses on the market. Compared to a traditional memory foam mattress, GhostBed classic is more breathable and supportive, thanks to its latex foam material. To reduce heat transfer, it has a gel infused memory foam layer and its cooling top mattress cover. A medium firm mattress like GhostBed is not only a viable solution to reduce snoring but also for combatting back pain. Also, stomach sleepers will most definitely appreciate the support of this mattress arising from its high density polyfoam core which contours well with the hips.

puffy lux hybrid mattress


  • Promotes motion isolation
  • It has a splendid temperature regulation system
  • Since it's an all foam mattress, it promotes edge support (essential especially for couples)
  • It's machine washable
  • Best suited for those seeking pressure relief


  • The memory foam mattress may be too soft for sleepers weighing more than 230lbs

Overall Thoughts

The Hybrid puffy lux mattress is most certainly one of the best go-to mattress for snoring if you want to sleep comfortably overall. To begin with, how does this hybrid mattress feel? Well, its average firmness scale falls somewhere between medium soft and medium. More importantly, the mattress offers excellent pressure relief, helping you deal with back pains while contouring your hips to give you that ideal comfortable sleep. Also, remember that your body weight can also affect the firmness feel of a mattress. 

Comfort and pressure relief

Puffy's pressure relief is one of its commendable features. It does an excellent job of relieving pressure from your lower back. Essentially, the mattress is super comfortable in that it also offers great motion isolation. Since the bed nicely deadens the movement, you can be sure of comfortable sleep with less movement from your partner the entire night. 

Construction and Responsiveness

Interestingly, the puffy lux mattress used to be an all-foam mattress; however, it has advanced to a hybrid version consisting of a memory foam layer and pocket coils. In total, it has 4 layers which are 12" thick. This bed is also suitable For combination sleepers because of its splendid responsiveness. Meaning, that as you sleep, it will adapt to your body movements as you shift sleeping positions at night. 



  • Promotes motion transfer
  • The extra breathable top foam layer is suitable for snorers
  • Construction consists of four layers for comfort and support
  • Best for people who like gel memory foam mattresses


  • Some heavyweight individuals may not find the support layer quite comfortable 

Overall Thoughts

Construction and Comfort

Generally, Amerisleep boasts of the best five models customers can choose from. Out of the five options, Amerisleep AS5 is the most luxurious and the softest of all. In addition, to feel, other superior features are making Amerisleep AS5 one of the best mattress for snoring. Like any typical mattress, Amerisleep AS5's construction is important, especially in determining its performance. The mattress has a cover, comfort, and support layers. All these layers amount to an incredible mattress height of 15". 

Mattress Cover and the Layer 

The mattress cover is designed to feel cool on the touch and also improve circulation. Beneath the comfort layer is the 7" support layer acting as a base made of bio-core foam. This layer provides both support and structure for the entire mattress. At the very top before the mattress cover is the comfort layer. Unlike the support layer, the comfort layer is made of bio pur memory foam as the primary material. The comfort layer is 3" thick to provide the necessary sleep comfort while switching sleep positions throughout the night. 

Underneath the bio pur layer is a unique 2" layer that's only specific to Amerisleep AS5. The 2" layer is super soft and bouncy, making AS5 more responsive and also a supportive mattress. Motion transfer is one of the mattress's superb functionality facilitated by the bio pur layer. So as you sleep next to your significant other, there are minimal chances of disturbing one another due to snoring or changing a sleep position. 

sleepovation mattress


  • Offers allergy relief
  • Its construction comprises cooling air channels
  • Medium plush firmness to ensure even weight distribution across the mattress
  • It has a removable mattress cover that's machine washable


  • It May be too costly for those on a tight budget 

Overall Thoughts

One unique yet arguably the best mattress for snoring is the SleepOvation hybrid. One thing to note is that this mattress's entire design is nothing compared to a typical hybrid mattress. While the ordinary hybrid mattresses' construction consists of a series of foams on top of the coils, SleepOvation's construction consists of a single coil freely suspended above 3" foam. Several foam pieces like this react independently to your body weight and shape, giving you quality sleep comfort. 

Comfort and Combating Sleep Apnea

Also, it's through this feature that the mattress gives helps you reduce causes of sleep discomfort —in this case, snoring. So despite your or your partner's sleeping position, this mattress is ideal for all-night comfort. Aside from general comfort, the mattress also offers spinal alignment making it an ideal choice, especially for those with back pain. Other areas the mattress' unique construction design contributes to include; motion isolation. The small channels existing between columns and rows isolates the body movements (as your partner shift to a certain sleep position), making that movement almost non-existent. 

Not only is this mattress best for snoring, but also suitable for hot sleepers. So if you or your partner snore every night, be sure to also sleep cool during the summer months. That is because its design also enables heat dissipation, with small spaces that allow heat to escape leaving you warm all night. So, if you only prefer an innerspring mattress to relieve snoring, look no further than sleepOvation. 

Nolah Evolution mattress


  • Excellent for relieving pressure
  • It comes in three firmness choices
  • It comes with a lifetime warranty and a 120-day sleep trial
  • Best for hot sleepers, especially during the summer months
  • Suitable for individuals who love super thick mattresses


  • Not suitable for heavyweight individuals weighing more than 230lbs

Overall Thoughts

After many tests and tons of positive customer reviews, its no doubt that combination sleepers alongside hot sleepers will most definitely like the satisfactory features of this mattress. On top of that, if you are a die-hard enthusiast of luxurious beddings, then Nolah evolution is most definitely your go-to option. The sight of the encasing cover is to die for, given its magnificent pattern design. 

Layers' Functionality

Underneath the premium cover of this organic mattress are a total of five layers. These layers are; 

  • High resilience foam serves as the bed's transition layer
  • The ArcticTex Quilted Euro plush topper adds overall comfort to the sleeper
  • High-density support core located at the very bottom acts as the bed's foundation
  • AirFoamICE which assists the Nolah mattress in eliminating heat from the surface
  • HDMax Eco Support Coils measuring 8" are designed to provide the mattress with a Maximum support framework.

According to most customer reviews, most individuals with first-hand experience with this mattress were impressed with its 8" coil support layer. 

Sleep Positions and Overall Comfort

While this layer gives it a little bouncy feel, movements at the mattress surface are dampened by the pillow top in conjunction with this transition layer. As one of arguably the best mattress for snoring, the edge support is quite premium. If you sleep with a partner, it will not only help adjust your sleeping positions but also enable each one of you to spread comfortably. And still have ample sleeping space. 



  • Best choice for couples
  • Ideal option for those seeking firm and medium-soft mattresses
  • Suited for those who constantly roll on at night
  • It has an airy, light memory foam feel


  • Not supportive enough for sleepers weighing more than 300lbs

Overall Thoughts

Firmness Scale

One thing you'll consider crucially worth your investment in this Layla Hybrid mattress is its spectacular versatility. Moreover, the mattress boasts two firmness options. And out of these two options, you can bet you'll find an option that fits your preference.  According to customers, on average, this mattress bears a firmness scale of 7.5/10, which is fairly considerable. Comfort-wise, this is one amazing mattress that conforms to your body and adapts to your sleeping positions quickly. 

Comfort Buoyancy and Support

Surprisingly, the two sides (soft and firm) are fitted with memory foam. To keep the mattress buoyant, it's fitted with coils which give the mattress its splendid support feature. So, If you're looking for the right mattress to reduce snoring, don't forget to consider this as an ideal option. For those with significant other, you'll find how rewarding this mattress's motion isolation is. 

More important is its noise-dampening nature. Unlike some innerspring mattresses, this one cancels noise coming from the movements on the mattress surface. If you've been waking up each morning with back pain, it's high time you swapped your current mattress for this new mattress. Having Layla as the new mattress in your bedroom will reward you handsomely with many advantages.

Molecule Hybrid Mattress


  • Offers hips and shoulders ideal pressure relief
  • Offers lumbar support and spinal alignment
  • Facilitates motion isolation through its all-foam molecular construction
  • Set up is relatively easy


  • It is not much responsive, which makes changing a sleep position difficult

Overall Thoughts

Edge support and Construction profile.

The Molecule Hybrid mattress is made of high density foam. Even though some memory foam mattresses lack the ideal edge support, Molecule's edge support has shown to be above average performance-wise. Moreover, what makes this perfect for snores and couples alike is its excellent motion isolation. By purchasing this mattress, expect minimum to no disturbance from your partner. 

The general profile of this mattress's construction is packed in a 12" thickness. The mattress has 4 layers. and The 2" comfort layer is gel infused memory foam. This layer contours well with your body reducing heat retention and body temperature, helping you sleep cool during hot summers.

Support and Transition Layer

The 8" support layer offers maximum support —courtesy of its polyfoam construction. Such a support system on a bed like this one is best for a night of healthy sleep and proper spine alignment. On the other hand, it's 2" transition layer. The layer's zoned support system offers a targetted relief to the hips, shoulder, and the entire body. So, you can happily bid back pains bye and welcome this new mattress to your bedroom. 

How To Choose a Mattress To Reduce Snoring

Type of Material

It would be best to avoid mattresses that off-gases as you risk other respiratory problems in conjunction with snoring. A hybrid mattress and also an organic mattress (made of eco-friendly materials) are the ones to seek. This includes latex mattresses too, that are breathable and hypoallergenic helping the nose breathe comfortably. 

Price of the Mattress

Price is a crucial determinant when deciding on the mattress quality you'll be taking home. On average, the price of the best budget-friendly mattress for sleep apnea and snoring, like the avocado green mattress, ranges between $600 and $900.

Sleep positions

It's Imperative you know that there are tons of mattresses out there for different sleepers, be it stomach sleepers, side sleeps, back sleepers, and even combination sleepers. The best sleep positions for snoring are stomach and side sleeping. Back sleep is a red flag for snoring; however, combination sleeping is also a good option for relieving pressure from your airways. 

Closing Thoughts

Snoring is a sleeping issue that you shouldn't take lightly. The ramifications that come along with snoring are health-damaging. In addition, other medical conditions snoring comes with are at times long-term. So, the moment you notice you or your significant other or both of you have snoring problems, see your doctor as soon as possible. If the doctor recommends, say, adjustable beds or latex mattresses, feel free to explore our top picks on the best mattress for snoring. 

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