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Ghostbed Review: Pros, Cons & Verdict

Last Updated: July, 2024 | This Post May Contain Affiliate Links


Natures sleep was officially launched in 2001 with a single aim of improving sleep quality. After years of selflessness, hard work, and innovations, GhostBed was born.

Armed with an intriguing mix of gel infused memory foam, study high-density polyfoam, and aerated latex foam, the GhostBed mattress was born; it is a cozy option for individuals searching for support and pressure relief. The bed presents a sole opportunity for sleepers to have high-end features at a comparatively fair price.

Read on as we outline everything about GhostBed mattress, including how it's built.

GhostBed Mattresses Overview

Quick facts:

  • Made with three layers measuring 11 inches thick
  • It has a 1.5-inch latex foam comfort layer that combines cooling features and a springy feel
  • The middle layer comprises 2-inches memory foam
  • It’s a medium-firm mattress

The Ghostbed mattress comes with a cover produced with polyester and viscose. It’s a 3-layer foam mattress. The first foam layer measures 1.5 inches composed of aerated foam. This layer is designed to direct excess heat from your body, thanks to its tiny holes. The second layer of GhostBed mattresses comprises 2-inches gel memory foam designed to keep a sleeper comfy and cool all night. The last layer measures 7.5 inches of high density. It’s the base layer.

Mattresses with coils, for instance, hybrids and innerspring mattresses, can cause motion transfer for active sleepers and couples. However, GhostBed offers foam mattresses that absorb the motion.

GhostBed manufacturers understand that shopping for a mattress can be a daunting task. Shopping for a mattress can be frustrating and confusing with a wide variety to choose from and sales executives standing over you during quick sleep tests. Why? You feel pressured with no idea what mattress best suits your needs. GhostBed manufacturers had a more convenient means in mind.

You can skip the showroom and conveniently shop for a mattress online at the comfort of your home.

Ghostbed Review

GhostBed mattresses firm and feel

The level of firmness in every factor is subjective. However, the GhostBed mattress can be credited as a bed with a seven out of ten firmness level. This firmness level can be described as bouncy and supportive. While a sleeper enjoys adequate contouring from the middle foam layer, the mattress doesn’t offer much lift compared to high-density polyfoam and latex sections. Even so, the mattress softness and firmness levels are ideal for side sleepers who enjoy sleeping on their backs.

Sleeping on the GhostBed mattresses

When it comes to the GhostBed, back sleepers enjoy an adequate amount of support, allowing their hips and shoulders to sink into the mattress without feeling like they are bottoming out. Lightweight back sleepers may find the GhostBed bed a bit firmer. Stomach sleepers may also find the foam mattress comfy as it gives the support required under their hips. In a nutshell, GhostBed is by far a perfect fit option for back sleepers.

Who Is It Good For?

  • Stomach sleepers
  • Sleepers looking for a medium-firm mattress
  • Sleepers with a support need, especially individuals who sleep on their back
  • Sleepers looking for a cooling mattress
  • Sleeper looking for a latex mattress at a fair price point

Who Isn't It Good For?

  • Side sleepers
  • Sleepers looking for a soft mattress

What GhostBed feels like for different sleepers

Different sleepers have distinct needs when it comes to their beds. Therefore, it’s vital to consider mattress features about your height, body weight, and preferred sleeping positions. Let’s take a generalized look at what you can expect from GhostBed.

1. Lightweight sleepers under 131 pounds

Lightweight side sleepers may find GhostBed mattress firm. Therefore, they may not derive pressure relief benefits along their shoulders and hips like expected. On the other hand, lightweight combo sleepers have a lot to like about GhostBed mattresses. Lastly, lightweight sleepers who love sleeping on their back should consider equipping their bedroom with the GhostBed bed as it offers support and a bouncy sensation ideal for back sleepers.

2. Average weight sleepers between 131 to 250 pounds

As an average-weight sleeper, you may experience pressure relief on your shoulders and hips. However, you may find it too firm if you sleep on your side for a long time. Therefore, it’s advisable to switch between your side and back.

As mentioned earlier, GhostBed comes with a memory foam layer that provides contouring around your lumbar region. The latex and high-density poly foam layers combine abilities to keep your spine aligned in its position.

Stomach sleepers under the average weight category may feel the need to get a firmer mattress as they require more support along their hips for proper spinal alignment.

3. Heavyweight sleepers above 250 pounds

Heavyweight sleepers who enjoy sleeping on their backs may find GhostBed is an ideal option, thanks to the bed's latex layer that cabs any sinking. This give sleepers the support they require during sleep time.

However, heavyweight side sleepers may need a different mattress. The comfort layers may not offer adequate support leaving a sleeper lying on the base layer. Stomach sleepers may also lack enough support, which may cause uncomfortable pressure on their lower back and hips.

GhostBed construction and design

The GhostBed mattresses are built with three layers; me foam, latex, and high-density polyfoam. The combination strikes a balance between support and pressure relief to produce a unique, comfortable feeling.

For more, let’s look at what’s underneath the GhostBed mattress cover!


GhostBed cover is made of viscose blend/polyester. It’s soft and breathable to ensure you enjoy an excellent sleep time. 

Comfort layer

Just right Under the cover, GhostBed has a 1.5-inch layer of aerated latex foam. The coating is bouncy with ideal responsiveness to provide solid mobility for changing positions and moving around the mattress surface.

Latex is also a naturally cooling material that helps dissipate your body heat throughout the mattress structure. While latex is standard in most mattresses, we were intrigued by the agitated twist GhostBed applied on the bed that encourages even more cooling and breathability. Latex is also a long-lasting product that adds durability to the GhostBed beds.

Contouring Layer

A gel memory foam layer comes second. The difference in the layers is vital as it ensures that you get pressure relief, a deep body contouring, and a cooling buffer against overheating tendencies. We also love the layer positioning as it safeguards sleepers from sinking too deep into the mattress.

Base Layer

Finally, we get to the support layer that comprises 7.5-inches high-density polyfoam. It’s an ultra-sturdy layer that operates primarily as a support foam for softer layers above. As this layer makes the majority of the mattress, it lends the bed a medium-firm feel. 

Mattress Performance

Motion Transfer

The GhostBed isolates motion sufficiently, thanks to its foam structure. The structure absorbs motion rather than transferring it across the mattress surface. Therefore, the chances of a sensitive sleeper noticing when their partner moves during sleep time are minimal.

Latex also absorbs motion but not as much as foam. Additionally, the close hug and slow response from the memory foam layer contributes to solid motion isolation, which puts GhostBed on par with foam models in the mattress industry.

Pressure Relief

The comfort system conforms to your body to redistribute your weight while relieving pressure points. Latex, on the other hand, has a low elasticity level; therefore the top layer of the bedspreads the compression of your weight over a wide surface area. On the contrary, the second foam layer has a high point elasticity level, therefore, conforming more directly under your weight. This combination of foam and latex gives similar pressure relief and cradling to most foam mattresses without much sinkage as in most models.

Temperature control

While the GhostBed mattress could retain some heat, its building helps in maintaining a neutral temperature. Latex makes the top layer of the bed. This material is relatively breathable. The latex layer is topped with tiny holes for additional air circulation.

The memory foam used in the second layer can also trap some heat; however, gel infusion and larger cells present in this section help in keeping a cool temperature. This makes GhostBed an ideal option for sleepers who sleep hot and like the sensation of foam.

Edge Support

Like most memory foam mattresses, Ghostbed mattress's edges are not reinforced. When you sleep or sit near the bed’s perimeter, foam compresses. This makes the edges of the bed unstable.

However, because of the mattresses’ medium-firm feel, the edges feel studier. Light and average-weight sleepers may feel secure when using the mattress edges. Heavyweight sleepers, on the other hand, may experience significant edge sinkage.


The GhostBed mattress is effectively supportive, which makes it conducive for sex. Credit to the top latex layer, the bed has a bounce sensation, which most couples prefer. While it’s not as springy as most innerspring or hybrid mattresses, it comes with a positive feeling. The second layer is made of memory foam, a product that provides some traction and contours deeply.


Manufactured products have an off-gassing odor, and the GhostBed mattresses are not an exemption. The synthetic foam holds on manufacturing odors, leaving little room for the scent to discharge when the bed is compressed for shipping and delivery. These smells are not harmful to most sleepers. If you are a sensitive sleeper, ideally, air the mattress for 24 hours before using it. You can do this by leaving the bed in a well-ventilated room.

Ease of Movement

The top latex layer has some responsiveness which makes it easy to move on the GhostBed mattress. Latex material has a springy feel and regains its shape when you change your sitting or sleeping position. Slow response to change in pressure and contouring from the foam can restrict movement to a certain extent, but it doesn’t bother most sleepers.

GhostBed mattress company policies



GhostBed mattress manufacturers provide a 20 to 25-year warranty that covers defects. This includes 1-inch-deep lasting indentation and no imperfections caused by inadequate mattress support. The warranty also covers splitting or cracking of the latex and foam layers.

GhostBed will either replace or repair your mattress for the first ten years of use, not inclusive of transportation and handling. During years 11 to 12 of use, Natures sleep can improve your bed attracting a handling fee. The company can also decide to replace the bed at a prorated charge and transportation cost. Prorated charge amounts to 50% of the buying price in year 11. From year 12 to 20, the prorated charge surges by 5%. The mattress warrantycovers the outer shelter for only one year after purchase.

Sleep trial 

GhostBed mattress manufacturers encourage you to give the bed a chance for at least one month; therefore the company declines return before this period. If you still don’t fancy the mattress, contact GhostBed through their official website. When you anchor the return process, you will get a full refund within 72 hours. You don’t need to roll back the mattress or repackage it as a team will pick up the bed from your home.

You get a maximum of 101 days to try the bed, and after this period, it's nonreturnable. The trial period is only valid if you purchased your mattress directly from GhostBed. If you use a voucher or a Groupon to obtain your bed, then the purchase is final, and there is no sleep trial.

Additionally, if you purchase a GhostBed mattress through Amazon, Amazon’s timelines and return policies are in place. Typically, you get a 30-day trial period. Keep in mind that GhostBed accepts only one mattress return per household.


Shipping is free in the contagious United States. Orders to Hawaii and Alaska attract a $600 shipping fee. Orders are shipped within 24 hours from the time of purchase. Natures sleep company will send tracking information to the client when the mattress ships. The mattresses arrive within 3-5 business days.

The GhostBed mattress is compressed in a box and vacuum-packed. The box measures 39 inches by 20 inches by 23 inches. Orders are shipped via FedEx. To put a vacation hold on your package, provide delivery information or pick up your shipment, sign up for the FedEx delivery manager. Clients are responsible for setting up their mattresses. The bed can stay in the purchase box for six months; however, GhostBed mattress manufacturers recommends unloading sooner, so the mattress expands fully.

Most common GhostBed complaints

Although most sleepers find the mattress cooling, couples and heavyweight sleepers claim that the mattress sleeps hot. If you are under these categories, consider GhostBed 3D Matrix. The GhostBed 3D Matrix is an option that offers more relaxed sleep time.

Another common complaint falls in the return policy. Most consumers fail to realize that GhostBed Mattress manufacturers require customers to test the mattress for at least thirty days, giving consumers a window to adjust to the bed. To avoid such errors, ensure you carefully read the fine print before purchasing any products.

Mattress comparisons

These comparisons will help you purchase a mattress that perfectly meets your needs.

Nectar Vs. GhostBed mattress

Nectar offers all-foam models. This includes the flagship Nectar, Nectar Premier Copper, and Premier mattresses. GhostBed, on the contrary, provides two Hybrid beds and two all-foam models including GhostBed luxe mattress. If you are looking for foam layers and innerspring coils, then GhostBed is your sole option.

The Original GhostBed mattress and Original Nectar seem super similar; however, there are many variances between them. This is an exciting topic as we size up to two popular foam mattresses in the industry.

Main Differences

  • The GhostBed feels firm that Nectar
  • GhostBed sleeps more excellent than Nectar thanks to the latex layer
  • GhostBed offers enough bounce and responsiveness, while Nectar offers a sinkage

Which Mattress is best for you?

If you are a back sleeper, both Nectar and GhostBed may work for you. Nectar will offer enough pressure relief, while GhostBed provides firm support. Side sleepers can derive maximum benefits from Nectar as the foam layers cushion your hips and shoulders for pressure relief.

Combo sleepers should go for the bouncy GhostBed mattress, while couples should opt for the Nectar mattress. individuals who sleep hot can make use of GhostBed as the latex layer doesn’t trap extra heat during sleep time.

Heavyweight sleepers above 250 pounds might not get practical support from either mattress. Ideally, heavyweight sleepers need a hybrid or innerspring mattress to get adequate support.

Note; GhostBed has a medium firmness; you don’t sink into the mattress; however, Nectar is softer. GhostBed is a responsive mattress, and you feel on top rather than into the mattress. This is perhaps the main difference between the two mattresses.

Construction and design comparison

How a mattress is constructed and designed dictates the bed’s performance, overall quality, and durability. Taking a close look at the construction and design of a mattress is a vital part of the purchasing process.


A quilted polyester cover tops the bed. It's breathable and cooling. Nectar is an all-foam mattress armed with a 3-inch gel-infused memory foam comfort layer. This layer contours to your body and provides sufficient cooling. The gel draws extra heat away from your body. The foam section is reinforced with a 2-inch transitional polyfoam layer that hinders too much sinkage. The base layer comprises of 7-inches of dense polyfoam, which gives the bed shape and underlying support.

Casper Vs. GhostBed mattress

The Original GhostBed mattress and Casper launched with respective flagship mattresses. Casper now offers Original Casper, the Wave hybrid, Casper Hybrid, the Element, and the Nova Hybrid in addition to foundations, pillows, and beddings.

Main differences

  • The mattresses feature distinguished products in their comfort layers
  • GhostBed is firmer than Casper mattress
  • Casper has a zoned construction contrary to GhostBed 

Which mattress is best for you

Back sleepers weighing 131 pounds and below may find GhostBed a little too firm as their hips won’t get adequate pressure relief. Medium-weight sleepers, on the other hand, have a lot to love about the GhostBed mattress as the mattress offers support and comfort. 

Average-weight side sleepers might find GhostBed too firm. Casper Mattress, on the other hand, offers support for average-weight individuals in all sleeping positions. This makes the Casper mattress ideal for combo sleepers. Back sleepers will also get lumbar support while side sleepers experience pressure relief. Average-weight stomach sleepers can also derive maximum sleep benefits as the bed offers enough support under their hips.

Heavyweight sleepers who sleep on their sides might find GhostBed too firm in comparison to Casper Mattress. Stomach sleepers over 250 poundsshould find the support needed in the GhostBed mattress. Casper mattress is not a perfect fit for heavier side sleepers as a pressure aid may not be sufficient.

Construction and design comparison

Caper mattress

The Original Casper mattress is a foam mattress measuring 11 inches in thickness. It relieves pressure thanks to the contouring foam and medium firmness. It has a breathable cover made from polyester, Lycra, rayon, and upcycled cotton.

Under the cover, we get to the comfort layer that measures 1.5 inches of Casper’s AirScape polyfoam. The material is perforated to enhance airflow. Reinforcing the comfort layer is a section that comprises 2-inches 3-zone memory foam. This layer is firm under the lower back and softer at the shoulders to promote proper spinal alignment.

Original Casper is the flagship model, and manufactures have continued to improve upon its design.

Closing thoughts

The GhostBed has been crafted from a blend of aerated latex, high-density poly foam, and gel-infused memory foam. The mattress offers solid pressure relief and support for some sleepers.

In this GhostBed mattress review, we have outlined what makes the bed a solid contender for some sleepers and the reasons why the bed might not be a good option for other sleepers. Keep this review at hand when shopping for a foam mattress. Review it again to ensure it meets your requirement preferences. This will save your efforts, plenty of time, and money.

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