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How to Care For a Mattress (Memory Foam & More)

Just like anything else, taking care of your mattress can help extend its life.

Most mattresses are designed to last for a decade or more, but if you don't treat it right, you won't get that much life out of it.

Here's what we suggest everyone does in order to keep their mattress in tip top shape.

Invest in a Good Foundation

Just like having a quality mattress helps keep your back in good shape, having a good mattress foundation keeps your mattress in good shape. Most older mattresses come with a box spring as a set, but newer mattresses don't always require one. Make sure you have the right bed frame for the type of mattress you have, and of course, make sure the bed frame is the correct size as well.

Flip & Rotate Your Mattress

If you sleep at a particular spot of the bed for a long time, this will result to what is known as sleeping wallows.

A great way to prevent this is by rotating the bed by turning the foot area towards the head and the head to the foot, or flipping the mattress over if its flippable. This will help you maintain an even balance on the mattress.

No Jumping On The Mattress

If you have kids that love jumping on the bed, tell them it's off limits. While some mattresses are bouncy, they're not designed to be jumped on. If the kid jumps too hard, it can also damage the foundation underneath or rip the mattress cover. If you care about your mattress, don't let it be a trampoline.

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Use a Mattress Pad

Mattress pads are very useful and a great way to keep your mattress clean and protected. They also help protect the mattress in case any accidents happen. This shield can repel liquids and can easily be taken off to be hand washed or washed in the machine. Accidents and spills happen, but when you have these pads on the bed, they will absorb any liquids and keep your mattress clean and odor-free.

Vacuum & Clean It Occasionally

Like many other household items, mattresses will collect dirt and benefit from being vacuumed on occasion. You can either use a cordless vacuum, a handheld vacuum or use an upholstery cleaner to get the job done.

Vacuuming clears dusts and other unseen debris you may not notice. After you clean the initial debris, spray the mattress down with a warm water and laundry detergent mixture. Afterwards, air-dry the mattress and allow it to dry completely before laying on it.

Closing Thoughts

A mattress isn't a small investment. It should be cared for to help get the most out of it. With these tips, you can help extend the life of your mattress and help keep it clean and odor free.

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