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SleepEZ Toppers Review

Sleepez mattress topper review

Are you looking for the best luxurious latex mattress topper to upgrade your bed's comfort? Look no further than SleepEZ Toppers. The company is popular for specializing in making mattresses and mattress toppers made of pure organic latex.

With decades of vast experience with latex, their products rank high on most customers' checklists of high-quality sleep products. More importantly, they focus on reducing their carbon footprint by ensuring materials used to make these products are GOLS, OEKO-TEX, and GOTS certified.

SleepEZ is currently selling two types of mattress toppers; the Natural Latex model and the Wool Latex Model. These latex toppers guarantee a comfortable sleep and offer a leeway to experience the benefits of sleeping on latex without sacrificing a massive investment in purchasing an entire latex mattress. In this review, we will walk you through the finer details of the experience of sleeping on both of these toppers.

SleepEz Natural Latex Mattress Topper

SleepEZ Natural Latex Topper comes in 2 distinct thicknesses, 2" for sleepers seeking more support and 3" for those who want to add more comfort to their Sleep. As an all-latex topper, this model is exceptionally breathable, making it ideal for hot weather seasons.


  • Available in 2" and 3" thickness options
  • Comes in 4 firmness options: soft, medium, and medium firm and firm
  • Latex material offers excellent cooling to hot sleepers


  • Does not come with a dedicated Cover

SleepEZ Natural Latex Mattress Topper Breakdown

The SleepEZ Organic Latex Topper is one of the two models currently available on the SleepEZ website. Each has its own construction and design, and both have their unique way of delivering quality sleep comfort. So, what makes up this SleepEZ model?

Material Design and Construction

Sleepez mattress topper review - latex material and construction

Latex sleep products are among the most high-end items in the sleep industry. And like most toppers made of latex, this SleepEZ Topper is a durable, high-quality model. A versatile design with various firmness alternatives and profiles set the SleepEZ Natural Latex Topper apart from the competition. You can opt for a thickness of 2 or 3 inches, depending on how much you want to change the feel of your sleep surface. SleepEZ also offers this model in 3 different types of latex. The Talalay option is an excellent pick if you’d like to add extra softness to your mattress, whereas sleepers who want a denser sleep surface are better off with the Dunlop model.

Note: The Dunlop model comes in two varieties; the regular Dunlop Latex and the GOLS-certified Dunlop Latex. Basically, the difference between Talalay and Dunlop is that Talalay is a combination of natural and synthetic latex.

SleepEZ Natural Latex Topper Performance

Now that you know what the SleepEZ Natural Latex Topper is made of, let's look at its performance rating.

Pressure Relief

Most sleepers should experience above-average pressure relief from this latex topper. Despite not hugging your body like memory foam, the latex is soft enough to cushion painful pressure points along the hips, shoulders, and knees in most sleepers.

Temperature Regulation

Latex is an excellent material when it comes to temperature control. And thanks to this topper's excellent open cell construction, it ensures a hot sleeper stays cool during hot nights. Not only does sleeping on this topper guarantee you a cool night, but it also protects against night sweats.

Motion isolation

Both the 2-inch and the 3-inch versions exhibit excellent motion isolation. This is thanks to the latex construction, which keeps you cool while dampening any motion vibrations. So, co-sleepers or couples need not worry about disturbance generated by their sleep partners due to tossing, turning, or getting in and out of bed.

Edge Support

Because of latex's responsive and contouring balance, this topper's edge support is much sturdier than a memory foam topper. And because the resultant surface from pairing this topper with your mattress produces some bounce, you can sleep at the edge of the bed without rolling off to the ground. This feature is particularly ideal for couples or co-sleepers with small beds seeking large sleep surfaces.

Sleeping Positions and Body Weight

As already mentioned, these two topper variants come in four distinct firmness. Your sleep comfort will depend on your body weight and preferred sleep position, as outlined below.

Side Sleepers

Sleepez mattress topper review - side sleepers

Due to its latex construction and slightly plush surface, the Sleep EZ Natural Latex Topper earns good ratings from most side sleepers weighing less than 230 pounds.

Side sleepers often experience pressure points around their shoulders and hips as a result of these parts digging into the surface. Sleep EZ’s latex foam helps alleviate these pressure points and encourages spinal alignment by pushing back more around the lumbar region.

Side sleepers weighing more than 230 lbs should also find the SleepEZ Natural Latex Mattress Topper comfortable. However, if you fall into this category, you may want to opt for the medium firm or the firm version, as the soft models can allow too much sinkage for some sleepers, causing spinal misalignment.

Back Sleepers

Lightweight back sleepers who require a more supportive sleep surface should go for the 2" option. However, if they want a little support combined with some softness, the 3" option is the best pick. Like side sleepers, average-weight back sleepers should find the 3" version comfortable—particularly for a person who sleeps on a very firm mattress. Heavyweight back sleepers over 230 lbs should opt for the 3" version, especially those looking to enjoy both worlds of contouring comfort and support.

Stomach Sleepers

Lightweight stomach sleepers will enjoy the comfort of sleeping on the 2" Sleep EZ Topper. The 3" inch variant may not be suitable for average-weight stomach sleepers, as they run the risk of sinking their hips far down the sleep surface—which could result in back aches. Out of the four firmness options, stomach sleepers weighing more than 240 lbs should sleep comfortably on the firm and the medium firm versions of the 2” variant.

SleepEZ Wool Latex Mattress Topper

Sleepez mattress topper review - Wool topper

Bear in mind that this SleepEZ Latex Mattress Topper model has a unique construction design different from its counterpart. It also exhibits superior performance ratings in various spectrums, such as cooling and relieving painful pressure points. Before we get into its performance, let's find out what it's made of.


The SleepEZ Wool Latex model comes with a 1" cover made of cotton wool that helps wick away moisture. At the same time, the latex material keeps cool and more importantly, the 1" wool cover also participates in relieving pressure points along your curves, granting you a good night's Sleep.


  • Cotton cover, in conjunction with the latex construction, keeps hot sleepers cool at night
  • 1-inch cotton cover helps with pressure point relief
  • Materials used in the overall design are GOLS and GOTS certified


  • Pricier for budget shoppers

Material Design and Construction

SleepEZ Natural Latex Topper has an organic cotton wool cover designed to enhance overall breathability. Since the topper cover is made of cotton, its moisture-wicking mechanism makes it ideal for sleepers who soak in their sweat at night.

The SleepEZ Cotton Cover encases a 3-inch construction of either the Natural Talalay Latex or the Dunlop latex foam. And since the SleepEZ company's official website offers both material versions of the topper, you can pick your preferred choice based on your preference.

Sleep EZ Wool Latex Topper Performance

Though this organic latex mattress topper model is a bit more expensive than the other SleepEZ Topper, it guarantees luxurious sleep comfort. Below is how it performs on different spectrums—enabling you to sleep comfortably throughout the night.

Temperature Regulation

Unlike traditional memory foam toppers that always exhibit significant heat retention, this organic latex topper sleeps excellently cool—courtesy of its breathable organic cotton cover and the large open cell structures within the latex foam. Also, the organic cotton mattress cover is moisture-wicking to help shield hot sleepers against night sweats.

Pressure Relief

Like other latex mattress toppers, this SleepEz model exceptionally relieves pressure points along your curves. This is thanks to its close body conforming properties that allow maximum relief of pressure points and excellent overall support.

Motion Isolation

Like the Natural Latex model, this organic wool topper also boasts incredible motion isolation. The latex foam underneath the cover muffles motion vibrations so you and your sleep partner can sleep comfortably with minimal disturbances. The feature generally makes this topper an excellent pick for sleepers with restless partners who toss and turn a lot at night.

Edges Support

Not only is the topper's comfortable sleeping surface closely conforming, but also super responsive. The responsiveness also extends to the edge granting it sturdy edge support—even for sleeping without falling off the bed. Like Dunlop Latex Mattresses, Dunlop Toppers have more solid edge support than Talalay models. So, the Dunlop version of this SleepEZ Latex Topper is an ideal pick for sleep partners sharing a small bed in need of more sleeping space.

Sleep Positions and Body Weight

The SleepEZ Cotton Wool Latex Topper is available in various firmness options, soft, medium-soft, firm, and medium-firm. This is to help you pick an option that will enhance the comfort of your current mattress, whether new or old. Remember that your comfort preference is primarily influenced by your dominant sleep position and body weight, as shown below.

Side Sleepers

Side Sleepers weighing below 230 lbs will like this quilted topper's body-contouring sleep surface. If you're among these side sleepers seeking more cushioning and pressure point relief along the hips, knees, and shoulders, the soft and medium-soft versions are your best picks.

Generally, these versions are excellent picks for side sleepers who want to rid themselves of joint and hip pain. The 3-inch latex thickness also provides excellent body support, ensuring a neutral spine position, which promotes proper body posture. Heavyweight side sleepers weighing more than 240 lbs should opt for the firm version of this topper. This also includes individuals who love sleeping on extra firm surfaces.

Back Sleepers

This SleepEZ Topper model primarily targets a back and side sleeper because of its tremendous pressure point relief. Lightweight back sleepers below 130 lbs will love the conforming comfort of soft and medium-soft versions of this topper. Its cushioning effect ensures these sleepers don't wake up with back aches.

Back sleepers weighing 130-230 lbs should opt for the medium firm versions, that offer the comfort and support they need. But if you're weighing more than 240 lbs, an excellent option would be the firm version, which comes with body contouring benefits alongside providing extra support. The firm version is also ideal for sleepers just seeking to make the surface of their current soft mattresses a bit firmer.

Stomach Sleepers

Unlike most toppers on the market, the firmness options on this Sleep EZ Topper model make it appealing to some stomach sleepers. For instance, stomach sleepers weighing less than 130 lbs should opt for the medium firm version. It ensures these individuals sleep on rather than in the topper’s surfaces—preventing their spine from curving and causing back pain.

Because of the supportive sleep surface, some heavyweight stomach sleepers may find the firm version appealing. However, most individuals who weigh 260-300 lbs may wake up with back pains because of the spine curving.

Off-gassing of the Sleep EZ Toppers

Sleepez mattress topper review - offgassing (1)

Unlike most materials used to make various sleep products, latex expels minimal to no off-gassing upon unpackaging. With most toppers, you have to wait for 48 hours or a few days before you can use it to allow the off-gassing to dissipate completely. But if you want a topper ready for use out of the box, a Sleep EZ Topper is an excellent option.

Care and Maintenance of Sleep EZ Toppers

Latex is a naturally durable material. So with good care, the toppers should last longer than models made of other materials.

Since impressions on an older mattress may be uneven, you should regularly rotate the Sleep EZ topper on the mattress surface. Just turn the topper where your head used to be on the foot (180 degrees). Doing this ensures the body pressure spreads evenly throughout the sleep surface.

Don't expose the latex foam to direct sunlight, especially when you remove the cover for washing. Direct sunlight exposure may break down the latex, shortening the topper's lifespan. Also, in case of staining or accidental spills on the latex foam, simply spot-clean it with a damp cloth.

The cover of the Sleep EZ Wool Topper model is also durable because cotton is naturally durable. Since it is easily removable, in case of any accidental spills, you can remove and hand wash it or toss it inside the washing machine. Unlike other fabric materials, this cover will maintain its soft plushy feel even after several washes.

Warranty, sleep Trial and Shipping Policies

Like most brands in the sleep industry, Sleep EZ company also offers warranty and free shipping for its products. Below are the shipping and warranty policies the Sleep EZ Latex Toppers come with.


All Sleep EZ Toppers come with a 1-year warranty and only cover body impressions of 0.5". Remember, the warranty is only eligible for the original buyer. Selling or issuing it to a third party will render the warranty void.

Sleep Trial

Sleep EZ is currently not offering sleep trials for the Sleep EZ Toppers. On the bright side, these are high-quality toppers, and you can be sure they are perfectly designed to accommodate virtually any sleeper.


Free shipping is available for these Sleep EZ Toppers, much like their mattresses—but within the contiguous United States. If you're an international buyer or a resident outside the contiguous U.S., you'll be charged shipping fees. The delivery often takes 5 to 7 business days within the contiguous U.S. Otherwise; you should contact the company about shipping fee rates and delivery timelines.

Closing Thoughts

These Sleep EZ Toppers' availability in various thicknesses, sizes, and firmness widens your range of options to ensure you pick a model with specs that suit your comfort preference. The market is flooded with many Latex Topper brands. But among the main factors distinguishing Sleep EZ Toppers from the crowd is the luxurious sleep experience they offer buyers at modest price ranges. Overall, you can rest assured that upgrading your mattress' sleep comfort with either of these Sleep EZ Toppers is worth your time and investment.

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