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Split King Mattress: The Ultimate Guide

Last Updated: July, 2024 | This Post May Contain Affiliate Links

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While the best beds for couples are engineered to provide a perfect balance of comfort and support, sleep partners might easily get confused by the different mattress sizes available. What's more, choosing a mattress that suits both you and your partner's needs can be quite challenging. For instance, if you prefer a firm mattress and your partner loves a soft, cushiony model, it might be a bit hard to find a compromise. 

That's where split king beds come in. These mattresses allow co-sleepers with different preferences to customize the feel and firmness of their shared bed without compromising either person's unique needs. 

In this comprehensive guide, we'll explore everything you need to know about a split king size mattress, including its pros and cons, to help you know whether it's an ideal choice for your needs. 

What Is a Split King Mattress?

As the name implies, a split king mattress is a king-size bed divided down the middle forming two separate mattresses. Apart, each bed is a twin XL, measuring 38 by 80 inches, and when combined, the dimensions are about 76 by 80 inches, which is equivalent to a traditional king mattress. 

Unlike traditional king-size mattresses, split king beds allow users to adjust the side of their mattress to their unique preference without disturbing the peace and comfort of their partners. What's more, some companies sell customized split king beds that allow sleepers to choose how soft or firm they want their sleep surface to feel. This is highly beneficial to couples with very different sleep preferences and needs. 

Merits of Using a Split King Mattress

As mentioned earlier, a split king size mattress is often used by couples and co-sleepers. Since most sleep partners have different body sizes and personal preferences, they opt for a split king-size mattress that allows them to choose a distinct sleep surface while still sleeping on the same mattress. 

Below, we'll discuss the benefits of split king beds in great detail. 

Ideal for Partners With Different Firmness Needs

Purchasing a mattress is often very subjective. There are many different factors at play, including the sleeper's weight and sleep position. So, what's the smart thing to do if you prefer sleeping on your side and your partner loves a firm mattress that can support stomach sleeping?

Simple, get a split king size mattress that allows for these personal preferences. Here, your options include either buying two different mattresses or using a mattress topper to adjust the feel of one side if your needs aren't drastically different. 

Motion Isolation

Split king mattresses are also ideal for sleepers with partners who frequently toss and turn in bed throughout the night. With a standard king or queen mattress, a restless partner can disturb even the best sleepers. On the other hand, a split king mattress means that you have your own bed, so you won't feel any body movements from the other side of your mattress. 

Pairs Well With an Adjustable Bed Base

Another benefit of a split king size bed is it pairs perfectly with adjustable beds. This means you can use a split king adjustable base to customize your mattress for improved sleep quality. 

As we'll discuss later in this guide, an adjustable base provides multiple lifestyle benefits that will help you upgrade relaxation. You can easily tilt your mattress to stay up late watching or reading, recline in your bed to enjoy a head and foot massage, and even sync your settings for restorative sleep. 

Makes for Easy Moving

A split king mattress is a perfect pick for sleepers who are often on the move and find transporting their mattress from one place to another a hassle. It's much more manageable as it's just two separate mattresses, making moving your bed a breeze. 

Demerits of Using a Split King Mattress

A split king mattress comes with a lot of advantages, and for many sleep partners, the customizable alternative is unbeatable. However, there are some disadvantages you should consider before making the final purchase decision. 

More Expensive than Standard King-size Mattress

Generally, split king-size beds, along with the bedding and foundations required, can be more expensive than standard king and queen mattresses. The customization alternatives and individual components contribute to a higher cost. So, expect to pay more for split king-size mattresses. 

Limits You From Using the Entire Sleep Surface

The two twin XL mattresses can create a noticeable gap between them, which may limit the shared space for partners who like snuggling in bed. So, always consider individual preferences and the need for space before purchasing a split king bed. 

Difficulty Finding the Right Foundation

Another potential challenge with split king beds is finding the perfect foundation. Without the proper base for your mattress, it may easily slide apart over time, thus creating a noticeable gap between them. 

Fortunately, you can address this by using two twin XL adjustable bed bases. In addition to providing proper body support, these bases allow for individual customization. This allows each partner to adjust their side of the mattress independently, ensuring a secure setup while delivering personalized comfort. 

Types of Sheets to Use With Your Split King Size Bed

When choosing a sheet for your split king mattress, you can either treat the setup like standard king-size mattresses or two twin XL size mattresses. If you're using split king mattresses on adjustable bases, split-top king sheets can be all you need. These are fitted sheets similar to standard king sheets but split into two twin mattress-size fitted sheets. This enables the adjustable king size bed frame to move freely without pulling off the fitted sheet. 

You can also opt for two twin XL fitted sheets if you have difficulty finding split-top king sheets. On the other hand, if you aren't using an adjustable base, twin XL sheets will do the trick. 

Is a Split King Mattress Right for Everyone?

For most sleepers, the pros of owning a split king mattress far outweigh the cons. If you fall in this category, a split king bed is worth every penny. If you often share your bed with your partner, the ability to personalize your sleep surface separate from your partner's while still sleeping on the same mattress is something you'll definitely love. 

However, if you're a solo sleeper, you probably don't need mattresses as big as kings. Couples with a similar body type, sleeping position, and mattress preference might also not find purchasing a split king-size bed necessary. 

Choosing the Right Split King Bed for Your Home

When it comes to purchasing a new mattress, there are numerous factors to consider. And if you want to opt for a split king size mattress, it's wise to understand the crucial aspects before making a purchase. 

Below is a quick guide that can help you navigate the entire selection process.

Firmness Level

You'll first want to consider your desired firmness level. The perfect level will depend on your sleep position, body type, and personal preference. Most mattress companies rate firmness on a scale of 1 to 10, with 6.5 representing medium-firm. 

Generally, a sleep surface that keeps the spine in a neutral alignment is an ideal pick and can keep sleepers from waking up in pain. Stomach sleepers typically need firmer mattresses, while average-weight side and back sleepers need a medium-firm mattress for optimal alignment.

Heavyweight sleepers may also benefit from a firmer mattress for support, whereas lightweight folks are best suited to a soft mattress. With a split king size mattress, couples can select a different level for each side of their mattress to match their individual preferences.

Room Size

How spacious is your room? Measuring your room is crucial to ensure that your desired bed will fit perfectly into your space. Sleepers with a king-size bed can be sure that a split king size mattress will fit without making the room look crowded. However, if you want to upgrade from a full to a split king size bed, ensure your room will accommodate the entire mattress comfortably before making a purchase decision. 

Sleep Trial, Warranty, and Other Policies

Many mattresses come with sleep trial, warranty, and shipping policies, which are crucial to note before investing in a mattress. Many of these policies appear generous, but there can be limitations or hidden charges. 

For instance, while many companies have free shipping policies, there are often extra charges or restrictions for shoppers living in Alaska, Hawaii, and Canada. 

Sleep trial periods can range from a month to over a year long. While some may truly be risk-free, others charge transportation, restocking, or disposal fees for returns. Plus, most companies allow only one trial per household. 

Also, check to see what a warranty covers and for how long. And even if the split king bed has lifetime coverage, check what defects qualify and whether or not the policy is prorated. 


As mentioned earlier, split king beds come with a hefty price tag compared to standard king-size mattresses. So, ensure the difference in price will be worth it for your needs before committing to split king beds. Plus, some brands offer split king size mattress deals, most of which are less expensive than simply buying two twin XL mattresses. So, make sure you compare all possible options. 

For instance, you can find an Amazon mattress going for a cheaper price than other similar models on other platforms. So, make sure you compare all possible options before making a purchase decision.

Our Pick For Split King Mattress - Luxury Bliss By PlushBeds


The PlushBeds Luxury Bliss should offer years of comfortable and pressure-free sleep thanks to its durable latex hybrid design. This split king size mattress is also known for its exceptional cooling and responsive sleep surface that promotes ease of movement.


  • Excellent motion isolation
  • Firm enough to provide sufficient body support
  • Comfortable to use in various sleep positions
  • Ideal for eco-conscious shoppers 


  • Offers minimal conforming hence may not be ideal for sleepers who prefer the hug feeling of a memory foam mattress

Overall Thoughts

With over a dozen different bed models, PlushBeds is well-known for its variety. They even went to the extent of creating a mattress quiz that matches shoppers to their perfect mattress based on their sleep position, body type, and mattress firmness preferences. If you're in the market for a luxury organic hybrid latex mattress, you can never go wrong with the PlushBeds Luxury Bliss. 

This Split King Size Mattress features the same luxurious design and premium materials as other models in the PlushBeds lineup. Shoppers can choose between two firmness levels with similar materials but distinct feels. You can opt for medium (5) or med-firm (7) mattresses, though PlushBeds includes a generous sleep trial period in case your first option isn't ideal.

Exact specifications vary slightly between firmness options, but both models feature the same basic comfort system that provides a responsive surface with moderate body contouring and pressure relief. While sleepers will mostly sleep "on" and not "in" the mattress, the medium version allows you to sink in slightly deeper. Fortunately, PlushBeds sells a wide range of mattress toppers, so those who find their mattress too firm can use these toppers to add some plushness to their sleep surface. 

At the top of the mattress, you'll find a quilted organic cotton cover that's stretchy and cool to the touch to provide a breathable, moisture-wicking sleep surface. Beneath that, a 3-inch comfort layer of natural Dunlop latex is perforated to promote maximum airflow. This naturally springy layer gives a buoyant, responsive feel to your mattress. It's also Global Organic Latex Standard certified, making it an ideal pick for eco-conscious sleepers. 

The support core has 8 inches of individually wrapped coils to cut down on motion transfer, especially when sharing the bed. These coils also lend stability and structure to your mattress. They're 15 - 16 gauge and are more than enough to evenly distribute weight for most sleepers weighing up to 300 pounds. Heavyweight sleepers are likely to prefer the sturdy support of the firm version, whereas the medium version is well suited to sleepers weighing between 130 and 230 pounds. If you weigh less than 130 pounds, you should enjoy the medium version's plush feel and exceptional pressure relief. 

PlushBeds backs the Luxury Bliss Mattress with a 25-year limited warranty and a 100-night sleep trial. Those who wish to return the mattress before the 30-night break-in period ends will be responsible for a convenience fee of $99.             

Other Mattress Sizes to Consider

Aside from mattress feel and texture, there's another crucial facet of your mattress that significantly influences your choice —mattress size. Getting the perfect size for your bed and sleep needs is one of the essential determinants that leads toward the ultimate goal of restorative sleep.

Curious about how split king mattresses compare to other sizes? Below is a breakdown of other standard sizes and the various dimensions they abide by. 

Queen Size Mattress

The queen mattress is the most popular size, which accommodates more than one individual and conveniently fits into virtually any room. Measuring 60 inches by 80 inches, this mattress size offers enough space for couples who don't need too much space and single adults who like to have extra room to move around while in bed. 

The standard queen-size mattress is usually recommended for couples, making it perfect for your master bedroom or guest room. And if you often sleep with your spouse, you'll be glad to know that the queen mattress size also has a split queen alternative that allows couples with different mattress preferences to have a sleep surface suited to their personal preferences. 

King Size Mattress

Measuring 76 inches by 80 inches, a king-size mattress is the most expensive bed size as it's among the largest sizes sold by many companies. Like the queen-size bed, these mattresses boast enough space for two individuals to sprawl and sleep comfortably in their own space. 

Considered the widest available standard mattress size, the king mattress is ideal for families, especially parents and even campers who want to sleep with their children while on the road. However, the RV king size mattress is about 5 inches narrower than the standard model for constricted spaces. These mattress sizes are pretty common, so getting a bed sheet or mattress topper that fits is easy. 

California King

Measuring 72 inches by 84 inches, the California King size is the longest standard mattress size available in the market. While it's 4 inches longer than king mattresses, it's also 4 inches narrower. This means that what buyers lose in width, they gain in length in a California King mattress. To comfortably fit this type of mattress, your bedroom should be at least 12 feet wide by 12 feet long.

Aside from being a suitable choice for tall sleepers, California King mattresses can also comfortably accommodate two to three sleepers (when parents co-sleep with their child), making it a viable pick for families. Some of these mattresses also feature split options for partners with different sleep preferences. 

Twin Size Mattress

The twin-size mattress is the smallest of all standard mattress sizes, making it a good fit for children and teens. Measuring 38 inches by 75 inches, these mattresses usually fit daybeds, bunk beds, dorm rooms, and small bed frames. 

If you're on a tight space or budget, a twin mattress can deliver the same luxury feel as larger mattresses without taking up as much space or costing as much. However, you should keep in mind that these mattresses may not be ideal for full-grown adults. Tall sleepers who don't have enough room for wider mattresses can opt for a twin XL-size mattress, which is 5 inches longer than the standard twin mattress. 

Full Size Mattress

At 54 inches by 75 inches, the full mattress is as long as twin mattresses but much wider, meaning it can comfortably fit an average-size adult. Full-size mattresses are best suited for single sleepers as they perfectly fit into most spaces without making them look crowded and also offer enough room for solo sleepers to sleep comfortably. 

Closing Thoughts

For partners with different sleep preferences, split king mattresses are the best options to go for. Each person gets to choose a twin XL bed with the unique specifications they need for the best night's sleep. Plus, these mattresses eliminate motion transfer as each individual sleeps on their own mattress. With so many benefits that come with split king mattresses, it's hard to imagine couples choosing anything else. 

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