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Sweetnight Mattress Reviews

Renowned for its craftsmanship, outstanding quality, and commitment to innovation, SweetNight is among the pioneers of the bed-in-a-box movement. Since its founding in 2011, the company has become a leading online mattress manufacturer and a popular destination for everything from sheets to pillows, foundations, mattresses, and more. And since it manufactures and ships its sleep products from its own factories, it can deliver top-quality mattresses at a lower price than other comparable models on the market. 

In this comprehensive SweetNight Mattress review, we'll center around 3 of their mattresses, Prime, Twilight, and Dreamy, and who each version is most accommodating for. We'll also highlight each model's potential benefits to give buyers a clear idea of which SweetNight Mattress may be best for them.

SweetNight Prime Mattress

An all-foam bed made for all sleepers, the SweetNight Prime boasts the company's Contouring Curve design that gives you the ability to choose the perfect firmness profile for your sleep needs. It also features high-density memory foam for body contouring and enhanced support. 

Sweetnight mattress review - Prime memory foam


  • Adjustable comfort zones and variable sinking range for different sleeping positions 
  • Gel-infused foam layer for cooler sleep
  • Excellent edge support 

What We Don't Like:

  • Not available in Twin XL size

Construction and Design

The SweetNight Prime is a popular and affordable pick for individuals who want different mattress firmness levels on their sleep surface. With memory foam layers on both sides of the bed, it carries extra appeal for those who like notable body contouring in their gel memory foam mattress. 

The SweetNight Prime Memory Foam Mattress is constructed with 4 layers:

  • Cooling gel-infused memory foam layer
  • Pressure-relieving transition foam layer
  • High-density Support foam layer
  • Firm comfort foam layer

All these layers come encased in a breathable, high-density, anti-pilling cover made from OEKO-TEX-certified cotton. On the soft side, the primary comfort layer incorporates gel memory foam to offer maximum pressure relief. This layer also cradles and contours to the body's curves and disperses excess heat for a cooler sleep. 

Right underneath the gel memory foam, you'll find a pressure-relieving transition layer that distributes the sleeper's weight evenly on the surface, preventing pressure buildup. On the firmer side, the firm comfort foam layer still offers excellent pressure relief irrespective of the body weight. The middle foam layer supports both sides of the SweetNight Prime Memory Foam Mattress and helps provide proper spinal alignment. 

Mattress Performance

It's time to see the SweetNight Prime Memory Foam Mattress in action! In this section, we'll discuss Prime's performance when it comes to motion isolation, edge support, pressure relief, temperature regulation, and more. 

Pressure Relief

The SweetNight Prime relieves pressure well thanks to its high-density gel memory foam. Most sleepers won't develop painful pressure points while sleeping on this bed. The soft foam layers conform closely to the body, cushioning pressure points around the hips, back, and shoulders of the side and lightweight sleepers. 

When flipped on the firm side, the SweetNight Prime Memory Foam Mattress has less of an effect when it comes to pressure relief, as the soft foam layers are acting as the support core. This side of the mattress has a firmer sleep surface and a thinner comfort layer, making it ideal for stomach and back sleepers. 

Edge Support

SweetNight Prime has above-average edge support for an all-foam mattress. Generally, innerspring and hybrid beds boast more solid edges than foam mattresses. 

Strong edge support allows you to use the entire surface of this memory foam mattress. On the other hand, when the edges are weak, you might easily roll off the mattress when sleeping near the edge. If you weigh less than 230 pounds, you're more likely to receive sufficient body support when lying on the soft side. However, heavy sleepers may be better off using the firm side of the bed as it boasts stronger edge support than the softer side. 


This bed is superior to most all-foam mattresses when it comes to temperature regulation. The gel memory foam layer helps keep hot sleepers cool all night long. So you won't have to worry about sleeping and waking up in a pool of sweat. What's more, the SweetNight Prime comes with a breathable jacquard cover and uses air-cell technology to eliminate hot spots and promote thermo-regulation. 

Motion Isolation

Soft memory foam mattress layers make SweetNight Prime good at preventing motion transfer. If you often share your mattress with your partner, you won't be bothered by their movement at night. 

The soft side of the mattress is somewhat better at preventing motion transfer than the firm side. This is because it has a softer transition layer and high-density foam. 

Ease of Movement

Sometimes, highly conforming beds inhibit movement. The heat from the body transforms memory foam, making it mold to the body. This, in turn, makes exercise feel a bit challenging as it takes time for body impressions in the foam to bounce back. 

As an all-foam mattress, SweetNight Prime doesn't offer the easiest sleeping surface to move around and change positions in. Individuals sleeping on the soft side, in particular, may feel that the hug of memory foam layers creates initial difficulty anytime they try to change sleep position. 

Sleeper Types and Body Weight 

Now, let's discuss what it feels like to lie on both sides of the SweetNight Prime Mattress. 

Firm Side

Like the SweetNight Breeze Mattress, the firm side of the SweetNight Prime is a much better fit for back sleepers weighing more than 130 pounds. Since this side is a touch softer, your hips will be able to sink into the surface for just a bit of pressure point relief. 

Not surprisingly, lightweight side sleepers may find this side of the mattress too firm for comfort. There's no give from the surface, so these sleepers might experience a lot of pressure around their hips and shoulders. 

However, this side proved to be the perfect pick for stomach sleeping. It's incredibly supportive and will keep the hips of stomach sleepers fully elevated and aligned with their spine. 

Soft Side

On the soft side, most people should feel comfortable, especially when sleeping on their side. This side is responsive enough to react proportionately to pressure build-up for these sleepers and keep their spine aligned. 

Again, lightweight back sleepers won't sink deep into the surface as the foam layers will support their lower back region and contour to their unique shape. This site is also an ideal match for stomach sleepers weighing less than 130 pounds. It's supportive enough to help maintain proper spinal alignment. 

SweetNight Twilight Mattress

If you're a back pain sufferer, you'll be glad to know that the SweetNight Twilight offers excellent pressure relief for a pain-free night's sleep. Plus, its hybrid construction offers temperature-regulating properties, making the SweetNight Twilight Mattress an ideal pick for hot sleepers.

Sweetnight mattress review - Twilight Hybrid

What We Like:

  • Affordable pillow top mattress for budget shoppers
  • Excellent motion isolation
  • The gel-infused memory foam layer prevents heat retention 

What We Don't Like:

  • Sleepers who often wake up when their sleep partner moves at night may notice some motion transfer 

 Construction and Design

Hybrid mattresses are among the most expensive mattress types, with many models starting at $1,500 in a queen-size version. The SweetNight Twilight Mattress offers the same balanced feel and unique features as many of its expensive competitors. However, its lower price point should appeal to budget shoppers looking for a new hybrid mattress. 

This medium-firm hybrid mattress comes in 2 thickness options, each with the same basic construction. It features the following layers:

  • High-density convoluted polyfoam layer
  • Gel-infused memory foam layer
  • Ventilated transition polyfoam layer
  • Tempered pocketed coils

These layers are encased in a cotton knit cover that promotes air circulation to help excess heat escape the mattress. The SweetNight Twilight Mattress starts with a comfort layer of high-density convoluted polyfoam that contours to the unique shape of the sleeper's body without restricting movement. Next, a gel-infused memory foam layer helps counteract potential heat retention. In addition, this material's conforming capabilities limit pressure buildup. 

Beneath this lies the ventilated polyfoam that acts as the transition layer. This layer is designed to promote air circulation and temperature control. The support core is made of tempered steel coils, individually encased to minimize motion transfer and allow more precise body support.

Mattress Performance

Aside from mattress feel, firmness, and materials, there are other vital factors you should consider before purchasing a mattress. We put the SweetNight Twilight through various tests with regard to motion transfer, temperature regulation, pressure relief, and more. Here's how it performed. 

Pressure Relief

The SweetNight Twilight delivers above-average pressure relief, especially for individuals with lower back pain. Its memory foam and polyfoam comfort layers contour to the sleeper's body while balancing support and cushioning for the lumbar region. This promotes proper spinal alignment and helps minimize pressure buildup in this sensitive body section. 

Edge Support

This memory foam hybrid mattress offers good edge support. With memory foam and polyfoam on the surface, you can expect the bed's perimeter to compress to a certain degree under pressure. However, the sturdy coil support system lends support to the perimeter. This means that you'll be able to use the entire surface of your mattress without limiting your movements. 


Various features in the SweetNight Twilight are engineered to reduce heat retention and optimize temperature control. 

For starters, the coils in the support system allow for ample airflow throughout your mattress. While the memory foam comfort layer conforms closely to the body, which can lead to heat retention, the cotton knit cover offers a breathable sleep surface. Plus, the memory foam is gel-infused to draw body heat away from the sleeper. 

Generally, hot sleepers fare better with innerspring and hybrid mattresses, so the SweetNight Twilight may be a viable alternative for those looking for the best cooling mattress with a foam surface. 

Motion Isolation

Despite its coil system, the SweetNight Twilight isolates motion more effectively compared to other hybrid mattresses. This is due to its polyfoam transition layer and foam comfort layers, which absorb vibrations, preventing movement from rippling across your sleep surface. However, the coils in the support core do generate some bounce, so if you're sensitive to your partner's movements, you may opt for SweetNight's all-foam model. 

Ease of Movement

While SweetNight's medium firm feel and memory foam comfort layer allow sleepers to somehow sink into the surface, the coil support layer is bouncy and responsive. This enables combination sleepers to move around the bed without feeling as stuck as they would on a mattress made entirely of foam. 

Sleeper Types and Body Weight

Many back sleepers should enjoy a pleasant balance of support and comfort while back sleeping on the SweetNight Twilight Mattress. The coil core and the polyfoam transition layer offer spinal support, while the contouring comfort system provides these sleepers with gentle hip cradling. While this bed's medium firmness lies in the range that most back sleepers like, it's likely to be exceptionally suited to those who weigh less than 130 pounds. 

Both lightweight and heavyweight stomach sleepers may also need a more supportive mattress. These sleepers are likely to experience sagging near their midsection, which could end up straining their lumbar region. 

On the other hand, side sleepers should enjoy excellent pressure relief while sleeping on this mattress. SweetNight's foam layers work hand in hand to cradle this individual's shoulders and hips while supporting the spine. In addition, the support system further responds to your body's unique shape without allowing excessive sinkage. 

SweetNight Dreamy Mattress 

Like the SweetNight Sunkiss Mattress, the SweetNight Dreamy Mattress is well known for its versatility: it comes in a hybrid and all-foam model and features both a firm and soft side that offers great support and excellent pressure relief. This makes it a viable option for virtually every sleeper, irrespective of their body types and sleep position. 

Sweetnight mattress review - Dreamy Foam Mattress

What We Like;

  • Relieves pressure and regulates body temperature
  • Curved memory foam offers targeted spinal alignment 
  • Works for all positions

What We Don’t Like;

  • Might not be ideal for stomach sleeping 

Construction and Design

Like all SweetNight mattresses, the Dreamy version boasts some outstanding features. Let's examine its build and construction to learn more about it. 

The SweetNight Dreamy Gel Memory Foam

The foam version of the SweetNight Dreamy Mattress is a flippable bed with 3 different mattress firmness levels and 2 profiles. Here's how the unique design breaks down:

  • Soft side (medium soft and medium feels): Contouring memory foam layer
  • Middle: Gel-infused memory foam layer
  • Firm side (medium-firm feel): High-density polyfoam layer

These layers are wrapped in a thick and soft-to-the-touch wool fabric cover that promotes airflow to keep your surface cool. The softer side closely contours to your body to help alleviate pressure, while the high-density polyfoam layer at the core reinforces your mattress and limits uncomfortable sinkage. If you prefer a bed that doesn't have the classic memory foam feel, you can flip the SweetNight Dreamy and sleep directly onto the high-density polyfoam layer. 

The SweetNight Dreamy Hybrid

Unlike the all-foam version, the SweetNight Dreamy Hybrid comes in a medium firm feel and 3 profiles. It also consists of 3 layers:

  • Comfort cooling gel foam layer
  • Pressure-relieving foam layer
  • Pocketed coil layer

A plush, cool-to-the-touch cover encases the layers as mentioned above, helping wick away excess sweat and moisture. So, what makes this hybrid model different? For starters, its coil system makes it a little more breathable and offers more edge support than the SweetNight Dreamy all-foam version. It's also worth noting that this hybrid model comes with a foam encasement around its perimeter to keep the edges stable. 

Mattress Performance

Now that you know what SweetNight is made of, let's see how it performs with regard to motion transfer, edge support, pressure relief,  and more. 

Pressure Relief

The SweetNight Dreamy all-foam and hybrid mattresses conform to the body, which can help redistribute weight and relieve pressure points. The memory foam layers in both models offer extra support around the midsection, preventing the hips from sinking deep into the surface. 

Edge Support

If you like sleeping or sitting on the edge of your mattress, you must have a bed that you can count on. And for seniors, this extra body support can also be essential for getting in and out of the mattress. 

That said, both the all-foam and the hybrid version of the SweetNight Dreamy Mattress have pretty solid edge support. This means you can comfortably sit or sleep on the edges without worrying about sinking deep into the surface. This enables sleepers to use the entire mattress surface, making the SweetNight Dreamy Mattress an ideal pick for couples. If you're a heavyweight sleeper, you may be better off with the hybrid model or the firm side of the Dreamy Mattress, as it offers better-than-average support than the all-foam mattress models. 


Cooling on the SweetNight Dreamy all-foam mattress is good but not excellent. Sleepers might feel a moderate level of body heat retention around their body when sleeping on this mattress. 

That said, if you're a hot sleeper, you may want to opt for the hybrid version, as its pocketed coil system keeps air flowing throughout your mattress. What's more, it comes with cool-to-the-touch comfort layers that further help in heat dissipation. 

Motion Isolation

If you share your mattress with someone else, you'll want to carefully consider a bed's motion transfer. 

Both models of the SweetNight Dreamy Mattress do an excellent task of limiting motion transfer. However, the all-foam model outshines the hybrid version, which comes with added coils for maximum support. Thanks to the foam layers, which absorb motion, couples shouldn't worry about waking each other up when they change sleep positions throughout the night. 

Ease of Movement

The all-foam version of the SweetNight Dreamy Mattress doesn't offer an easy surface to move around and change sleep positions. When you sleep on the mattress, the memory foam layers hug your body, and when you move, you leave an impression of your body on the surface for some time, which can limit movement. 

That said, if a mattress' ease of movement is a deal breaker for you, you may want to opt for SweetNight's hybrid models, such as the Twilight Hybrid Mattress or Dreamy's hybrid version. 

Sleeper Types and Body Weight

When it comes to the different firmness levels and materials, it's crucial to keep in mind that comfort is subjective. How you'll feel on your mattress will greatly depend on your preferred sleep position and body size. 

Still, we think the medium-firm feel of the Dreamy Hybrid Mattress is suitable for all types of sleepers, particularly for back sleepers who do best on surfaces that cradle the lower back and help maintain the spine's natural curve. So, if you're a strict back sleeper, you can expect enough firmness from the bed's coil system and plenty of cushion from the foam layers. 

However, side sleepers may find the hybrid version too firm for comfort, as it creates pressure build-ups, especially around the shoulder region. These sleepers may be better off with the all-foam flippable model, which offers excellent pressure relief and redistributes weight evenly amongst the shoulder and hip region. 

When it comes to stomach sleeping, heavyweight stomach sleepers will find the Dreamy all-foam doesn't have the proper firmness level for sleeping. If you fall in this category, you'll want to go for a hybrid mattress that will keep your hips elevated and your spine aligned. 

Which SweetNight Mattress is Best for Me?

That majorly depends on how you sleep! Each and every sleeper has unique needs based on their preferred sleeping positions and body type. However, here are some quick recommendations that can help you find your best fit. 

If you're a back sleeper, you should enjoy any of these bed's flippable models, depending on your preferences. 

If you're a side sleeper, you'd want a softer mattress that alleviates tension around your hips, lower back, and shoulders. Depending on your body type, we'd recommend that strict side sleepers opt for the SweetNight Dreamy All-foam Mattress. 

If you're a stomach sleeper, a firm mattress with plenty of lift and body support will give you the comfort you need. Unlike side sleepers, these folks will likely be best served by either the SweetNight Twilight Mattress or the SweetNight Prime Mattress

If you're a heavy sleeper (250+ pounds), we recommend the SweetNight Prime Mattress. The firm side of this flippable mattress was designed with heavyweight sleepers in mind, so it's going to provide the support these individuals need. 

If you're a hot sleeper, we'd definitely recommend checking out the SweetNight Twilight Mattress. Not only does its cotton knit cover prevent heat retention, but the hybrid bed as a whole is very breathable. 

If you sleep with your partner or share your mattress with a pet, it'll be wise to consider a bed's motion suppression and perimeter support before making a purchase decision. Both the SweetNight flippable models and the Twilight Hybrid Mattress excel at motion isolation. However, you need to keep in mind that you'll notice a little give when sitting or sleeping around the perimeter of the all-foam versions. 

If you're a budget shopper, the SweetNight Dreamy Mattress is your holy grail. In addition to being highly affordable, it's incredibly versatile, providing the pressure relief and support most sleepers need for recuperative sleep. 

How Do the Mattress Policies Measure Up?

If you decide to buy one of the mattresses mentioned above, here's a quick look at SweetNight's policies that you'll encounter. 


SweetNight mattresses are currently available exclusively online. You can purchase them through the company's official website or third-party retailers, such as Amazon. 


SweetNight ships their mattresses free to the contiguous U.S. Additional charges may apply to shipments to Hawaii, Northern Canada, Alaska, and other international destinations. These mattresses usually ship via FedEx or UPS and take 7-10 business days to arrive at the specified destination. They come wrapped as a bed-in-a-box mattress and compressed in plastic. Buyers are responsible for unpacking and setting up their mattresses. 

Sleep Trial

SweetNight offers a 100-night sleep trial for their mattresses. During this period, you can return an eligible mattress for a full refund of the buying price. To do so, you can contact SweetNight's customer support team. They'll create a shipping label before arranging for a courier to remove your mattress. You can expect the refund to be issued within 2 days after the company receives the bed at their facility. 


SweetNight mattresses boast a 10-year limited warranty. This starts the date you buy your mattress and can't be renewed in instances where you repair your mattress or get a replacement one. The warranty protects original purchasers who bought their mattresses through authorized sellers from defects, including physical flaws causing your bed to crack despite normal usage and any visible indentation greater than 1.5 inches. Additional terms and conditions apply. 

Closing Thoughts 

Overall, these SweetNight mattresses offer one of the best values in online mattresses. While they don't come with any over-the-top stand-out features, they're viable options for sleepers looking for a comfortable bed that won't break the bank. And with their generous warranty, trial, and return policies, we think these SweetNight mattresses are moderately-priced models worth exploring. 

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