Tips For Taking Care of Your Mattress

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Just like anything else, the proper maintenance of your mattress will enable it last long and stay useful to you for a very long period of time. No matter how hard your mattress made, a good maintenance will help the lifespan of the mattress. There are many ways to maintain and care for your mattress to preserve the important role it plays in the home.  Let’s take a look at the best way to keep your mattress clean for your overall comfort and health.

  1. Give it a proper place to rest. It’s not only your body that needs a good resting place after the days work. The mattress equally requires a more convenient place to stay. Most mattresses come with a box spring as a set. You should buy your mattress with a box spring because the latter prolongs the lifespan of the former in a great way. Give the mattress the ideal size of bed frame suitable for it. If you are buying a king or queen size mattress, you will definitely need to place a center support at the middle of the frame to hold the bed together and prevent it from shrinking down when it’s in use.
  2. Turn over the bed about 4 times a year. If you sleep at a particular spot of the bed for a long time, this will result to what is known as sleeping wallows. A great way to prevent this is by rotating the bed by turning the foot area towards the head and the head to the foot. This will help you maintain an even balance on the mattress. Also, you need to flip the bed so that the bottom side facing the box comes up and the previous sleeping area goes down.
  3. Don’t allow your kids to bounce on the mattress. Bouncing on the bed is what kids love doing a lot. If you have kids and they love playing this way, ban them completely from doing this. It will help preserve the texture and shape of the bed and keep it strong for a very long time. Apart from that, the bed’s protective cover might even tear off as a result of constant pressure on the bed’s surface.
  1. Use protective measurements such as mattress pads. Mattress pads are very useful and a great way to keep your mattress clean and as sparkling as ever. This will help you keep the bed properly clean even when accidents happen. This shield can absolve liquids and can easily be taken off to be hand washed or washed in the machine. Spills and moisture can accidentally pour on the bed. But when you have these pads on the bed, they will absorb any liquids and keep your mattress sparkling clean.
  2. Mattresses need vacuuming too. Just like every other household item, mattresses should not be left to get very dirty before they are cleaned. They need regular vacuuming to keep them clean and fresh. But the mattress is not cleaned the same way as other household items. When cleaning, take off all bedding from the mattress and use upholstery brush to clean the sides and top surface of the bed.

Vacuuming clears dusts and other unseen debris you may not notice. After cleaning with mild water, you should air-dry the mattress and allow it to dry completely before laying on it.  Although we try to be very careful to prevent stains on the bed, sometimes accidents do occur. When there is a stain on he bed, it shouldn’t be left to dry. Take and upholstery brush and shampoo immediately.


Your mattress provides great comfort to you throughout the night. That is a huge role it plays to make sure you stay healthy and in good condition for your day’s task. You should also reward it by keeping it clean at all times. If you want your mattress to really last long enough and provide good comfort to you for a very long period of time, you have a duty to maintain the mattress by practicing simple maintenance routines explained above.  This will help prolong the lifespan of the mattress, which will help you save money in the long run.

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