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Walmart Mattress Topper Review (Buy or Avoid?)

Walmart is one of the most popular and biggest discount retail stores in the US. It’s well known for offering its shoppers bargain prices and the convenience of purchasing a ton of different products, including mattress toppers, under one roof. Among their vast mattress topper catalog are popular mattress brands, such as My Pillow, Allswell, Spa Sensations, Beautyrest, and many others.

With all these selections, it’s understandable why anyone may think it’s a good idea to purchase a mattress topper from them. Additionally, not every product in the store is sold at the best price and quality in the retail marketplace. While certain items might be up to your quality standards, some Walmart mattress toppers just aren’t smart purchases compared to other options.

So, before you go selecting the wrong product for cheap, here’s everything you need to know about the ins and outs of some of the best Walmart mattress toppers.

My Pillow Mattress Topper

My Pillow is a mattress company that started by manufacturing and designing only pillows. Over the years, it has expanded its line to pet beds, giza sheets, and memory foam mattress toppers. Their mattress toppers are 3 inches thick with a cooling cover that helps regulate temperature and 2 layers of memory foam.

The top layer is designed with a dense yet thin memory foam structure responsible for even distribution of body weight. This helps relieve the body pressure and offers good support to your body frame. However, it’s a little too firm, so side sleepers may want to look for a softer model.

When it comes to performance, this memory foam mattress topper is pretty on par with other foam mattress toppers in the market. However, it’s not as durable or motion isolating. For instance, the Ghostbed memory foam mattress topper is significantly more motion isolating and durable than the My Pillow.

The same applies to bed-in-a-box alternatives like Nectar, Tuft & Needle mattress topper, and Lucid. My Pillow is also a bit more expensive than these three options.

Generally, this Walmart mattress topper is appealing only because its universal firmness benefits various sleeping positions. It’s more likely to be a show-stopper for the short term. But if you really want a durable all-foam topper, go with the Ghostbed 3-inch Zoned mattress topper. It’s softer, springier, and can be much cooler on warm nights.

Allswell Mattress Topper

Allswell Home has been in operation since 2018 and offers mattresses, bedding, and mattress toppers at competitive prices. It’s owned by Walmart and boasts three different toppers, each of varying materials and heights. Walmart carries the Graphite mattress topper made with open-cell memory foam and comes in a 3-inch profile.

Although the Allswell mattress topper is designed to return to its normal state despite repeated exposure to pressure, it may start losing this capacity over time, leading to decreased contouring and permanent indentations. Here, you might consider going for mattress toppers with superior pressure relief, such as the PlushBeds Natural Talalay Latex topper.

This 3-inch topper features graphite infusions to help combat heat retention, a common problem with memory foam mattress toppers. However, its close conforming nature leaves little room for airflow around your body, leading to overheating for a hot sleeper.

Memory foam typically springs back slowly whenever you take your body weight off it, meaning you shouldn’t expect a bouncy experience with Allswell mattress toppers. Besides making sex less pleasant, this can make it relatively more challenging to change sleep positions. In fact, you might even end up feeling kind of trapped inside the sleep surface. That said, if you want a bouncy feel that will allow you to sit on top of your topper rather than make you feel deeply nestled into it, this Walmart mattress topper might not be the perfect fit for you.

Spa Sensation Mattress Topper

Spa Sensations is a popular brand of affordable memory foam mattresses commonly sold at Amazon and Walmart. They’re manufactured by Zinus, a Chinese-made company. Their beds feature CertiPUR-US foams, meaning they won’t release nasty toxins into your home. Their 3-inch AirFlow Visco Elastic topper and 4-inch memory foam topper come with viscoelastic foam to soften up firmer mattresses. With the 4 inches, you get an extra soft feel, while the 3-inch version gives you additional support.

However, these toppers receive mixed feedback from sleepers on firmness and comfort. While some customers find them comfortable, others have had problems with pressure relief and alignment in the long term. They also don’t have the best edge support, and some sleepers have described them as having a poor odor that’s quite hard to diffuse.

Overall, the Spa Sensations mattress topper is a worthwhile investment if you’re looking for a standard memory foam topper and don’t want to spend much. The memory foam layers are supportive and pressure relieving, and the plush firmness is perfect for side sleepers.

If you want to purchase a more durable topper, the Ghostbed gel memory foam is an ideal medium-firm alternative. Also, for those concerned about getting too hot during the night, they should consider the Plushbeds mattress topper.

Beautyrest Toppers

Like most Beautyrest products, this topper is a reasonably quality bedding accessory. It measures 3 inches thick and comes in various standard sizes, ranging from California King to Full to Twin xl sizes. The enhancements to its inner foam and details of its cover elevate it slightly above most traditional foam toppers on the market. Plus, its molded egg-crate design helps with ventilation and allows for more airflow than most solid foams.

However, this Walmart mattress topper has some drawbacks that you need to consider before making a purchase decision. Although it features textured side panels to increase breathability and improve airflow, it may not be cooling enough, as some sleepers say that it isn’t as cooling as expected.

Also, it isn’t as long-lasting as top-quality memory foam mattress topper options as it quickly breaks down over time. Other customers had issues with the sizes and getting the topper to expand.

Generally, this mattress from Walmart is ideal for people with a mid-range budget who would want to add a plush, relatively cool topper to soften the feel of their old mattress. But keep in mind that its medium-firm feel makes it suitable for side sleepers and lightweight sleepers who enjoy a soft mattress topper. Stomach sleepers and heavyweight sleepers might find it too soft to support their weight. If you fall in this category, consider purchasing a firm mattress topper.

Authentic Comfort Toppers

The Authentic Comfort mattress topper has a soft, cradling high-density foam that conforms to your body for maximum comfort that will have you getting up refreshed and rejuvenated. It comes in two thickness versions, the 2 inch and 3-inch model. They both have 5 different zones that relieve pressure points as they cradle and comfort your body, making for a good night’s sleep.

While the Authentic Comfort mattress topper features an intriguing design, there are some negative reviews from customers, including sizing and expanding issues. Some customers also say that it tends to have a strong smell upon unpackaging. So, if you’re allergic to toxic additives, gasses, and odors, you may want to opt for the PlushBeds mattress topper. This Natural Talalay Latex topper is virtually odor-free, thanks to its Fresh Foam Technology.

Lucid Toppers

Lucid sleep products are a popular option at Walmart. Available in 2 inches to 4-inch memory foams, these toppers are gel-infused for extra cooling. Besides, they offer much-needed pain and pressure relief, ideal for sleepers who want increased comfort on top of their beds. But note that the 4-inch models are likely to develop lasting impressions sooner than the thinner models. This could result in less contouring support over time. If you’re a heavier sleeper, the extra-firm model from PlushBeds will suit you best.

Many couples like a bouncy surface for sex. Since the Lucid toppers are made to absorb movement and hug the sleeper, they may make it quite hard to change positions as needed. PlushBeds latex model may work well for you here.

Lucid mattress toppers mainly focus on pressure point relief, meaning spinal alignment isn’t much of a priority here. So, if you lack enough support with your existing mattress, these Walmart mattress toppers may likely not give you the support you need.

Magic Loft Toppers

The Magic Loft mattress topper sold at Walmart is a good way to give comfort and additional loft to your current mattress. This ultra-soft topper aims to increase your bed’s comfort factor and provide pillowy pressure relief. Some sleepers have found this topper to be very comfortable, offering good adaptability to the body. On the other hand, others found it too firm for their comfort.

Mainstays Toppers

The Walmart store brings you hot deals on various Mainstays mattress toppers, including the 1.375-inch memory foam combo topper. This model boasts 1 inch of more supportive urethane base to promote proper spinal alignment and .375 inches of pressure-relieving foam.

However, heavier sleepers might find it too thin, and they’re more likely to sink deeply into the topper. When it comes to cooling, the foam retains a lot of heat, so if you’re expecting a cooling effect, this isn’t the topper to go for. The GhostBed 3-inch zoned cooling memory foam topper is a solid cooling alternative as it features an egg-crate design that promotes airflow and helps you stay cool all night.

As for the smell, it majorly depends on the batch you receive. However, most customers complain that the odor is way too strong, and it takes time to disappear.

Closing Thoughts

It’s no secret that Walmart has a vast selection of memory foam toppers at affordable prices to choose from. If you’re interested in grabbing one of these Walmart's mattress toppers for your old mattress, that’s fine! It’ll probably give you more comfort and support than a standard mattress alone. However, there are some less expensive and better-rated alternatives that are extremely comfortable and can do much more for less money.

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