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Yogabed Review: Pros, Cons & Verdict

Last Updated April, 2024 | This Post May Contain Affiliate Links

Yogabed Close Up

After a long day's activities, we find ourselves not necessarily ready to settle down. A few dishes need our attention, a broken fuse to replace, a couple of emails to reply to, or tomorrow's to-do list mayhem. All this buzz makes it challenging to enjoy a goodnight's sleep time.

This is where the Yogabed mattress comes in handy. Quality sleep is the ultimate goal, but how about a healthy nap time? Quality sleep time Yogasleep primary objective, a company, initially known as Marpac, produced white noise machines. Later on, the company added new sleep products, including pillows, bed frames, scent diffusers, and linen sprays. Today the company boasts of producing mattresses in a box.

The Yogabed all-foam mattress supports a sleeper by distributing their weight evenly and adequately reducing pressure points. It's ideal for back, side, restless, or stomach sleepers and absorbs motion between combo sleepers. One unique feature we loved is the zip-off cover technology that allows you to remove the top covering of your memory foam in seconds. The cover is also machine washable.

Yogabed is a comfy, all-foam mattress that won't dig deep into your pocket. For this reason, a mattress is an ideal option for price-conscious individuals. This Yogabed mattress review will give a detailed review of YogaBed, including the good and the bad.

How does that sound? Let's jump right in Yogabed review!

Yogabed Full view

Overall Thoughts

Yogabed produced an attractive mattress with their unique proprietary foam that reacts quickly and sleeps more excellently than the traditional memory foam. Yogasleep also uses gel-infused foam to whisk heat through the innermost layer of the mattress.

Generally, we love the Yogabed mattress constructed with four foam layers totaling 10 inches in thickness. The first layer uses Yoga Instant Response Foam, a proprietary polyfoam that enhances pressure relief, support, and cooling. The second layer is armed with Yogagel memory foam. It provides maximum support while the gel infusion offers a cooling effect. Support core comes third with a high-density polyfoam responsible for stability, while the final layer reinforces the mattress.

The mattress is medium firm which that provides a perfect balance between support and cradling for sleepers weighing 130 to 230 pounds, shortly put average weight sleepers. Also, Yogabed is virtually silent and isolates motion. Therefore, sleepers are unlikely disturbed when their partners twist and turn during sleep time. People with chronic pain can also use this mattress as the close conforming offered by Yogabed layers pressure points. 

While testing the memory foam, heavyweight sleepers felt that they sunk too deeply. While the mattress edge is sturdier, sleeper's sinkage discourages them from sleeping or sitting close to the perimeter. The sinkage reduced the overall usable surface area of the mattress.

Build Quality

The Yogabed mattress has four layers evenly constructed to relieve pressure on thighs, shoulders, and hips while distributing weight. The layers include;

1. The cover

Yogabed mattress cover is made with unique technology. It helps your body to regulate heat through innovative fiber cross-section. There is good news for all germaphobes; the Yogabed cover can be zipped off and disposed.

2. 1st layer

We find the first layer of Yogabed measures one inch in thickness. It reacts to a sleeper's body weight pressure and assists in dispersing heat using open cell technology. This is possible thanks to the opening channels that allow heat to escape.

3. 2nd layer

The second layer is made up of a 2-inch YogaGel cooling memory form. This layer provides a cushion while disbanding a sleeper's impact from deep compression. It keeps a sleeper comfortable and relaxed with a higher thermal conductivity level than the traditional memory foam.

4. 3rd and 4th layer

The third layer works hand in hand with the fourth layer. This layer is a breathable high-density memory foam measuring 5 inches. The final layer is a super support Foam Base measuring 2 inches. Both layers provide adequate airflow and support.


Let's take a look at the good features that come with the Yogabed mattress.

  • Reasonably inexpensive in comparison to similar mattresses in the market.
  • It comes with a removable and washable cover
  • Hassle-free returns
  • Free shipping
  • Motion isolation for restless combo sleepers
  • Good conforming to body covers
  • Distributes weight evenly and hence, relieves pain at pressure points
  • It comes with a woven cover that makes the memory foam mattress breathable.
  • The 1st and 2nd layers are armed with an open cell technology responsible for dispersing heat


Just like any other product, the Yogabed mattress also has cons. Let's outline break it down.

  • The mattress can't be flipped due to layer stacking
  • Lightweight sleepers find the mattress medium firm
  • It's softer while new than it will ultimately be after some time
  • Sags fast for heavy sleepers


We know what's under the hood, how the mattress feels, the pros and cons. But what makes the YogaBed a unique choice, and does it fit to be on your shopping list? The bed has numerous desirable features; here are some of our favorites.

Medium Firm

We have looked at what makes the Yogabed mattress. But how firm is the bed, and how does the foam feel? Let's break it down. When talking about how the mattress feels, firmness is one of the most vital things we should consider. However, firmness is very subjective. What you feel when on the mattress changes dependent on the sleeper's size, weight, and shape.

When I first rested on the Yogabed, my back sank slightly in the top foam layers. The mattress kept my spine was well aligned and felt supported, and my hips were kept in a good position. I turned onto one side and couldn't feel springs and coils, making my body sink into its structure. Typically, a foam mattress has less bounce; thus, combo sleepers are forced force to move. We love that sleepers don't feel stuck and balance, and the bed has a little bounce.

The bed is adequately supported to sustain a sleeper's hips and soft enough to keep their shoulders from jamming up. This feature is especially beneficial for side sleepers. We love how the mattress supports hips when sleeping on one's stomach, essentially keeping the back from bowing and subsequently causing lumbar pains.

Verdict: The Yogabed is best for restress and combo sleepers. Strict stomach sleepers require adequate support on the hips. The mattress's soft top layer is too soft to support the sleeper's hips for an extended period. You might experience warning signs when sleeping in these positions, forcing you to switch your sleeping style. 

Combination Foam

We loved this feature as it comes with several health benefits. Combination foam mattresses are increasingly popular as they provide the best for both worlds. But what is it precisely that makes a combination foam mattress attractive for sleepers hunting for a quality night's sleep?

1. Oh, so comfy!

From a related point of view, the 1st and 2nd layers of the Yogabed mattress offer contouring support by hugging your body gently while you sleep. The combination foam mattress creates a weightless experience that's soothing to most sleepers. The feeling can be closely compared to a five-star hotel bed in your bedroom. Or even better, we could equate the hugging feeling to that of being cradled on a warm fluffy cloud.

2. The breeze and breath

One of the most significant setbacks for foam memory foam mattresses is that they can sometimes get steamy. However, combination foam mattresses deliver a relaxed sleeping environment thanks to the breathing ability of the innerspring core. This feature makes the Yogabed mattress ideal for hot sleepers as it comes with yoga gel memory foam for cooling.

3. Reduced motion transfer

Combination foam mattresses are a step above the average spring mattress. This is because the traditional spring system act as a single system with every metal springs interconnected. It is not ideal for motion transfer or weight distribution as all springs move together when a sleeper changes their sleeping position or jumps out of bed.

The Yogabed mattress does an outstanding job reducing motion, considering that the bed is designed to create little bounces.

4. Halo mattress, bye pain relief

We have outlined the outstanding comfort of a Yogabed mattress. Well, that was just the beginning. This combination form mattress offers ample support, which contours to the sleeper, providing pressure point relief where your body needs. The points include shoulders, hips, neck, and back.

The mattress also offers structural support that encourages a proper sleeping posture as well as spinal alignment. Meanwhile, the first two Yogabed layers fill spaces around a sleeper that don't get enough hugging from the combination foam mattress. In the long-term, these effects work in tandem to alleviate soreness and alleviate chronic pain.

5. Slowly dunked

Most mattresses are known for their slow ability to receive your body, which in turn creates a sinking feeling that not every sleeper can get behind. However, the Yogabed can be classified as a little forgiving. The mattress is armed with four layers, creating a "no monkeys jumping on the bed" environment. In a nutshell, Yogabed mattress is medium firm.

Bed in a Box

Yogabed bed in a box

Thanks to the current technology, only numbered things can't be delivered to your doorstep. Online shopping comes with great convenience, especially for people who have busy lives and have to carve some time to visit stores. While buying shoes from online stores is easy and fun, what will you do when you need a mattress. Buying a traditional mattress from an online store can be a hassle. For the most part, the bed is vast and feels awkward when transporting.

Yogabed manufacturers use the bed in a box technology to skip the stressful hassle of visiting the store. You can have your mattress at your doorstep with just a clock in a simple handled box. The Yogabed mattress will arrive in a big box, slice opens the bag, and wait for the mattress to expand within the bed frame. This mattress is, however, not ready to be slept on immediately. You will have to wait for at least one hour for the memory foam to expand fully. It won't, however, reach its actual firmness level until about a day.

Comfort Level

The world hosts sleepers of different sizes and comfort levels, and thus, each one has an additional support need. Read on and see how the Yogabed performs. The all foam mattress is medium firm.

1. Back sleepers

You rarely come across a back sleeper; however, sleeping on your back is advisable. Why? Your spine rests in its natural position when you are sleeping on your back. This rare sleeper requires ample support on a mattress to correctly support their spine and neck while giving enough cradle for their backsides. The first layer of the Yogabed mattress is supportive and, most importantly, sufficiently plush to give and contour around a sleeper's bum. This means that the mattress provides support where the rare gem requires most.

2. Side sleepers

Side sleepers are widespread; in fact, I am a side sleeper. Sleeping on your side is demanding; you require a responsive surface to minimize stress on the shoulders and hips. Additionally, quality support lies on the chest region to keep the back aligned. The Yogabed mattress does a fine job in contouring to a side sleeper's shoulders and hips. However, the medium firm feel of the bed might be too intense and not adequately plush for lightweight sleepers.

3. Stomach sleepers

Stomach sleeping puts strain on the chest, neck, and lower back. For this reason, stomach sleepers require a sleeping surface that swiftly receives the chest, pelvis, and shoulders. These regions press into the Yogabed mattress while doing a fabulous job keeping the chest elevated, preventing it from causing an arch in the stomach sleepers' lower back. 

Performance Rating


Expect the Yogabed mattress to last approximately as the all-foam mattress. The Yogabed bed uses a high-density first layer. The 2nd and 3rd layers are made of high-density polyfoam support. It goes without saying that higher density foams are more durable than their counterpart lower density foams. Making the Yogabed mattress extremely durable. To increase the mattress longevity, it's advisable to change the cover when necessary.

Motion isolation

When sharing the same Yogabed mattress with your partner, try rolling around or jump out of bed while your partner tries to feel the motion across the mattress's surface. Spoiler alert! Your partner will feel minimal movement. The all-foam mattress absorbs motion, hindering it from being felt across the mattress surface. In a nutshell, the Yogabed should be on the shopping list of all combo sleepers, especially restless sleepers; your partners will not be bothered by the consequently change in motion, and hence, you will enjoy a quiet sleep time. 

Pressure Relief

The Yogabed mattress offers excellent cradling and pressure relief. However, the comfort depends on sleep positions and weight groups—back sleepers with an average weight experience few pressure points. The Yogabed mattress can be a little firm for side sleepers with low body weight. These create pressure points around the hips and shoulders of these types of sleepers. The memory foam mattress can be too soft for heavyweight side and stomach sleepers. The heavyweight sleepers should expect their hips to sink a little deeper into the mattress.

Edge Support

For lightweights, the edge support can be sturdy. It means that you can jump into and out of the Yogabed with ease. Average-weight individuals may experience sinkage, making it a bit challenging when getting in and out of bed. Heavyweight persons should experience significant sinkage when sitting near the perimeter, making it challenging when exiting and getting in the bed.


Most foam mattresses are virtually silent when bearing heft. The Yogabed all-foam mattress is not an exception. We couldn't notice noise emanating from the all-foam mattress when moving around the mattress.


The Yogabed all-foam mattress is not bouncy, so lovebirds might not find it adequately responsive during sex. Like most foam models, the mattress hugs a sleeper's body, making it difficult for them to move around. This conforming can be an advantage for sexual activities. After all, a little sweat may be evidence of some hard work. Additionally, as mentioned earlier, the mattress lacks reinforced edges; as a result, couples may feel limited as they avoid the perimeter to avoid rolling off. The mattress is virtually silent, making it more discreet than most mattresses in the market.


Upon unboxing, we noted off-gassing odors. However, these odors dissipated the next day. We could no longer detect any smell after 72 hours.

Temperature neutrality

As the foam comfort layers conform closely to a sleeper, it traps heat. The mattress is, however, breathable and uses Yogagel for cooling. 


The Yogabed all-foam mattresses have prices from $599 dollars to $1,099, making it an excellent option for price-sensitive individuals. You can also use a third-party financing option through Affirm.

For further savings, you can use promo codes and make additional savings. The manufactures have coupons and deals on random times year long, especially on holidays. Visit the Yogabed website to check on available discounts.

The company has an offer dubbed "give 15%, get a 15%," where sending a referral to a potential client gives both parties a 15 % all-foam mattress discount.

Here is a breakdown of the prices:







37” 75” * 10


Twin xl


38” * 80” * 10”




53” * 75” * 10”




60” * 80” * 10”




76” * 80” * 10”


California King


72” * 84” * 10”


Although Yoga sleep has partnered with retail sellers, the company sells the Yogabed mattress online. However, the company doesn’t operate any mortar and brick locations. The memory foam mattress is also available on You qualify for the trial and warranty coverage when you purchase the mattress from amazon. 

Yogasleep offers free shipping in the United States. The shipping is, however, not available to Hawaii, Dubai, or any other international destination.

Who the YogaBed is Right for

After the Yogabed mattress review, it's time to make a choice. Who should equip the bedroom with the all foam mattress?

Individuals who prefer to sink in their mattress

The Yogabed memory foam allows you to sink into the mattress. The mattress will slowly envelop and hug you comfortably. In a nutshell, you will feel more like you are resting "in" the Yogabed rather than "on" the mattress.

Combo sleepers

If you are looking for a mattress to share with your partner, Yogabed is a perfect choice. This material isolates motion in the bed. It means that you won't feel disturbed even when sleeping with a restless partner.

Side Sleeper

The all-foam mattress is unmatched when it comes to relieving pressure. If you are primarily a side sleeper, Yogabed is a perfect fit for you. You will feel pressure relief melt away from your hips and shoulders when lying on your side. Additionally, the Yogabed mattresses have a double comfort layer, ensuring you enjoy quality sleep.

Price sensitive buyers

Are you on a tight budget and want a quality mattress? The mattress is relatively inexpensive; you can also take advantage of the available deals and discounts.

Final Thoughts

We come to an end of the Yogabed mattress review. We had to tick many boxes for the Yogabed all-foam mattress, including temperature regulations, comfort, motion control, and soft feel. The best part is that the mattress comes with all these perks but still at an affordable price. We love the mattress's ability to absorb motion, making it ideal for couples sharing the same bed.

The Yogabed manufacturers prioritize durability as well. By taking good care of the mattress, you will derive maximum quality sleep time and longtime stability. Zipping back the mattress cover is a piece of cake. The bed is proudly manufactured in the united states. The Yogabed is probably the best fit if you are a memory foam mattress fan and like to sleep comfy and cool. 

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