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Best Mattress Toppers for Stomach Sleepers

Last Updated: April, 2023 | This Post May Contain Affiliate Links

A few years of having a mattress can strip it of its premium firmness. But then a mattress topper only comes into play if the firmness of your mattress isn't severely scrapped off. So if your current mattress has lost less firmness, then a mattress topper may help spruce things up. Suppose you've been looking for the best mattress topper ideal for stomach sleepers; this article will guide you to your ultimate dream sleep comfort.

Our Picks For The Best Mattress Toppers for Stomach Sleepers

PlushBed Latex Mattress Topper


If you have an appetite for latex-based beddings, then the plushBed latex mattress topper will give you comfort like no other. As one of the best latex mattress toppers, you won't be disappointed by its overall performance.

Lift—Amerisleep Mattress Topper


Lift by Amerisleep is pretty unique because of the material it's made of; Bio-pur—mainly used for the comfort version. The support version is super soft, almost like gel memory foam. If it's premium comfort you're looking for, then look no further than Lift by Amerisleep. 

Ghostbed Mattress Topper

GhostBed Mattress Topper


Ghostbed's memory foam construction is a significant feature for those who like gel memory foam beddings. Generally, this foam topper is the quick fix you need if your parents like shifting a lot while asleep. 

Puffy Mattress Topper 


As one of the best memory foam toppers, you'll most definitely love what puffy has to offer. The perfect balance between comfort and support it provides is world-class, like that of high-end toppers such as the saatva mattress topper. 

Nolah Mattress Topper


Like any topper, such as a Layla memory foam topper Nolah mattress topper is what you need in your bedroom if you sleep hot. If you need a perfect contour for your body, Nolah will never disappoint.

Zoma Sleep Balance Pad


With its unique design, the Zoma balance sleep pad combines a perfect balance between support and comfort, thanks to its Reactiv™ material.

LatexForLess Mattress Topper


Suppose you're looking for the best mattress topper for stomach sleepers made of entirely natural materials; LatexForLess is the best choice, as you'll later see. 


  • It offers world-class comfort.
  • It's very affordable
  • It doesn't sleep hot.


  • It's only available in 2 thickness options 

Overall Thoughts

There's no denying that this unique bedding is the best plush mattress topper you'll come across. Plushbeds natural latex topper comprises a combination of different materials that give it an excellent firmness. If one thing this latex topper is good at is delivering firm support for pressure relief. Suppose you experience back pains when sleeping on your current mattress, then this plush mattress topper might just be what you're looking for. 

Not to forget, cooling is also an essential property this plush mattress topper possesses. Similar to cotton, Latex retains less heat leaving you cool and comfortable. Essentially, this thickness mattress topper is just right for the bedding to deliver the exact comfort level you're looking for. More importantly, this organic latex mattress topper is more supportive with a subtle balance. Plus, it has multiple firmness options based on your personal preference.

A bonus feature making Plushbed the best mattress topper for stomach sleepers is its material's versatility. If you're a stomach sleeper with chemical sensitivities in need of an all-natural topper, this plush mattress topper is exactly what you need. The material is 100% Talalay means the plush mattress topper has no additives, harmful orders, or gases.  


  • Excellent choice for back and stomach sleepers
  • Suitable for those who sleep hot
  • An ideal combo for side, back, and sleepers who want extra cushioning
  • It is relatively easy to clean


  • It may not be suitable for those on budget 

Overall Thoughts

The lift-Amerisleep provides your existing mattress with the right cushioning and support, which is why it's considered the right mattress topper for individuals looking to upgrade their bedrooms. Note this topper consists of a comfort Lift to provide you with the necessary comfort and support Lift to provide support. The existing difference between these two Lifts is the material used.

Bio-pur is the material used for the comfort version. The support version is responsible for your mattress's soft, firm feel. If you're a fan of soft mattresses but feel "stuck" when sleeping, this excellent mattress topper is what you need. You'll definitely like the bouncy feel. Plus, if you and or your partner move a lot while sleeping, it will significantly limit your movements.

Note that the affinity materials make the support Lift of the mattress topper. Also, the support lift ranks this topper as one of the best mattress topper for stomach sleepers. Moreover, this topper uses a breathable cover made of pure organic cotton fabric. Though it consists of memory foam, multiple users are pleased with how cool it sleeps. Suppose you're looking for a comfortable mattress topper, don't forget to add the Lift-Amerisleep topper to your considerable option list. 


  • Its cover is made of cool, breathable fabric
  • It is machine washable and waterproof
  • Its design offers proper alignment of the spine
  • It doesn't shift during the night


  • Come in two parts— a removable cover and the topper itself— which takes longer to assemble. 

Overall Thoughts

Ghostbed is one of the most progressive companies in the bedding industry. This is why it's no surprise they also produce among the best mattress toppers. Construction-wise, the GhostBed memory foam mattress topper is infused with memory foam gel to offer any sleeper, including a stomach sleeper with a cradling feel. 

Apparently, the ghostbed memory foam topper is 3-inch thick. Such thickness makes it a perfect mattress topper for many sleepers, be it; stomach sleepers, or hot sleepers, among others. Also, mattress topper thickness of this kind is excellent for cradling the buttocks and hips of a back sleeper. Like most toppers, GhostBed comes with a cover that works just fine like a fitted sheet. Moreover, it's water-resistant, making it an excellent mattress topper protector. 

The Firmness of most memory foam mattress toppers plays a significant role in assuring your comfort. Generally, this is a subjective feature. For example, while a sleeper may feel too plush for a heavyweight sleeper, a lightweight sleeper might feel extreme stiffness from using it. All in all, the firmness is perfect for an average sleeper. 

Motion transfer is one of GhostBed's commendable features. If you share a bed with a partner who moves a lot on the bed, look no further than this excellent mattress topper for a quick fix. 

According to customer reviews of those who've used this mattress topper, it provides overall firm support and additional support in the middle for overweight and average stomach sleepers. Side sleepers claim it offers a gentle cradle on the hips and the shoulders and a hug-like feel when lying on one side. Read full review here.


  • It is made of an excellent amount of Memory foam
  • It has a spectacularly breathable cover.
  • Contours well around the pressure points
  • Its base is non-slip but with very deep pockets.


  • Its firmness and cushioning aren't suitable for sensitive stomach sleepers

Overall Thoughts

There's no doubt this unique bedding is a firm memory foam topper, given its splendid material construction. The puffy mattress topper comes in two main firmness options. That is, firms and soft, meaning there's always an option that'll fit everyone's needs. As one of the best mattress toppers, puffy's construction consists of two main layers, the organic cotton cover, and the comfort layer. 

The comfort layer is made of 2-inch CertiPUR-US. In short, the mattress layer is memory foam certified for safety. Made of thin bamboo fabric is the breathable cover. Plus, it has 15-inch deep pockets to ensure the topper fits your new or current mattress. 

The good thing is that this is a removable and washable cover. Plus, since it is machine washable, puffy is the perfect mattress topper to ensure your bedroom stays hygienic. In addition, the entire base of this perfect mattress topper for stomach sleepers is the grippy fabric. Not only does this fabric makes the topper fits your current mattress but also any future mattress you plan to buy. 

From its splendid construction, expect minimum motion transfer from this mattress topper. Despite your own or partner's sleeping positions, there's no need to worry about constant movements as you sleep. Suppose you, your partner or both of you are stomach and hot sleepers; the topper's breathability has got you covered. 

With a fabric combination of 60% polyester and 40% bamboo, you can be sure of an excellent restful and cool night. Among its significant features is this, making it an extremely comfortable mattress topper.


  • It is relatively easy to set up
  • Its organic cotton cover is spectacularly breathable.
  • It comes in dual comfort levels


  • Its price may be high-end for those on a tight budget

Overall Thoughts

As you'd expect, Nolah is one of the best mattress toppers for stomach sleepers due to its world-class comfort. Notably, this mattress topper's construction consists of a 2-inch propriety AirFoam. According to Nolah, this one-of-a-kind feature makes the topper four times more durable. Plus, it sleeps cool and also offers excellent pressure relief for maximum comfort. 

To assist one sleep temperature neutral, the topper's AirForm comprises high-resilience polyurethane foam. AirForm has billions of tiny microscopic air pockets which act as shock absorbers. That way, it ensures perfect contouring with your entire body while also limiting the transfer of your movements to reduce pressure on your shoulders. No doubt it falls among the best mattress toppers for stomach sleepers.

The topper comes in two firmness, the luxury and the plush firm, which makes it an excellent polish mattress topper. Another notable feature is the moisture-wicking cotton cover. This cover has top-notch breathability that essentially prevents you from sleeping hot. If you consider this mattress topper as the ultimate upgrade for your bedroom, note that it can fit 10" to 15" mattresses. At the end of its corners are thick elasticated bands that anchor the mattress topper to your mattress. 


  • It's contours well with the body of sleepers, including stomach sleepers
  • It doesn't sleep hot—excellent for hot sleepers
  • It's made of soft Reactiv™ material, which participates in offering a perfect balance for support


  • It may not be suitable for some overweight individuals.

Overall Thoughts

The name alone is quite suggestive of what this mattress topper offers. So if you're looking for the perfect balance between comfort and support, you should add the Zoma balance mattress pad to your list of considerable options. As an excellent topper for stomach sleepers, its construction comprises a 3-inch thick Reactiv™ foam. The material foam allows the balance mattress pad to snap back to shape adapting exquisitely to your movements instantly. 

Reactiv™ foam material also delivers full body pressure relief and offers excellent support thanks to its conforming characteristic. Though the balance pad is considered ideal for back sleepers, it's also a perfect topper for stomach sleepers, courtesy of its medium feel and firmness. Regardless of what your existing mattress looks like, you can be sure of restful, none-drift nights because the pad lacks a skid-bottom. 

More importantly, the balance mattress pad contours perfectly to your body curves since it's bouncy and responsive. Plus, it transfers your motion evenly to minimize movement as you sleep. To top it all, the pad's cover is soft and breathable, enhancing its ability to disperse heat. For those who feel like they sink in their bed, one of the best plush mattress toppers to seek out is the Zoma balance mattress pad.


  • It's hand crafted
  • It comes in two firm options —2" and 3"
  • It is pillowy soft, and breathable that it sleeps cool.
  • It's available in multiple mattress sizes for a snug fit.


  • its price is high-end 

Overall Thoughts

If you're looking for a natural mattress solution for your current mattress topper needs. Like a helix plush mattress topper, the mattress is made of pure natural latex. Most importantly, it is pillowy soft with a generous amount of cotton to guarantee excellent comfort and cushioning. Also, if you desire exquisite pressure relief, LatexForLess is the right topper for the job. 

Since the mattress topper is all-natural, meaning it isn't made of any chemical toxins, nor does it have harmful additives, and most importantly, it doesn't give off giving. The latex used to make mattress toppers is a wonderful and resilient fabric. You can rest assured that the topper won't break, sag or snap and will turn back to its original shape after laying on it. 

Surprisingly, this mattress topper price is high-end because it's made of high-quality materials, shipped from Sri Lanka, that is latex. Moreover, the topper is handcrafted with great skills in the US. This is what makes this LatexForLess mattress topper Eco-Friendly. Whether it's the firm or a mid-firm option—this topper comes in— what you're looking for, then you'll love what the LatexForLess mattress topper has to offer.  

What To Consider When Shopping For a Mattress Topper:

Making an informed decision to purchase anything—in this case, the best mattress topper for stomach sleepers— can be a challenging ordeal. Now that you have the bread —info about our top picks of mattress toppers—you need butter which are the critical factors to consider when looking for a suitable mattress topper, as shown below. 


Note that a high price doesn't mean that a mattress topper be it a saatva mattress topper or any latex topper or latex foam, will meet all your needs. If you don't mind the price at all but want quality, you can either go with a memory foam mattress topper or latexForLess. 

Remember, Latex and wool toppers are among the most expensive yet also high quality. Polyester and microfiber toppers are the low-budget options to choose from if you're tight on budget. Feather and high-quality cotton toppers go for midrange prices. 

Proper Fitness and Firm Fit to Mattress 

It's best to go with a mattress topper option that fits your current mattress. Those seeking a firmer mattress topper should definitely go for the Zoma balance pad. On average, the best mattress topper for stomach sleepers is 2" or 3". A figure exceeding 3" is generally suitable for less firm mattresses. 

Body Comfort and Support 

Looking for the best mattress topper based on your support and comfort can be extremely challenging. So, ensure your goals for the best topper are importantly considerable. 

So if you want the perfect cushioning or want to sleep warmer or cooler, the level of comfort you desire should assist you in narrowing it down to an ideal choice. Remember, if you want additional support, you should buy a new firm mattress. That's because there's no particular firmer mattress topper that'll give your mattress additional structure.

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Final Thoughts

It's astonishingly surprising just how far technology has extended its arms into the sleep industry. There's no doubt a significant difference exists between the typical toppers like the traditional memory foam varieties and the current modern toppers. Overall, mattress toppers, Including those suitable for stomach sleepers in this review, can significantly help spruce your bed. To ensure you rip all the benefits our top picks have to offer, be sure to consider the crucial factors in the buyer's guide. 

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