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Purple Mattress Topper: What Should You Buy Instead?

Over time, the surface of your mattress can lose its original form, become flat and lose comfort. In this case, a mattress topper offers many advantages that can help enhance your sleep experience. Sitting on top of your old mattress, it can keep it in good condition for much longer. You can also use it to change your bed’s firmness level in either direction. 

For instance, a thick and plush model will add extra cushioning to a firmer mattress. And if you have a soft mattress with too much give, the right mattress topper will offer a firmer feel. Mattress toppers are also helpful when you’re not ready to replace your mattress, but you’d still like to change its feel. For Purple lovers out there, it’s quite unfortunate that Purple hasn’t left word on producing a mattress topper for those who may be looking to buy one. 

The Technology in a Purple Mattress

So, what makes the Purple mattress so special? For starters, no other mattress features the Purple GelFlex Grid, a cushioning technology reinventing the way we sleep. This flexible gel layer is soft enough to alleviate tension and pressure but firm enough to support your frame. It’s truly unlike anything you’ve ever slept on. 

Adapts as you move – The GelFlex Grid instantly adjusts as you shift, reconfiguring itself to support your body in any sleeping position it takes. There’s no interruption of that blissful floating feel, meaning you can roll, shift, and change sleeping positions, and your sleep remains blissfully uninterrupted. If excellent motion isolation is a crucial feature for you and your partner, it checks out on Purple mattresses.

Gives you the best of both worlds: soft + firm – The Purple GelFlex Grid is designed to be both soft and supportive. Its special design comes with hundreds of columns that gently cradle your body while supporting broad surfaces like your back. The result is an instantly adapting surface that provides the ideal level of cushion and support from head to toe.

Dissipates body heat – If you’re a hot sleeper, you’ll be glad to know that the grid features over 1400 ventilation chambers that help dissipate excess body heat to help you sleep cool and comfortable all night long.

While the Purple GelFlex Grid allows for cooling airflow and a responsive feel to your bed, you can only try it out and all of its stretchy and squishy glory in Purple mattresses. But don’t worry about the future needs for Purple Mattress Toppers. You can visit a Purple showroom for more information or leave us your email, and we’ll alert you if and when they’re released. 

GhostBed Memory Foam Mattress Topper

However, if you need a mattress topper urgently, the GhostBed memory foam mattress topper is worth a try. It’s still a good option, and you can even use it with your Purple mattress. It features five different zones specially designed to cradle each section of your body differently.

Buyers usually opt for a memory foam mattress topper because their old mattress isn’t offering the comfort, support, or temperature control they need for a restful sleep. GhostBed is a world-class mattress brand that delivers a top-shelf product for these needs and many more in its memory foam topper. With its unique egg-crate design and top-quality materials, the GhostBed mattress topper performs well across several performance categories.

This state-of-the-art memory foam mattress topper is fit for:

  • Hot sleepers looking for a memory foam mattress topper with minimum body heat retention
  • Heavier sleepers who need a firmer sleep surface to relieve pressure
  • Side sleepers – GhostBed memory foam mattress toppers add cushioning and take pressure off the areas where you put most of your body weight, like the hips and shoulders
  • Individuals who want to experience a cool night’s sleep – GhostBed memory foam toppers feature peaks and valleys to promote airflow, allowing you to sleep cool all night long
  • Couples - This motion-absorbing topper slowly returns to its original shape once pressure is applied on it, preventing shock and body movements from transferring from one side of the bed to the other
  • Back sleepers - The mid-section of this medium-firm mattress topper is slightly firmer than other parts to ensure back sleepers experience optimal back support and spinal alignment when lying on their back
  • Sleepers who tend to toss and turn


  • Multi-zone, head-to-toe comfort for optimal softness or firmness around different parts of the body
  • Designed & manufactured in the USA
  • Included deep-pocket waterproof cotton cover doubles as a breathable mattress protector
  • 2” signature GhostGrip elastic band holds the memory foam mattress topper in place
GhostBed Memory Foam Topper

Construction and Material

If you’re a hot sleeper struggling with discomfort from sweating at night, you’ll never go wrong with the GhostBed Memory Foam Mattress Topper. This 3” zoned, cooling foam mattress topper is constructed of supportive and buoyant gel-infused memory foam, one of the top-shelf sleeping materials in the industry. It has unmatched pressure relief to help you sleep comfortably during the night and wake up pain-free. The cooling gel infusion keeps sleepers cool while the five zones have deep grooves to offer targeted support to different parts of your body while allowing next-level airflow, for a more restful sleep.

Another temperature-regulating component is GhostBed’s cover, made of Ghost Ice fabric that feels soft and cold to the touch. This fabric is waterproof, protecting your memory foam mattress topper against spills and water damage. Plus, it’s fully machine-washable, so you can easily unzip it for cleaning. 

Unlike their mattresses, the GhostBed Memory Foam Mattress Topper doesn’t come with risk-free sleep trials as the company considers it a personal use item. However, each mattress topper is covered by a 5-year warranty.

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Other Purple Mattress Options

If your old mattress no longer meets your comfort needs, you can also opt for a new Purple mattress for a comfortable and more restful sleep, rather than adding a memory foam mattress topper to a sub-par mattress. If you really like the technology Purple has to offer, here are a few options to consider:

Purple’s Original Collection

Purple’s original mattresses feature the GelFlex Grid on the top surface and a comfort foam base to offer comfort and instantly adaptive support. Beds in this collection include:

Purple Mattress

Ideal for:

  • Couples
  • Hot sleepers
  • Sleepers under 230lbs
  • Budget shoppers

Overall Thoughts

The Original Purple was the first mattress of the three models offered by Purple. It’s an all-foam bed with a medium-firm mattress feel ideal for various body types and sleep positions. Sold at budget price points and delivered directly to your doorstep, the Purple mattress is a solid choice for shoppers seeking comfort on a budget. Through the unique Purple Grid technology, these mattresses offer sleepers a mix of responsiveness and contouring. They’re available in all six standard sizes. 

Construction and Materials

The Purple’s SoftFlex knit mattress cover is designed with a polyester-viscose blended fabric to help you feel the full instant response of the Grid. This is followed by a 2-inch comfort layer made of the Purple GelFlex Grid. This unique technology consists of a hyper-elastic polymer designed into a grid shape. It cradles common pressure points like the shoulders and hips while keeping other body parts aligned. Lastly, the Purple mattress’ support core features 4 inches of high-density polyfoam that excels at offering pressure relief to sleepers. 

Purple Plus Mattress

Ideal for:

  • Side sleepers
  • Those who sleep hot
  • Light sleepers who weigh less than 130lbs
  • Sleepers who prioritize pressure reduction

Overall Thoughts

The Purple Plus Mattress is a luxurious bed and a step up from its predecessor, the Purple Original. With 2 extra inches, this mattress ensures enhanced cooling and better airflow and breathability. It’s also firmer where you need it and softer where you want it.

Construction and Materials

The Purple Plus features a breathable polyester blend cover at the top surface that contributes to its temperature neutrality. Underneath this lies a 2-inch comfort system made of a buckling column cooling gel (GelFlex Grid). This Hyper-Elastic polymer material has over 1,400 air channels that do a perfect job of dissipating heat.

This gently contouring GelFlex layer responds perfectly to pressure and offers pressure relief in high-pressure points, such as the hips, shoulders, and the lumbar region. Next, there are 2 inches of responsive polyfoam layer and 3 inches of denser polyfoam that cushion the body while limiting sinkage. An additional 4-inch layer of polyfoam in the support core adds stability to the comfort system while increasing the durability of your mattress.

Hybrid Collection

Unlike the Original Collection, Purple’s Hybrid Collection pairs the comfort and adaptive support of the Hyper-Elastic polymer with the airflow and buoyancy of individually wrapped coils. Mattresses in this selection include:

Purple Hybrid Mattress

Ideal for:

  • Hot sleepers
  • Stomach sleepers
  • Individuals who suffer from pressure points
  • Sleepers who weigh under 230lbs
  • Back sleepers

Overall Thoughts

If you love Purple mattresses, you’ll definitely adore the hybrid model. Here, Purple’s innovative technology of the Hyper-Elastic polymer meets the additional support of individually wrapped coils. The result is a hybrid mattress that features exceptional breathability, unmatched pressure reduction, and instant responsiveness of the Purple Grid, all atop a supportive coil system. As the firmest mattress in the Hybrid Collection, the Purple Hybrid is an ideal choice for combination sleepers, offering a floating feeling when sleeping on your back and pressure relief when resting on your sides.

Construction and Materials

The Purple Hybrid has a stretchy cover constructed of viscose, polyester, and lycra. It’s breathable to promote air circulation into and out of your mattress. Like other models, Purple Hybrid’s comfort layer uses the Hyper-Elastic polymer, formed in a grid pattern to contour to your body without trapping heat. The only difference is that the Hybrid mattress model uses 2 inches of the Purple Grid to provide extra body contouring. 

Next, a 1-inch transitional layer of 2 PCF (pounds per cubic foot) acts as a barrier to protect you from directly experiencing the pocketed coils. Underneath the transition layer, you’ll find a 7.5-inch layer of pocketed coils that give your mattress extra bounce and edge support. Lastly, a thin foam base layer is used to support the coil system.

Purple Hybrid Premier

Ideal for:

  • All types of sleepers and body types
  • Sleepers looking for a unique, responsive bed with a different kind of feel
  • Individuals who want a durable, long-lasting mattress
  • Hot sleepers

Overall Thoughts

The Purple Hybrid Premier 3 and 4 use a hybrid design that includes a pocketed coil core, several layers of foam, and the same mattress cover. The only difference between the two models lies in the comfort layer.

Construction and Materials

Hybrid Premier mattresses come with a soft Premium StretchMax Cover that allows you to benefit the most from the Purple Grid. The top layer has ultra-breathable woven side panels to encourage airflow. Both models use the Hyper-Elastic polymer Purple Grid in their foam layers. The Premier 3 uses a 3-inch layer, while the other model uses a 4-inch comfort layer. The base layers consist of individually wrapped steel coils that pair with the extra layer of flexible gel to provide dynamic support and pressure relief.

All Purple mattresses come with a 100-night sleep trial and a 10-year warranty. Shoppers must try their beds for 21 nights before initiating a return. Those who return the mattress within the 100-night trial receive a full refund.

Purple Mattress Trial, Warranty, and Shipping Policies


Purple mattresses are available both in stores and online (from the company website). They’re also found on other online retail shops, such as In-person stores that sell these mattresses include Macy’s, Mattress Firm, and a variety of local furniture stores.


Purple ships for free to the contiguous United States via FedEX ground. Shoppers in Alaska, Hawaii, and Canada, can also order Purple mattresses but must pay a shipping fee. Unfortunately, international shipping outside of Canada is currently unavailable. 


Purple beds come with separate warranties for the mattress and the cover. The interior mattress warranty is non-transferrable and lasts for 10 years. The cover warranty, on the other hand, lasts for 2 years. Shoppers are responsible for any shipping charges associated with fulfilling the warranty.

Sleep Trial

Purple offers their customers a 100-night sleep trial. However, you must break in your mattress for at least 21 nights before initiating a return. After this period, you may return the bed for a full refund, at no extra charges. 

Additional Services

Purple doesn’t offer old mattress removal or white glove delivery 0n their mattresses. This means that you must set up the mattress yourself and arrange to have any old bed removed. 

Closing Thoughts

After the success of its flagship bed, Purple used its proprietary Hyper-Elastic polymer to make an entire line of high-end and high-comfort products, which includes seat cushions, pillows, and additional mattresses. And just like these products took the bedding industry by storm, we’re sure once Purple releases a mattress topper, it will immediately become a big hit and establish the company as a dominant player in the mattress space. Remember to leave us your email so that we keep you in the loop on any information about the launch of a Purple Mattress Topper.

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