Best Mattress Topper For Side Sleepers

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Mattress toppers can really make a difference to your sleep. A mattress topper is a great addition if you’re looking for something to add some comfort to your mattress. Apart from the comfort factor, having a topper helps to increase the short life span of most mattresses while also softening the mattress.

Since there are hundreds of different cool mattress toppers in the market, it can be difficult to decide on the best. We've put the best mattress topper for side sleepers to the test in this guide so read on to check out what we found.

7 Best Mattress Toppers For Side Sleepers

GhostBed Mattress Topper - Small

Ghostbed Mattress Topper


This zoned mattress topper is 3 inches thick and adds a significant comfort layer to your existing mattress which is exactly what side sleepers need to rest comfortably.

Plush Beds Organic Latex Mattress Topper


If you’re looking for a cool mattress topper that works for side sleeping, look no further than PlushBeds and their Organic Latex Topper, which will help with your spine and your back pain too.

Lift by AmeriSleep (Comfort Version)

Lift by AmeriSleep (Comfort Version)


This might be an expensive topper, but Lift by AmeriSleep is comfortable, soft, breathable, and stays in place throughout the night, which might just be worth it for you.

Nolah AirFoam™️ Mattress Topper


The Nolah Mattress Topper is an excellent option for side sleepers who enjoy foam contouring. Unlike various competing models, this topper utilizes high-density AirFoam that holds up well with use and shouldn't develop impressions or indentations too quickly.

PlushBeds Cool Bliss Memory Foam Topper Small

PlushBeds Cool Bliss Memory Foam Topper


PlushBeds has made a great mattress topper here with this Cool Bliss Memory Foam Topper, which is made to keep you cool without any toxic fillers or additives.

Layla Memory Foam Mattress Topper Small

Layla Memory Foam Mattress Topper


This Layla Memory Foam Mattress Topper is one of the best options for side sleepers, sleepers who sleep too hot, and everyone who struggles with pressure on their joints throughout the night.

Molecule Air Tec Mattress Topper Small

Molecule Air Tec Mattress Topper


It’s all about staying cool in this Molecule Air Tec Mattress Topper. For those of you who sleep hot, you really can’t go wrong with this topper, especially since it conforms to your body shape too.

GhostBed Mattress Topper


  • Different zones that cradle your body differently in each zone
  • Soft and perfectly suited to relieve pressure in your shoulders and hips
  • Gel foam stays cool throughout the night
  • 2" elastic grip helps keep the topper in place
  • Includes a waterproof mattress protector
  • Comes with a 5 year warranty


  • It's THICK (3"), so you may need new sheets with deeper pockets for it to fit


Side sleepers have unique needs. It's the sleep position that's most prone to pain if there isn't enough soft support. This is why the 3" Ghostbed mattress topper is a great choice. This topper offers zoned support, which means the different areas of your body that touch different areas of the topper has uniquely designed support. It adds significant soft support to an existing mattress, and the deep circles in the center of the mattress topper helps increase airflow to keep you cool while you sleep. 

Even though this mattress topper is thicker than most, it's still very cool. The gel-infused foam is cool to the touch, and the raised areas of the topper help promote airflow. 

This is also the only mattress topper we've tested that comes with a mattress protector. This not only protects the mattress and topper from sweat and spills, but it also keeps the mattress topper in place so it doesn't slide over time. 

Ghostbed is a company with a reputation for quality and great customer service. The company started when the owner, Marc Werner, was struggling to find a mattress that would relieve his pain after enduring multiple spinal surgeries. When he couldn't find a solution, he made one instead. Thus, Ghostbed was born. The Ghostbed mattress topper uses different materials than the mattresses, but it still has a similar level of pressure relief, without having to pay for an entirely new mattress.



  • These toppers can be bought softer or firmer depending on your preferences
  • The foam is higher density to absorb more shock
  • You have a cover that is 100 percent cotton and easy to clean


  • It is a little thinner than some other options


You might find yourself struggling to find a comfortable mattress topper when you’re a side sleeper, but this PlushBeds Organic Latex Mattress Topper might just do the trick. We tested this out, and it’s definitely comfortable—soft to sleep on, with superior support, some relief for your pressure points, and a lot of comfort. All for a price that’s a little cheaper than you might expect for a 100 percent natural latex topper.

We tested out this mattress, and we noticed right away that it was not only comfortable, but that it provided some great heat distribution. This means that it’s easy to stay cool throughout the night even if you tend to sleep hot. And if you’ve noticed that your partner moves around a lot, or that you have an excitable pet that tends to jump up to sleep next to you, this topper will help absorb the shock of the movement so that you’re not waking in the middle of the night.

Lift by AmeriSleep (Comfort Version)


  • The mattress really is breathable and comfortable
  • It’s best for side sleepers, but comfortable for stomach sleepers too
  • The pressure relief is great after a hard day


  • The cost might be a little too much just to spend on a topper


You may have a mattress that needs some support, and if that’s the case, then you might want to consider this Lift mattress by AmeriSleep. Lie back on this mattress and relax—we know that we did. The cover is completely breathable and has some pressure-relieving technology that makes it easy to sleep on your side without dealing with hip pain in the morning.

We were impressed with the firmness options though. You can choose either comfort or support depending on what you need more of. Pick comfort is you want to experience the Bio-Pur material that will provide you with more cushion, but if you need more support, then the support option will be best for you. Either way, your mattress topper, you’ll be able to sleep atop something that’s breathable every night.

You won’t need to struggle with the movement of the topper throughout the night either. We know that we hate readjusting the topper night after night, so it’s great that the mircogrips keep the pad from sliding around no matter how many times you get up.

Read the full Amerisleep mattress topper review to learn more.



  • Excellent motion isolation
  • Elastic corner bands hold the mattress topper in place
  • Easy setup


  • Doesn't extend to cover the surface of your mattress by about an inch


The Nolah Mattress Topper is an excellent option for side sleepers who enjoy foam contouring. Unlike various competing models, this topper utilizes high-density AirFoam that holds up well with use and shouldn't develop impressions or indentations too quickly.

Overall Thoughts

A bed that feels too stiff and uncomfy can not only aggravate back aches but also lead to new pressure points and pains. If you own a bed that you now find extremely rigid or firm, then the Nolah Mattress Topper might be an ideal temporary fix for you before you buy a new mattress. Its 2-inch profile and two firmness options can make any bed feel considerably gentler and softer on your body.

Customers can choose between soft plush and luxury firm feels, depending on their general preferences and body type. Those who sleep on their sides will likely find the softer models most comfortable, but sleepers who weigh more than 230lbs and struggle with back pain may want to go for the luxury firm feel instead.

The topper's core is constructed of AirFoam, a high-resilience polyurethane foam that creates a noticeable bounce when sleepers get in and out of the mattress. This may be beneficial for those who dislike the slow-response feeling of memory foam. With a 2-inch profile, the topper is thick enough for beds with deep indentations and moderate to heavy wear and tear.

The top cover is constructed of breathable cotton that shouldn't retain too much body heat, making this topper suitable for individuals who sleep hot. It's available in all six standard sizes, giving you a wide range of alternatives. Nolah offers free shipping to shoppers in the contiguous U.S. and a 120-night sleep trial. You can return the topper after a 30-night break-in period. Nolah Mattress Toppers are backed by a 10-year lifetime warranty.

PlushBeds Cool Bliss Memory Foam Topper


  • Completely anti-microbial and hypo-allergenic memory foam
  • You can sleep cool throughout the entire night on your side
  • The firmness is comfortable and best for medium-firm sleepers


  • You will need a fitted sheet, because there’s no way to stop this from sliding on your bed


Here’s another PlushBeds topper, with this one made from Memory Foam to keep you supported throughout the night. We tested this one out, and noticed that the open-cell structure made it easy to sleep on this cool mattress without sweating throughout the night. You can relax on this memory foam topper knowing that it will dissipate body heat 3 times faster while naturally wicking away moisture and improving air flow.

Unpack your foam topper and give it some time to air out, and relax atop your two or three-inch topper. Side sleepers can choose your thickness depending on your preferences and still sleep well atop this topper. Since this topper is dense and made from a closely knit structure, it’ll always bounce back when you get up, keeping it comfortable for years to come.

Layla Memory Foam Mattress Topper


  • The foam is soft and supportive for side sleepers
  • You do have four corner straps to help secure it
  • There really isn’t any pressure on the hips when you’re on your side


  • It works best for lighter people if you sleep on your side


You need something cooling to sleep on that’s still comfortable and soft. That’s where the Layla mattress topper comes in. This topper is made of cotton, with 2-inch thick copper-gel infused memory foam that really pads your current mattress. Not to mention that this mattress stays cool for the entire night thanks to the cooling gel that absorbs your body heat—even if you tend to sleep pretty hot.

We laid down on it to see how it really felt, and we were pleased that it was soft and supportive at the same time. The memory foam condenses softly while still remaining firm at the same time. This means that it’s relaxing for side sleepers to sleep on, and will help relieve pressure.

Molecule Air Tec Mattress Topper


  • The temperature regulation really is impressive for side sleepers
  • The foam contours well to your body, and works wonders to relieve pressure
  • It’s easy to wash the cover in the washing machine


  • A little pricey compared to other options


A good mattress topper for side sleepers will help you feel cool throughout the night while preventing your hips from hurting. That’s what this Molecule Air Tec Topper is all about. You just place it atop your bed to feel the way the certified foam cools you throughout the night. This foam has been specifically engineered to keep you cool without compromising your support or comfort.

The cooling factor is really the best stand out factor with this Air Tec topper. It’s actually difficult to feel warm throughout the night since this topper moves so much air through it. even when compressed, the airflow is consistent and comfortable. It’s great that it appears to be long-lasting too, so no matter how many times you lie down on it, it will continue to work to its best standard.

Benefits of the Best Toppers for Mattress

For a mattress topper to benefit you, you need to buy one that has the right depth and also individually matches with your bed. The correct mattress topper can convert a great and comfortable mattress into an extraordinary one. Here are more details on the benefits of mattress toppers:

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When you sleep on a core mattress that has no additional topper, your body compresses the softer top component. This causes discoloration on the mattress due to sweat. The extra layer provided by the topper layer not only adds extra comfort but makes it easy to turn and rotate the mattress. It also resolves mattress construction-related issues that come with one-sided mattresses.

Offers Protection

People often tend to sleep directly on their mattresses. However, whether it’s through sleeping directly or not covering it, you leave it open to sweat, germs and dirt. A mattress topper will not only increase your comfort but also increase the longevity of your mattress. By protecting your mattress from harboring sweat, germs and indentations, a mattress topper increases the longevity of the mattress.

Your body releases a lot of moisture through normal breathing, sweating and the release of other fluids. Most of these fluids get into the mattress, duvet and bed covers or bed sheets. With a mattress topper, sweat does not seep through into your mattress.

Indentations can also occur when your foam is compressed due to an increase in body weight affecting the foam structure. Instead, the topper will sag and instead of your mattress. This prevents the top layers of your mattress from slumping.

Dirt dead skin and bacteria can also land on your mattress. With dirt, sweat and germs eradicated, you will reduce the possibility of developing allergic and asthmatic symptoms caused by breathing harmful microorganisms. 

Cooling Effect

Most memory foam mattresses tend to feel comfortable. But with time, they retain too much body heat and end up so hot. The breathable wool combined with the cooling gel that is used to make the best mattress toppers combats this issue.

How to Choose a Mattress Topper if You’re a Side Sleeper

Compared to other sleeping styles, side sleepers have more requirements look out for when choosing a mattress and a topper. You will first need a good mattress so always examine your mattress for worn out and dented sections. Any indentations can add extra pressure to your body, making your sleep that much more uncomfortable. If need be, you might even have to buy a brand new mattress before you buy a topper. 

The body weight of side sleepers is mostly concentrated in the shoulder and hip areas. This brings about the potential risk of hurting your back and joints. As a side sleeper, you need to go through all the main features a topper has to get the most out of your purchase. Here are features to consider when choosing a mattress topper for side sleeping.


Different sleeping positions require different mattress topper thickness. While stomach sleepers are comfortable on a very thin mattress, side sleepers are not. Side sleepers have a hard time sleeping on a thin mattress since it has no padding.

When choosing a topper, buy a thick one with a depth of around 7 cm to maintain a straight spine when sleeping. Thick toppers also come in handy if you suffer from back pain.

Check the firmness level of your mattress to determine the actual size of your mattress topper. Ensure that your spine is aligned and that you’re not sinking too deeply into your bed to avoid future joint and back problems. A medium-soft mattress topper or a thick one is the top recommended choice.

Memory Foam or Latex  

If you are a side sleeper, a memory foam or latex mattress toppers is the best choice. The materials conforms to your body shape promoting a straight spine. It’s also durable.

Heat Retention Capability

Most users have a problem with heat retention when using memory foam toppers. A cheap mattress topper with no ventilation is a bad choice if you live in a warm or hot climate. It doesn’t matter if you are a side sleeper or not, the end result is a stuffy and hot night which affects your sleep.

To prevent this, topper manufacturers have improved the air flow and ventilation within a mattress by making toppers that heat quickly and easily. In  turn, this helps to regulate your body temperature.

Level of maintenance

Since they are not waterproof, it’s not possible to clean a memory foam mattress topper in a washing machine. Therefore, you have to spot clean the topper if needed. Dab it using a dry cloth to collect any excess moisture. If cleaning it is a problem, just use a waterproof cover to prevent your topper from staining, especially if you have young children.

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From comfort to mattress hygiene, mattress toppers can really improve your sleep. Toppers are much better and cheaper, compared to having to frequently remove, wash or even replace the entire mattress. What mattress topper is best? Follow our tips or pick out any one of the best mattress topper for side sleepers we've listed in this guide and you'll be on your way to a much better sleep!

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