Best Mattress Topper For Side Sleepers

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Do you have a hard time sleeping as a result of an uncomfortable bed?  Are you tossing or turning on the bed at night when sleeping? A conventional spring box frame or coil mattress topper can provide a better comfort for you.  It is high time you get a high quality mattress topper that can guarantee you comfortable sleep throughout the night.  Below are some tips that can help you buy the most ideal mattress topper.

Tips and buying guide for the best mattress for side sleepers

When it comes to selecting the ideal mattress topper for your overall comfort, you should not compromise quality. Ironically, a lot of people find it difficult to settle for the most ideal mattress topper because of the wide range of options available for them. Below are some guides that can help you decide on the best mattress topper to buy which can help you stay more comfortable throughout your sleep.

Choose a pillow that is soft and contours to the body, helping you relief pressure points and supporting your shoulders, neck and head.  The design pattern of the pillow should be resistant to dust mites and allergies.

There are some mattress toppers designed with polyurethane with extra chemicals which adds to its viscosity levels.  You can look at these options too.

Also, look for mattresses with low emission (VOCs), no PBDEs, no formaldehyde, no heavy metals or leads, no mercury, no CFCs, no ozone depleters, and no prohibited phthalates. The mattress should be properly compressed, saves you money on shipping cost and makes it easy to carry it to the bedroom.

Some mattress toppers are softer in warmer temperatures and firmer in cooler temperatures. They equally react sensitively to body heat, allowing themselves to mold and contour effectively to the shape of the body. This is one of the finest qualities you should look for in a mattress.

You may also want to consider the reviews and ratings the mattress topper has received from highly dependable retail websites and review websites like this one. Normally, great products will have something positive said about them. So, only consider mattress toppers that have high user ratings and a lot of customer reviews. This shows that they are of high quality and are very reliable. The mattress toppers reviewed here are all first class products with the highest customer reviews and ratings on Amazon. They have proven to provide the best comfort to help side sleepers enjoy their sleep without the need to worry about head, neck, or shoulder pains.

Top 5 best mattress  for side sleepers

After careful research and interviews, we have come up with the 5 best mattress  for side sleepers based on their durability, features, and overall customer ratings. Read on to see their features.

  1. LUCID 2.5-inch memory foam mattress topper

One of the best mattress toppers you will see in the market is the LUCID Gel infused mattress topper. It provides great comfort and is perfect for those who have difficulty sleeping or those who have pains when they wake up. The main benefit of this mattress topper is the Gel infused memory foam which is intended to disperse body heat for individuals who do not get enough warmth at night. So many customers have already mentioned that this is the most prominent feature of this mattress.

It equally provides great comfort unmatched by any other mattress topper in the market.  It conforms perfectly to the upper part of the body and provides enough support to the neck and shoulders for better comfort during sleep.

This topper brings a new life to any mattress. It comes with ventilated memory foam that allows air flow and regulates sleeping temperature, keeping you comfortable and cool at all times.

With a 3-year warranty and all these features, there is probably no other mattress topper that is comparable to the LUCID 2” mattress topper in the market today.

  1. Queen Size 3 Inch Foam Mattress Topper

The idea behind memory foam mattress came from NASA whose intention was to develop a high density mattress that can ease the pressure of high G-force during space shuttle takeoff. Subsequently, it was adapted to the medical field to treat patients who have stayed for a log time on the bed or who are suffering from pressure sores.

Initially, it was used sparingly because of its expensive nature. But recent breakthrough in innovative technology has allowed the manufacturing of the same types of memory foams used by NASA and the medical profession at a very affordable price.  This is the idea that gave birth to the Queen Size 3 inch memory foam mattress topper. It has already been proven to be a world class mattress topper both for cautious and high end buyers.

There is an extra 3 inches of memory foam added to provide support for your current mattress in areas where your mattress is sagging or dipping.  This mattress topper is equally designed to contour to your body at the right temperature which provides extra comfort needed to give you the best possible night’s sleep. The queen size mattress is also designed without any presence of Oxon depleting substances such as polybrominated Ether substances, prohibited phthalates, formaldehyde, harmful metals, and other unsafe materials.

Although this mattress exhibits some faint smell when bought new, the odor is not harmful or toxic and usually dissipates within few days. So, if you are allergic to such smells, it will be a great idea to buy the foam mattress topper and keep it unused for few days to allow for the dissipation of the odor.

  1. Sleep Joy 2” mattress topper

As its name suggests, Sleep Joy mattress topper is designed with a proven technology that gives you the comfortable rest you desire. The mattress topper is made of high quality, highly durable materials and not associated with other defects common among memory foams.

The sleep Joy 2” mattress topper is an innovative sleeping pad designed with world class technology to provide the best comfort for individuals throughout their sleep.  It produces 5 times the comfort you get from other types of memory foam mattress toppers.

This soft memory foam topper removes the faint smell of most foams using green tea’s hint. Moreover, the additional support to the head and neck made possible by the attached neck bolster makes it quite convenient for people who want relief from neck pain.

The Sleep Joy memory foam topper is designed with natural wool layers that provide clean and soft sleeping surface. Wool is a great temperature regulator and it helps wick away moisture, keeping you warm in the winter and cool in the summer. The mattress is properly wrapped in a box for easy transportation.

Since the memory foam is open cell, it makes the mattress more comfortable and cooler than most other types of memory foam mattress toppers.  It has low emission (VOCs), no PBDEs, no formaldehyde, no heavy metals or leads, no mercury, no CFCs, no ozone depleters, and no prohibited phthalates. The mattress is properly compressed, saves you money on shipping cost and makes it easy to carry it to the bedroom.

4.         Shredded Memory Foam Mattress Topper

This is up there as one of the mattress toppers for side sleepers. It is designed with high quality materials and can really stand the test of time. Unlike other types of mattress pads, the Shredded memory foam is firm and does not shrink easily. This memory foam provides naturally thermal regulation and allows greater air breathability. This fabric equally makes it resistant to dust mite. In terms of durability, there is probably no other mattress topper for side sleeper that can match this memory foam. How about its visco-elastic features? Yes, this feature is definitely worth mentioning. With the visco-elastic feature, your memory foam can easily contour to the body, providing the perfect comfort needed to have a good night’s sleep. It relaxes the body and allows enhanced and greater ventilation during sleeping hours.

This efficient memory foam pad improves ventilation without the use of chemical materials or electronic microbes. Overall, it comes with an affordable price tag compared to other types of pillows in its category.

  1. Extra Plush Rayon Queen Pad

In terms of comfort and conformity to the body, Queen Pad is arguably the most ideal choice. The open cell construction used in designing the foam makes it very sturdy and durable. It can withstand any weather condition and cannot be easily compressed, unlike some other types of mattress toppers in the market today.  This is why the product comes with a three-year warranty to give customers assurance of replacement if the memory foam does not stand the test of time.

This mattress topper also has good balance between support and good cushioning because it is designed with a material likened to soft bamboo cover.  There is one problem you will encounter in most mattresses, which is their inability to adjust to current temperature. But the Estra Plush Queen pad mattress topper does not have this issue because it is designed with industry leading technology that makes sure the mattress topper absolves heat when the weather is cool, providing the best comfort for a good night’s sleep.

Its neck cradle is another excellent feature which makes this memory foam mattress topper such a great bargain for its price. This is designed specifically for side sleepers who want to reduce their snoring to have a comfortable sleep. Health experts have stated that snoring is caused by lack of proper rest and discomfort during sleep. With this scientifically designed mattress pad, snoring individuals will have a great relief as the pillow provides a complete comfort that induces the body to have a quite and soothing feeling during sleep.  No matter which sleeping position you choose, the memory foam topper offers great support for the head and neck when sleeping.


Side sleepers usually have one of the best sleeping positions. However, their comfort can be compromised when they utilize the wrong type of mattress topper. There are so many mattress toppers available in the market but it is important to settle for the most ideal one that can give you ultimate comfort.  If you are a side sleeper and having some back or neck pains, it may be that your mattress is not providing the right comfort for you. It is high time to change your mattress and go for only the product that guarantees durability and extreme comfort. Also, lack of proper sleep characterized by twisting, turning and sudden wake is a sign that your mattress is not providing enough comfort for you. In this case, a high quality mattress will be the ultimate solution. The above mattress toppers reviewed here have been properly selected based on their popularity, customer reviews and high customer ratings. They are recognized as the best types of mattress toppers for side sleepers because of their extremely soothing features. They are durable, firm, and effectively contour to the body. Whenever you are out shopping for a replacement mattress topper, consider the above options and get for yourself an innovating mattress topper that guarantees you great comfort throughout the night for many years to come.

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