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Layla Mattress Topper Review

Last Updated: May, 2024 | This Post May Contain Affiliate Links

Layla Memory Foam Topper

When it comes to giving your current mattress a bit of an upgrade, the prices can be intimidating. Luckily, you don't have to fork out a huge amount for a brand new mattress. Often, the right memory foam topper will do the trick

Although they don't have advanced features that provide sleep tips, mattress toppers are built to offer extra support and make an old mattress feel like new again without the super high costs. They are a much cheaper option compared to buying a new mattress in its entirety and something many people swear by.

As one of the most popular and well known mattress companies, Layla has their own Layla mattress topper which is perfect for upgrading your current mattress.

In this Layla mattress topper review, we cover all the pros and cons, everything you may need to know about it, and why exactly we recommend you give the Layla mattress topper a try.


  • Features a unique copper gel infused memory foam technology for a cool sleep
  • The copper gel used is antimicrobial and is effective at killing bacteria
  • Soft, plush luxury that doesn't sink deep to cause discomfort
  • CertiPUR-US memory foam without any harsh or toxic chemicals
  • Made in the USA with high quality materials and backed with a 120 night trial and 5 year warranty


  • Stomach sleepers might need something firmer with more support
  • Heavier sleepers might find the Layla mattress topper a little too soft

Who is the Layla Mattress Topper for?

It's important to know whether or not mattress toppers will be good for you. If you're a Layla fan and you've used their pillows, sheets, mattresses, or even slept beneath the Layla weighted blanket, you'll love their cozy, quality topper. The Layla mattress topper is really great for all types of sleepers. What's more, they come in different sizes ranging from twin, twin xl to king and California king. You can get the twin and twin xl size Layla memory foam toppers for less than $250 while the California king goes at $399.

People who sleep hot 

If you tend to sleep hot at night but crave the memory foam feel, this cooling Layla mattress topper is a fantastic option that will keep your mattress cool. It doesn't trap heat like other memory foam toppers. Instead, it helps hot sleepers sleep cool throughout the night by drawing heat away from your body and regulating your sleeping temperature all night long. What makes it even better is that it still has that supportive memory foam feel to it.

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Back sleepers and side sleepers

For back sleepers or side sleepers, the topper Layla mattress topper is also a fantastic mattress pad to use on a firm bed. In addition to regulating body heat, the Layla topper contours around your body and helps with spine alignment and pressure relief. Layla memory foam topper is soft yet supportive since it was designed to provide more robust support than other mattress toppers on the market.

One thing to be aware of is that if you are looking for a new mattress topper that will be firm, the topper Layla mattress topper is probably not the best mattress topper to go for. Especially if you put the Layla topper on top of an already soft mattress, its memory foam feel won't give you more firmness than your average mattress. This Layla mattress topper is made to be supportive, but soft instead of firm.

Stomach sleepers might find that this memory foam topper could end up softening their mattress a little too much. So, if you prefer this sleeping position, that Layla mattress topper feel might not give you the full support you require. If you sink too much into your mattress, your spine doesn't get adequate support with the correct alignment, causing you to feel pressure or pain. Hence, instead of getting memory foam toppers, stomach sleepers might want to opt for a quality topper that's firmer.

Purple mattresses usually come with the Purple GelFlex Grid, a cushioning technology that's firm enough to support stomach sleepers. Learn more about this sleeping technology at

Why Choose the Layla Mattress Topper?

High Quality Construction

An important aspect of the topper Layla mattress topper is in its construction. Going into it, we knew that this mattress topper was made from memory foam, but there are a few extra bits and pieces that make it particularly special.

The Layla topper comes with a cover layer that has a cooling functionality. We found that this soft, comfortable cover layer wicked away moisture very effectively to keep us dry and cool all night.

Stomach Sleepers are likely to love how Layla’s mattress topper supports their spine, helps relieve pressure and prevent hot spots while sleeping. It uses the same construction and materials as their regular mattresses, but is thinner and cheaper comparatively. It’s made in the USA and comes in just about any mattress size in order to best fit your current mattress and bed.

The unique feature of the 2" layer is that it is copper infused memory foam which gives you the utmost comfort of memory foam without the heat. We'll go into more detail about this copper gel infused foam later in our in-depth mattress topper review.

Unlike other memory foam toppers, the Layla mattress topper comes with four corner straps that make it easy to strap down. This keeps the Layla topper firmly in place and prevents any slippage or shifting during use.

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ThermoGel and Temperature Regulation

The memory foam really helps to relieve pressure points, especially in the shoulder and hip areas. We found the memory foam to be quite unique and different from the average memory foam we'd experienced.

Firstly, the topper Layla mattress topper is infused with a ThermoGel cooling agent and made from a very soft, lycra and polyester blend. The cover itself is soft and smooth, but the infused ThermoGel is really what makes it fancy. It’s designed to draw heat away from the body and cool down warmer sleepers.

Since most memory foam mattresses tend to trap heat and are better for those who sleep cold at night, Layla’s gel infused memory foam mattress topper does the opposite. The copper infused gel makes it one of the best Layla bedding products for hot sleepers.

Not only is the Layla topper infused with ThermoGel, but it is also infused with copper gel beads. These beads effectively absorb body heat, but their primary purpose lies in their antimicrobial abilities. Copper gel beads provide an antibacterial and antiviral barrier on the surface of your Layla mattress topper, keeping your bed from getting totally gross inside. Because copper is naturally antimicrobial, your topper will block and kill any harmful bacteria upon contact instead of letting it fester in the mattress.

The copper infusion also makes the topper more supportive. The Copper gel beads in your Layla memory foam topper allow for a tighter hold once you sink into it. They provide more support, making your Layla memory foam topper more durable than other memory foam options. Overall, the copper gel beads help take in the heat from your body all through the night. In this way, you won't overheat or get too warm from the memory foam material.

Motion Transfer

We loved how practical the Layla mattress topper was at limiting motion transfer. The topper reacts slowly and is fantastic at isolating movement. This is a vital aspect for sleep partners. If you're going to be sleeping with someone who shifts regularly in their sleep, the Layla memory foam topper will help lessen the disturbance.


So, what should you expect from your Layla mattress topper in terms of durability? Remember, wear and tear mostly occur at the top of your bed. Therefore, by adding a memory foam topper to your mattress, you also increase its lifespan. Of course, the memory foam topper will take the brunt of any shifting or movement, so it will show usage a bit more, but the Layla topper is pretty durable. For being only two inches thick, it withstands the test of time well.

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Is the Layla Mattress Topper Toxic?

When you receive your topper, you won't be able to use it immediately. You have to give it time to off-gas and expand. As this happens, you might notice a slight chemical smell. But there's nothing to worry about as Layla memory foam toppers are CertiPur-US certified. This means they lack harmful chemicals that can be dangerous to your health.

How Does It Feel?

This is the big question, isn’t it? How does the mattress topper actually feel when lying on it?

Sleepers will first notice the silky feel when they lie on their new and advanced sleep surface. Of course, the actual feeling and comfort of the mattress will vary from person to person since it's a bit subjective, but overall, you'll find the Layla mattress topper feels pretty comfortable.

Like the Linenspa Mattress Topper, this conforming topper from Layla is towards the softer side. Hence, it really performs best when you use it with a firmer mattress to give you just the right amount of softness and support. Alternatively, we found that this mattress pad also worked great with a bed that didn't entirely provide adequate support for pressure relief. With the Layla memory foam topper, we managed to get the right balance.

Be warned that if you put this memory foam mattress topper on a soft mattress, you may feel like you sink further than usual. Again, this is because the Layla mattress topper is not firm. In this way, a back or stomach sleeper might not get the spinal support that they need. That's why we recommend the Layla topper more for mattresses that need some new life given to them or on top of a firm mattress that you think should be a little softer.

The Layla topper is thick enough such that the extra support is easy to feel. It reacts slowly and won't add any bounce to your bed, but it reduces motion transfer and is easy to move around. Unlike many memory foam mattress options, you won't feel trapped by it or find it difficult to reposition.

Unlike stomach sleepers, back and side sleepers have a reason to smile. You'll find that the Layla memory foam topper conforms nicely to your hips, back, and shoulders. The memory foam topper adds support, so back sleepers are likely to notice how the topper curves right up into the small of their back than most mattresses. Side sleepers won't experience any friction or pressure on their shoulders or hips either.

We loved how this memory foam topper supported our hips and prevented our backs from curving uncomfortably. The infused copper adds to the already strong support system without making it too firm to rest comfortably through the night. Generally, if you don't carry much weight and you're struggling with pressure points, the Layla mattress topper will give you that added comfort you're looking for.

However, if you're a heavyweight sleeper and don't like the traditional memory foam feel of foam toppers, you may want to invest in an all-latex mattress topper as seen in this post

Using The Layla Topper with Layla Mattresses

Of course, you don't necessarily have to use the Layla topper with the Layla mattress. But if you are unsure of how the topper will work with your specific mattress brand, then know that Layla has been able to combine their own Layla topper and mattress for certain levels of comfort.

Soft Side

When you add the Layla mattress topper to the soft side of the Layla mattress, you'll be able to customize the firmness level of your bed from an approximate 3.5 to about a 2.

Maintenance, Protection, and Care

Let's face it. Accidents do happen. Fortunately, if your Layla memory foam topper becomes soiled, you can easily dry clean its zippered, removable cover to maintain its optimal plushness and feel. Although you can also decide to wash the mattress topper in your washing machine on a gentle cycle and dry it with low heat, doing so might void your warranty as the Layla topper isn't waterproof.

Firm Side

Want something that's not too soft yet still gives enough support? Then add this Layla topper to the firmer side of your Layla mattress. When we did that, we could achieve a softer surface and a more comfortable sleep. It took the firmness rating of 7 down to an approximate 5 and a half, in our opinion. This way, we managed to get a medium firm sleeping surface with the right amount of plush softness.

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Layla Policies

Layla offers a pretty decent warranty and has reliable policies. Just like all Layla mattresses, the topper comes with a 120 night sleep trial with a 100% money back guarantee within that time. You also won’t pay any return or shipping fees. The mattresses ship quickly too, within four to six business days domestically.

The Layla mattress topper comes with a 5 year warranty as well. If you should encounter a manufacturing problem or defect within five years of your purchase, Layla will cover it in full. The warranty covers splitting of the foam and flaws in the cover. All you have to do is contact Layla support and they’ll take care of everything regarding the return.


The Layla mattress topper is a great investment if you need to improve your current mattress. It won’t offer any extra firmness, but it does provide quality support and pressure relief. It also allows you to customize your mattress a little more and we absolutely loved the copper gel infused memory foam feature. If you’re considering purchasing a mattress topper, we would highly recommend you check out the Layla topper and take advantage of the 120 night trial.

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