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Idle Mattress Review

Last Updated: July, 2024 | This Post May Contain Affiliate Links

Idle Mattress Review

Idle Mattress is one of the most popular mattress brands on the market today and it’s no surprise why. If you’re looking for a great mattress that will last you a long time, Idle Mattress is the way to go and you've probably already got your eye on a few of their options.
Want a comparison between the most popular Idle sleep mattresses? In this guide, we'll cover three of the most popular Idle sleep models so you'll know which suits you best.

The Idle Sleep Hybrid


This is Idle Mattress’s most popular mattress and it comes in two firmness options (medium and luxury firm). For those who want a slightly softer option, the medium firmness is a fantastic choice: it's not too hard that it's uncomfortable, but it's not so soft that you sink in without adequate support.
On the other hand, the luxury firm is great for those who like to sleep on their stomach or sleepers who just prefer firmer mattresses.

The Idle Sleep Hybrid mattress is flippable, which makes it very versatile as you can always decide which side you want to sleep on. It’s essentially two mattresses in one. The ability to flip the mattress over also doubles the lifespan of your mattress.

When you purchase this Idle sleep mattress, it comes with an 18 month sleep trial and a lifetime warranty. If you decide not to keep the Idle sleep mattress at the end of your 18 month sleep trial, Idle offers free shipping and returns. This makes it risk free for you!

Sleeping Positions

If you or your partner tend to have a variety of sleep styles and not just one, this Idle sleep mattress is a great option. It’s suited for all sleeping positions so no matter how you or your partner sleeps, you’ll find it’s still comfortable and supportive.

Back sleepers will find the medium firmness gives them support in the hips and lower back. There’s optimal pressure relief and support while still allowing you to sink in comfortably.

Side sleepers who prefer particularly soft mattresses may not favor the Sleep Hybrid as much, but the medium side is still soft enough for most. For average weight sleepers, you’ll sink into the mattress enough to still have comfort and support, but overweight sleepers may want to use the firmer side. For very lightweight sleepers, you might want to skip this and find something softer.

Stomach sleepers may find the medium side just slightly too soft, but the luxury firm should be just perfect. You won’t feel like you’re sinking into this mattress and you'll have just the right amount of support.


Like us, you've probably come to associate Idle Mattress with high quality design and build. Fortunately, the Idle Sleep Hybrid doesn't disappoint. The Idle Sleep Hybrid mattress is made of many layers and comes with a ThermaCool mattress cover to help regulate your temperature while you sleep.

Everything in the Idle Sleep Hybrid mattress is sturdy and well built from the foam used to the coils. Overall, the mattress looks high quality and definitely feels premium.

Let's go in depth about each layer in this Idle Hybrid mattress so you have a better idea of what you’re buying.

Various Layers of the Idle Sleep Hybrid Mattress

Thermacool Cover:

Probably one of our favorite parts of the Idle Sleep Hybrid mattress, the ThermaCool cover really did its job well of keeping us cool all through our sleep. On top of just being great for summer, it's very versatile and is able to keep your warm through winter as well.

Layer 1: Fire Resistant Barrier

In the unfortunate case of a fire, this chemical free layer will help protect your Idle Sleep Hybrid mattress. If you dislike the smell of chemicals or knowing that you're sleeping on harmful materials, you'll be glad to know that this barrier is proudly carcinogen and chemical free.

Layer 2: 1” Contouring Foam

Starting right off with comfort, the Idle Sleep Hybrid mattress is built with 1” of contouring foam that helps you feel cradled and comfortable before the support foam layers come in. It’s low-density and really just there to help add to the plush feel of your mattress.

Layer 3: 2” Idle Cooling Buoyancy Foam

This is your support layer. It’s denser than the second layer and provides support and pressure relief. It is also made with cooling properties unlike memory foam so the mattress won’t trap body heat during the night.

Layer 4: 6” of Coils

Without quality coils, foam mattresses tend to sink and develop permanent dents over time. Idle Mattress combats this by using 6” of coils in their Idle Sleep Hybrid mattress to help provide a bit of bounce like traditional mattresses. The coils are also what makes this mattress a hybrid and help extend the lifetime.

Pressure Relief and Edge Support

When it comes to pressure relief, the Idle Sleep Hybrid mattress really supports the contours of your body. You'll benefit from enjoying spinal alignment, plus it also does well in balancing out weight distribution.

Thanks to the coils in this Idle Sleep Hybrid mattress, the edge support is outstanding and it's strong all around the perimeter. Even when you’re sitting or sleeping right on the edge of this mattress, you won’t feel like you’re about to fall off. You won't have to worry about the edges sagging over time!


Your Idle Sleep Hybrid mattress is flippable, so you’ll find that the foam layers repeat themselves. In order to be a flippable mattress, you need a denser layer of foam at the bottom which is where foam mattresses differ drastically from other mattress types.

Instead of being stuck with one side and one firmness, flippable foam mattresses are versatile and give you the freedom to choose.

Motion Transfer

Many foam hybrid mattresses struggle with motion isolation, but not the Idle Sleep Hybrid mattress.

When we tested the Idle Sleep Hybrid, we could not feel when either of us got in or out of bed. If you're a light sleeper and struggle to have a peaceful, undisturbed sleep next to your partner, the Idle Sleep Hybrid performs well in this aspect.

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Firmness Options

As mentioned, Idle Sleep mattresses come with two firmness options. While you might expect them to be fairly similar, they are actually quite different from each other.

After trying so many Idle mattresses, the Sleep Hybrid is really one of the softest. We would rate the medium side of the mattress a 6 out of 10 firmness where the luxury firm would be an 8 or 9 out of 10.

Heavyweight sleepers will definitely prefer the luxury firm version of the Idle Sleep Hybrid as opposed to the medium option of this mattress. Fortunately, with the 18 month sleep trial, you have plenty of time to decide if you like the mattress or need something with a different firmness.

If you know right now that you want a firmer mattress, you can purchase the Idle Sleep Hybrid mattress with both sides at a luxury firm level. You can do the same for medium if you are certain that is the type of firmness you want as well.

The Idle Plush Mattress

Idle Plush

The Idle Plush Mattress is another popular cooling gel mattress that takes a different approach from the Idle Sleep Hybrid. Compared to so many other foam mattresses we've tested, this one really takes the cake and is the coolest.

The Idle Plush is a luxury mattress and stands 14” tall. All materials are non-toxic and instead of using regular memory foam, this mattress uses gel memory foam to prevent heat from being trapped while you sleep. This Idle gel foam mattress has great cooling technology and is a favorite of back and side sleepers. If you enjoy softer mattresses, you’ll like it too!

The Idle Plush is not flippable like the Idle Sleep Hybrid, but it is still built with high quality materials and comes with the same 18 month sleep trial. It also includes that lifetime warranty and free shipping and returns should you decide the Idle Plush is not for you.

With that brief summary in mind, let’s take a closer look at the Idle Plush.

Sleeping Positions

Because of its ample support, this mattress is great for back sleepers. You’ll feel like your lower back and hips are well supported without creating additional pressure points. It has great body contouring features and because of that, we feel like it is the ideal mattress for back sleepers.

If you sleep on your side, it’s likely that you’ll also enjoy this mattress. It offers great pressure relief around your hips and shoulders while still supporting you. You won’t feel like you sink in too deep, so if you tend to sleep on your side for most or all of the night, this is the mattress for you.

Unfortunately, stomach sleepers will probably not be big fans of this mattress. It measures on the soft side for sleeping on your stomach, which leads to feeling like you’ve sunk much too far into the mattress. Although the mattress supports side and back sleepers, it does not provide the right support for stomach sleepers.

For combination sleepers or those who sleep on their back or sides, this is a great option with ideal pressure relief and support. If you or your partner sleep on your stomach though, you should consider a firmer mattress.

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Built entirely with non-toxic materials, this Idle mattress is high quality and very well designed. Below, we’ll take a closer look at each layer involved but keep in mind, this mattress is not flippable like the Sleep Hybrid.

Various Layers of the Idle Plush

Layer 1: Cover

The Idle Plush comes with an easy to wash cover. It’s zippable and designed to protect the mattress from stains and dirt. It’s not just any simple cover though. With sewn in gel, the cover feels cool against your skin and includes cooling buoyancy foam to add to the plush feel of this mattress.

Layer 2: Comfort Layers

There are two comfort layers in this mattress. The first is 2” of gel-infused buoyancy foam. This layer provides that traditional memory foam feel, but the gel helps keep you cool and comfortable while sleeping.

The second layer of comfort is 3” of Idle’s memory foam. Although not gel-infused, this memory foam layer moves slow like the layer above and helps your body sink into the mattress while still feeling supported.

Layer 3: Support Layer

The third layer you’ll find is for support: 8” of high-density foam that is durable and sturdy. It provides the support underneath your layers of comfort and gel and completes the 14” height of this mattress.

Motion Transfer and Edge Support

Thanks to the memory foam layers of this mattress, there is fantastic motion isolation. You may feel your partner get in or out of bed, but it’s unlikely that you’ll feel them change positions or that the shifting will wake you up.

Unfortunately, because this mattress does not include a layer of coils, edge support is not that great. When sitting on the edge, you’ll notice the mattress collapse. This is important to keep in mind for those who sleep with partners and often end up on the edge of the bed.


With only one firmness option available, we weren’t particularly surprised to find that the Idle Plush measures a perfect medium: 6 out of 10. It provides plenty of support and luxury, but if you’re looking for something a little firmer, then the Idle Plush is probably not the mattress for you.

Heavyweight sleepers may find it too soft and those that don’t like softer mattresses may feel like it’s right on the limit of too soft.

Cooling Abilities

Many people love the feeling of memory foam, but hate that it tends to trap heat. One of the best things about the Idle Plush is that it uses memory foam technology, but prevents heat absorption so that even hotter sleepers can enjoy their night.

The mattress is built with the intent to keep sleepers cool even during hot summer months and that’s exactly what it does.
With the multiple layers of gel-infused foam, heat is distributed throughout the mattress and pulled away from your body instead of trapped in place. The layer of buoyancy foam also helps get rid of heat.

Overall, the ability of this memory foam mattress to dissipate heat is impressive. It makes a huge difference and if overheating is the only thing stopping you from buying a memory foam mattress, this is the perfect mattress for you.
You’ll get the best of both worlds and if you decide the Idle Plush mattress isn’t for you, there’s an easy return policy and a long sleep trial.

The Idle Talalay Latex Hybrid

Idle Talalay Latex Hybrid

This 14” organic latex mattress is the last Idle mattress that we will be including in this review, but it’s no less impressive than the others. Just like the Sleep Hybrid, the Talalay Latex Hybrid is flippable but it’s made with different materials so you get an entirely organic, natural mattress.

Also like the Sleep Hybrid, you have two different firmness options for your mattress: medium or firm. You can choose to purchase a mattress that has the same firmness on both sides or a mattress with medium on one side and firm on the other side. Similarly, we rate the medium at a 6 out of 10 on the firmness scale while the firm sit at around 8 to 9 out of 10.

With 1” of quilted wool and 3” of Dunlop latex, this mattress is comfortable and supportive. It has 6” of coils to help with support and make the mattress flippable, extending the lifetime. Each side of the mattress uses the same layers and materials so you can get the same comfort even after you flip your mattress.

When looking at the Idle Latex Hybrid, you have the option of Talalay latex for an extra charge. If you don’t have a preference on which type of latex is used for your mattress, then you can purchase the standard mattress which is built with Dunlop latex.

Sleeping Positions

Whichever sleeping position you or your partner sleeps in, this Idle hybrid mattress will be comfortable. Of course, if you tend to favor a softer mattress, then you may not enjoy the medium or firm sides of this mattress, but for those who aren't looking for anything too soft, the Latex Hybrid is great.

Whether you sleep on your side, your stomach, or your back, you’ll find the support and comfort you need.

Stomach sleepers are likely to prefer the firm side of the Idle hybrid mattress, but the medium side of this mattress supports them well. If you prefer firmer mattresses, then the firm option is the obvious choice.

However, even the medium firmness of this Idle hybrid mattress provided good support without added pressure points. If you are lightweight though, you may find even the medium mattress to be too firm and should consider something softer.

When it comes to back sleepers, both the medium and firm sides are great. It comes down to your personal preference in a mattress as both sides will provide ample support and relieve pressure points.

Back sleepers who are lightweight, heavyweight, and in between appreciate this mattress as it provides the perfect amount of support and doesn’t over-exaggerate the curve of your spine. We did see a preference of the firm side for heavyweight sleepers, but both sides were comfortable for a full night’s sleep.

Stomach sleepers tend to prefer firmer mattresses in order to ensure proper spinal alignment, but this mattress provides both support and cushioning. For stomach sleepers weighing more than 130 pounds, the firm option is the most comfortable. Stomach sleepers that weigh less than 130 pounds will want to use the medium firmness option.

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Everything about this Idle hybrid mattress exudes an air of luxury and premium quality. All the layers are built with durable materials, so you know you’re getting a great mattress. The latex is natural and chemical free and each of the layers is well designed.

This Idle hybrid mattress will last you much longer because of the latex, but there is one thing to note: it’s heavy! Latex is heavier than memory foam, so we highly recommend you use white glove delivery or have two strong people ready to help you set this bed up.

Without further ado, let’s get into the layers included in this mattress.

Various Layers of the Idle Latex Hybrid

Layer 1: Cover

The cover of this mattress is organic cotton and covers the entire mattress. It’s eco friendly and healthy, but also breathable and held down by yarn rosettes instead of glue.

Layer 2: Wool Transition

The first real layer of the mattress is the 1” wool transition layer. Quilted right into the cover, this layer helps add softness and comfort while acting as a great transition between you and the latex.

Layer 3: Latex

You’ll find a generous layer of 100% latex next. Here is where you can choose to upgrade from Dunlop latex to Talalay latex for a full 3” layer. The Talalay latex is breathable and open cell, but it also has anti-microbial properties to help extend the lifespan of this mattress even further.

Layer 4: Coils

Next, you’ll find edge to edge coils to help support you and the mattress. The coils also add a bit more bounce and improve air flow.


Because this Idle hybrid mattress is flippable, you’ll find the same layers replicated on the other side of it. You can use either side of this mattress and when the current side starts to lose its appeal or comfort, you can flip it right over for a brand new mattress.

Motion Transfer and Pressure Relief

This Idle hybrid mattress doesn’t absorb motion as well as memory foam will, but it does do a pretty good job. If you’re a light sleeper, you’ll notice your partner moving around a bit, but the motion is fairly well isolated and shouldn’t disturb you too much.

When it comes to pressure relief, this Idle hybrid mattress excels. Particularly on the medium side, you’ll find great pressure relief and comfort. No matter how you sleep, the mattress supports your spine well and properly distributes your weight so that you don’t wake up with painful spots on your hips, shoulders, or elsewhere.

We do want to note that the firm side didn’t have as great of pressure relief. If you prefer very firm mattresses, then you may not notice it. The cushioning isn’t as comfortable as the medium option, so you may want to consider using the medium option in most cases.

Edge Support

Thanks to the coils distributed around the entire mattress, there is excellent edge support. Even the latex helps in keeping the edge from collapsing so you don’t feel like you’re about to fall off the bed.


Idle Sleep offers several high quality mattress options to choose, from depending on your sleep needs. With choices in firmness levels, you’re further allowed to customize your mattress. Idle also offers a fantastic warranty and sleep trial on all their mattresses, so even if you aren’t sure about the mattress right away, you have quite some time before your have to commit. Overall, we were pleased with our Idle mattresses and love how the Idle sleep brand takes such great care into the design and construction of these mattresses.

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