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Puffy Lux Mattress Review: Pros, Cons & Verdict

Last Updated: May, 2024 | This Post May Contain Affiliate Links

Are you the type of person who embraces the newest inventions topped up with classic, high-quality products? If that's the case finding a mattress that satisfies your need for modern innovations and timeless quality may be a daunting task.

Don't sweat it; in puffy lux mattress review, we break down a Puffy Lux mattress, an unmatched quality bed that combines updated technology innovations, and an old-school innovation that stood the test of time.

The mattress comes with pocketed coils and super soft foam layers to establish a balanced feeling between bouncy mobility and cuddly comfort. We set out on a mission to find out if the mattress delivered on its reputation. Ready to get to the bottom of the popular bed in a box? Read on puffy lux review!

Puffy Lux Mattress Overview

Puffy launched its first mattress back in 2016. This was after years of research and innovations. They now have three different mattresses, including all memory foam puffy original, puffy loyal, and puffy; we will break down each in this review. Puffy Lux mattress comes with four distinct layers. It also has polyfoam and memory foam layers, materials that contour to a sleeper's body shape. Puffy Lux hybrid mattress is the mid-range price point bed with unmatched conforming feel and motion isolation.

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  • Offers great support for joints and lower back without sinkage
  • Offers excellent motion isolation
  • Quick expansion
  • Edge support
  • 101 night sleep trial period
  • Lifetime warranty


  • Cover feels lose

Mattress Options

Original Puffy mattress

Ideal for; 

  1. 230 pounds weighing sleepers
  2. Sleepers who fancy the hug feeling
  3. Sensitive sleepers


  1. Heavyweight sleepers should consider a firmer mattress
  2. Stomach sleepers may find the mattress unsupportive
  3. Memory foam traps heat

The original puffy mattress is an all-foam mattress that offers sleepers a soft cushioning feel. This option is ideal for sleepers who fancy deep contouring foam. It comes with a memory foam comfort layer that offers sleepers a hug sensation. In a nutshell, you sleep "in" rather than on top of the mattress.

The puffy original has a gel-infused memory foam layer that cradles the body and provides cushioning. Just under the foam layer, we find 2" of cloud climate transitional polyfoam. The transitional layers are firm in comparison to comfort layers but softer than support layers. They provide both cushioning and support. Sitting below the transitional layer is a 6" base layer made of solid core support high-density polyfoam. The base layer provides firm support for sleepers in all slumber positions.

Puffy Royal

Ideal for;

  1. Back and side sleepers weighing 130 pounds and below
  2. Individuals sensitive to motion and noise
  3. Sleepers who fancy responsiveness


  1. Limited bounce that hinders movement
  2. It may not be adequately firm for heavyweight and stomach sleepers

Puffy royal is another mattress option from puffy lux manufacturers. The hybrid's top comfort layer consists of a 1.5" memory foam. The layer is infused with cooling gel beads intended to draw extra heat away from a sleeper. Sitting under is another 1.5" foam layer. This gives puffy royal 3" of comfort layers that conform closely to your body, providing plush pressure relief.

The memory foam layers are followed by 2" of climate comfort polyfoam engineered to increase the mattress airflow. The base layer comprises 6" pocketed coils that stabilize the mattress while providing adequate edge support. The coils are individually pocketed to minimise motion transfer.

Lastly, puffy royal comes with a 14" profile and is armed with a stain-resistant and machine washable polyester cover.

Puffy Lux Mattress layer analysis

Puffy lux is a hybrid mattress that consists of four layers and is 12 inches in thickness. Below we break down what the bed looks like inside.

The Cover

The mattress cover is made with polyester, a cover that is machine washable and stain-resistant. It comes in handy for individuals who wish to keep their mattress cover clean while not using a mattress cover. Who said you can't have your cake and eat it.

Comfort Layers

Just under the mattress cover, the puffy mattresses comes armed with two 1.5" comfort layers. The first comfort layer is gel-infused memory foam. It's known as Cloud Comfort as it's comforting and breathable. The gel-infused layer retains less heat in comparison to a traditional memory foam mattress. The second comfort layer is made of plush Dual Cloud foam. The coating helps in relieving pressure points.

Transition layer

The third layer is armed with 2" of Climate Comfort polyfoam. This layer is resistant to expanding or contracting with fluctuations in temperature. This layer ensures that the puffy mattress maintains temperature neutrality. It also helps a sleeper from sinking too deep into the puffy mattress.

Support Core

The base of the puffy lux mattress is made of 7" of firm polyfoam. This support core layer adjusts to the shape of your body to keep the spine aligned and lessen pressure. Additionally, the support core increases the durability of the puffy lux mattress.


Puffy Lux Mattress Feel


In terms of firmness, the puffy mattress lands between medium to medium-soft. In a nutshell, the puffy lux hybrid mattress offers unmatched comfort and is soft to the touch. Additionally, the soft feel offers a superior chunk of pressure relief. It also contours greatly to a sleeper's body shape.

Keep in mind that your body weight greatly affects how firm or soft the mattress feels.

For instance, heavy sleepers find the puffy mattresses medium soft, while lightweight sleepers might find it closer to a straight medium. We love the puffy mattress's soft and plush feel, making it one if not the most comfortable mattresses in the market.

If you fancy a plush and conforming feel, chances are, a puffy lux hybrid mattress is perfect for you.

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We found it easy when switching sleeping positions, thanks to the puffy mattress's quick responsiveness.

Mattress performance

How the puffy mattress feels is pretty subjective. That's why we run tests to see exactly how our puffy lux hybrid mattress performs. Let's break it down.

Motion isolation

When sharing a bed with a partner, it's important to consider the mattress motion transfer. If it doesn't transfer motion adequately, you are likely disturbed when your partner shifts their sleeping position.

Luckily puffy mattress deadens movements exceptionally. It incorporates foam which reduces motion transfer across the puffy lux hybrid mattress. With a coil support base, we expected motion transfer. However, puffy lux hybrid mattress manufacturers individually wrap coils in an attempt to minimize motion transfer. this makes puffy lux an ideal mattress for sensitive sleepers.

Pressure relief

Thanks to the thick memory foam and polyfoam layers, the puffy lux hybrid mattress relieves pressure greatly. Memory foam claims the ability to relieve pressure—the layer contours to the body and cushions to the shoulder and hips. Puffy lux's memory foam and polyfoam layers provide comfort and support, especially for individuals under 230 pounds.

The puffy lux hybrid mattress helps back sleepers attain a neutral spinal alignment. When it comes to stomach sleepers, the opposite is at play. Stomach sleepers may find the puffy mattress sinking underneath the hips, leading to an uncomfortable curve in their spine.

A puffy lux is a fit option for side sleepers having hip pain. You can rest assured that this bed will relieve their pain while enjoying a peaceful sleep time.

Temperature control

The puffy lux hybrid mattress keeps you free from moisture and cool throughout the night. Thanks to puffy lux's polyester cover, cooling cloud foam, and pocketed coils combine to battle tendencies to overheat. With all the cooling capabilities, the puffy lux hybrid mattress is perfect for hot sleepers.

Edge support

We also tested edge support in the puffy lux hybrid mattress. this was to determine whether the corners and edges of the mattress stay firm and tucked in place when you sleep or sit close to the bedsides. Puffy lux offers average edge support. Basically, the comfort layers compress under pressure; however, the support core prevents you from sinking too much. For this reason, we wouldn't recommend puffy lux for heavyweight individuals and those who frequently sleep or sit on the mattress edges.

Ease of movement

Puffy lux hybrid mattress offers ease of movement in comparison to memory foam mattress.

In a nutshell, memory foam mattresses are slow to return to their original shape after weight is removed. Although puffy lux has memory foam in its layers, it's also armed with some pushbacks, thanks to the individually pocketed coils. This eases the trouble that comes when changing positions.


The puffy lux hybrid mattress has a bouncy surface that's ideal for sex. On the other hand, the memory foams also provides adequate edge support and traction, and hence, couples can make full use of the mattress surface. The soft feel of puffy lux may cause sinkage during sex but don't sweat it; the coils provide pushbacks.


Most mattresses have an odor upon unboxing. The unpleasant odor is called off-gassing, which is brought about by (VOCs) Volatile Organic Compounds produced as a byproduct during manufacturing. The off-gassing is harmless, although most individuals, especially those sensitive to smell, find it unpleasant.


It's difficult to ascertain how firm a puffy lux mattress can be because the measure varies from sleeper to sleeper. The firmness level depends on sleeping position, body type, and weight.

Who Should Prefer Puffy Lux Hybrid

Back and side sleepers

The puffy lux hybrid mattress is a perfect fit for side sleepers weighing 230 pounds and below. This is because puffy lux is armed with a memory foam layer that cushions your hips and shoulders. These are common pressure points, especially for side sleepers. The pocketed coil layer also provides a solid base that ensures your spine is on its original surface.

Sleepers weighing 230 pounds also appreciate the added support in the pocketed coil layer. However, heavyweight individuals may experience much sinkage in the bed's midsection due to the puffy lux mattress's thick comfort layer.

Puffy lux provides a medium firm level for side sleepers that offers excellent lumbar support and an adequate amount of conforming. Side sleepers weighing more than 130 pounds may find themselves sinking into puffy lux comfort layers, which can push their spine out of alignment, causing discomfort in their sleep.

Stomach Sleepers

Stomach sleepers weighing under 130 pounds should expect a comfy and supported sleep time from the Puffy lux hybrid mattress. However, puffy lux may provide inadequate support for stomach sleepers weighing more than 130 pounds with the plush comfort layers and medium firmness. These sleepers exert extra pressure on the hybrid mattress and generally need a firm mattress to keep their spine on an even plane.

Combination sleepers

Puffy lux hybrid mattress is viable for combination sleepers. These are sleepers who rotate between sleeping positions, including side back and stomach.

Additionally, despite the similarities of the comfort layers to memory foam, sleepers do not experience any issues when switching their sleeping positions.


Puffy lux hybrid mattress is a perfect option for couples; however, you should keep some pros and cons in mind.

A puffy lux is a stand-out option for couples prioritizing motion isolation. If you are a light sleeper, puffy lux will minimize sleep turbulences. It's also a silent mattress when bearing weight. Couples may also experience heat retaining in the memory foam layer of puffy lux.

Puffy Lux Mattresses' Trial, Warranty, and Shipping Policies


Puffy lux hybrid mattress is a bed in a box bed, available exclusively online through the company's website.


Currently, puffy lux is only shipped to the united states; there is no international shipping. Expect additional charges when shipping to Hawaii and Alaska.

Each puffy lux hybrid mattress is compressed and vacuum-sealed. It then shipped in a box measuring 19" by 19" by 42". Orders are conveniently shipped within 1 to 3 working days via FedEx Ground. It takes 2 to 5 working days to be delivered to your doorstep.

Once delivered, take a puffy lux hybrid mattress to your bedroom before unboxing. It will take 1 to 3 days to expand fully.

Sleep trial

You get a 101 night sleep trial for the puffy lux hybrid mattress. this gives your body a window to adjust to the feel of a puffy lux mattress before making a decision. To initiate a return, you should contact puffy lux manufacturers directly. The company will then coordinate pick-up and recycling or donation of your puffy lux hybrid mattress, and you will receive a full refund. Shipping charges for Hawaii and Alaska cannot be refunded.


Puffy lux is backed up with a lifetime warranty that protects the consumer against defects in workmanship and materials. The warranty is, however, none transferable; it only applies to the original buyer. Puffy lux mattress warranty covers indentations greater than 1.5 inches and flaws in the mattress. The warranty doesn't cover normal tear and wear.

If your puffy lux hybrid mattress is found defective, the company will replace or repair it with no added costs. Puffy lux hybrid mattress must be used on a fit bed frame to qualify for a warranty cover.

What to Consider When Purchasing a Mattress Online

Ideally, you should change your mattress after eight years. But which mattress is best for you? The sheer variety in today's market is mind-boggling. The task can be daunting, from hybrid mattresses like puffy lux to space age all memory foam mattresses. Do you snuggle down to a soft mattress, or do you fancy a firm bed? Apart from knowing how much mattresses cost, there is a lot to consider before you kiss your cash bye. While a puffy lux mattress is an ideal option, there are core factors to consider when shopping for a mattress.

Let's jump right in.


The first thing you should consider when shopping for a mattress is comfort level. Ideally, buy a mattress that has a trial period. This will give you a window to test if the mattress meets your needs. Remember that lying on a mattress for a few minutes might not give you accurate results. Opt for a mattress that has favorable warranty terms and conditions. This will always save you money.

The composition of your mattress

With the comfort preferences in mind, the composition of the bed is the next factor to consider in user experience. This refers to the engineering process, the products that go into bed, and your mattress's size. It's a whole lot easier to gauge the size of mattress that meets your needs. Not all bedrooms can accommodate a king-size mattress.

Mattresses vary when talking about composition. From continuous coils, open coil, offset coil, and pocketed coils. The materials used such as memory foam, gel-infused layers, and latex. Other mattresses combine different technologies. All this is vital when choosing your mattress.

How do you sleep?

It may sound odd, but your sleeping position strongly dictates the kind of mattress that can provide you with both support and comfort. For instance, side sleepers run the risk of evolving pressure point pains and aches along their body; in most cases, major joints such as the neck, shoulders, and hips. In this instance, a hybrid mattress such as puffy lux may be your ideal option as it adapts to the contour of a sleeper while providing support to the spine.

Are you a wriggler?

Are you a restless sleeper? If you toss and regularly turn when sleeping, then your mattress might not be giving you enough comfort for a quality sleep time. On the other hand, you might be a combo sleeper, meaning you constantly switch between sleeping positions. In this case, opt for a silent mattress, has adequate responsiveness and absorbs the motion. This will give you a peaceful night while protecting your partner from disruptions.

Allergy sufferers

If you have respiratory problems such as allergy-triggered asthma or COPD, you will need a mattress with a machine washable cover. Additionally, if you are latex allergic, opt for a memory foam or hybrid mattress.

Back problems

Most hybrid mattresses are medium-firm to provide adequate support for people with back pains. Choosing a mattress with high firmness level can aggravate your back problems.


It's advisable to set cost parameters before buying a new mattress. This will keep your balance in check while protecting you from getting ripped. A top-quality mattress is an investment that can last up to eight years; a good example is hybrid mattresses. Ideally, go online and browse through available options within your budget.

This will give you a closer insight into the level of quality and features to expect at your corresponding price point. Additionally, you will be able to determine if it's a genuine option or a mere hype. Sometimes something slightly above your budget may be worth it. Keep in mind that cheap is expensive! You will be surprised to see the quality you can afford, as hybrid mattresses are becoming affordable.


Whether you are a cyclist, a triathlete, a marathoner, or a swimmer, quality sleep time plays a part in your performance. Hybrid mattresses are designed with quality sleep in mind, offering comfort from a traditional design and current innovations in one mattress. They might be the most expensive mattresses but worth the investment.

The Bottom Line Of This Puffy Lux Review

Puffy lux has produced three mattresses; the puffy original, puffy royal hybrid, and the puffy lux hybrid. The puffy original is an all-foam type of mattress, while the royal hybrid and puffy lux hybrid combine both memory foam and coil-based systems. Puffy lux hybrid represents a middle ground for consumers on a budget looking for quality features.

The 12" puffy lux hybrid comes with six layers optimized to deliver contouring and adaptive support. This mattress uses individually pocketed coils in the mattress's support core. It has a medium feel that appeals to individuals who value pressure relief. There is a lot to like when it comes to puffy lux hybrid mattresses. It's comfortable soft and accommodates the distinct type of sleepers. 

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