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Nolah Mattress Review: Pros, Cons & Verdict

Last Updated: July, 2024 | This Post May Contain Affiliate Links


Having a comfortable night may sound like an old cliché, but there might be truth behind it. A beautiful night is authentic. With a peaceful night, our body heals from a day's hard work. When we enter a quiet night, our body recovers from a day's activities and, hence, produces new growth hormones. The hormones make cells that assist our skin's healing from any damage.

Have you ever stared at the mirror after a poor night's sleep? If yes, then you know that a few Zzz's make you look ridiculous.

After tossing and turning from an uncomfortable all foam mattress, even the fairest of them all starts the day looking wrecked. Unrestful nights result in an under eye, a zombie stare, and messy hair. Fortunately, the opposite is true. A Nolah mattress, eight hours of sleep a night, is all you need to derive sweet aesthetic benefits, including looking youthful and energetic. I, for instance, learnt that I couldn't hike a mountain or run a marathon without the right gear.

Despite spending most of my time sleeping, I hadn't adequately prepared in the bedroom. I couldn't enjoy a night of undisturbed sleep. This had a long-lasting negative effect on my well-being. It wasn't about the balance in my bank account or the quality of air in my bedroom. The biggest problem I faced was remembering the last time I invested in a quality foam mattress.

A friend recommended Nolah mattress Airfoam, a company that boasts itself on technology and quality sleep. After doing some research, I found that the company was started more than a decade ago to create modernized Nolah mattress materials including but not limited to latex and memory foam. Nolah Airfoam was then officially launched after three years of testing and perfection.

I invested in the sleep master without breaking the bank, and I couldn't wait to share my experience. Here is a compiled Nolah Mattress review.

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Nolah Mattress Review

First Experience

Nolah has side sleepers written all over, and I was more than eager to try the heaven-sent mattress. I am not a stranger to the box mattress concept, so I ordered a king size 10 to be delivered in a box! Nolah arrived punctually, and unpacking the vacuum wrapped container was a breeze. Two weeks later, I recommended the mattress to other side sleepers and people looking for pressure relief on the shoulder, back and hips. Why? Because the foam mattress is naturally cozy.

If you wish to derive maximum benefits from Nolah mattresses, get yourself a partner. The bed has a foam based-based construction which limits the number of motion sleepers experience from their partners. Nolah manufacturers understand that there are different types of sleepers.


  • Built with quality materials, hence durable
  • Perfect for side sleepers
  • The ideal blend of support and relief
  • Lifetime warranty
  • Odor free comfortable mattress
  • Prevents overheating thanks to a cooling cover
  • Exceptional pressure relief
  • Motion isolation
  • Affordable without sacrificing comfort and quality
  • Back pain relief
  • Extra responsive
  • Free returns and shipping in the US


  • Too soft for stomach sleepers

Construction and Design

Nolah Mattress has three layers. All layers are foams with different comfort and variety. The mattress is an after product of extensive determination, research and design and testing to deliver unmatched sleep quality. It compliments different body shapes, weights, and sleep positions. The three Nolah Mattress layers include, but not limited to;

Nolah Air Foam

The foam mattress manufactures have come up with a Nolah air foam built with millions of air pockets placed throughout the layer. The air foam is heat sensitive and responds to body heat for contouring. This technology allows hot air to pass through pores and dissipate.

High density foam

For support, Nolah all-foam mattress has a high-density bottom layer. The two top layers, being the soft side, require complex support, and the bottom layer delivers precisely what is needed.

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Avena form (latex-like)

Latex denotes softness on any mattress. However, most people are allergic to latex, and that's where Nolah Mattress differs. A Nolah mattress is armed with Avena as an alternative. Avena foam also enhances air circulation and is free from any harmful chemicals. All the above layers have a knitted high viscose cover. The material has an appealing look and is soft. The cap wicks away moisture from the sleeping surface and, hence, dissipates excess body heat. With this in mind, the company has invested in different all-foam mattresses to meet each sleeper's needs. let's break them:

The Original

More than likely, side sleepers prefer a softer feel, and the original makes this possible. It's not too weak that you sink indefinitely. However, it's gentle enough for your hips and shoulders to fall right in the mattress and align your spine to relieve pressure points. Light individuals are not left out either, as they find the Original exceptionally comforting.


  • High resilience and deep, supportive foam
  • Cooling foam
  • High-density memory foam
  • Botanic original Tencel cover 

The evolution

The evolution is an excellent choice for back sleepers who prefer a soft feel during their sleep time. Almost every back sleeper dreams of a soft medium firmness with enough give that provides exceptional pressure relief without a feeling that they are sinking. While sleeping on their back, the all-foam mattress cradles a back sleeper's body, comforting them without keeping extra body heat. Heavy individuals can derive benefits from The Evolution as it supports the extra weight without sacrificing their sleep comfort.


  • Soft and cooling Air foam
  • High resiliency and deep, supportive foam
  • Firm side
  • Edge support system and HDMax Eco Support coils
  • High-Density Orthopedic

The signature

Are you comfortable in multiple sleeping positions? If yes, then the Signature mattress is perfect for you. The all-foam bed has a softer feel and isolates motion. This ensures your twisting will not bother that your partner and turning.


  • Soft side
  • High resilience and deep, supportive foam
  • Cooling and firm side foam
  • Reinforced high density

Materials Used

Nolah utilizes CertiPUR-Us natural and certified organic foams. They include;

  • Produced without ozone depleters
  • Produced without PBDEs, TCEP or TDCPP flame retardants.
  • Produced without mercury, lead, or other heavy metals.
  • It is produced without formaldehyde.
  • Produced without phthalates
  • Produced with Low Volatile Organic Compound emissions

The Nolah mattress makes its own manufactures version of memory foam, which makes it unique. The patented Air Foam used in the top two inches enhances quality sleep and improved contouring to your body. The bottom layer of the Nolah mattress is made of a 7" layer of high-density foam. The company prides itself on the fact that this layer is 100% made in America. It's made from quality materials and hence guaranteed to last for a long time.

In between the mattress, Nolah manufactures have placed a 1" thick layer armed with supportive high-resilience foam. This makes Nolah mattresses stand out from most beds. Most mattresses have the second layer memory foam mattresses of latex and gels to provide push and bounce. This is, however, not the case with Nolah mattresses.

The manufactures use the high resiliency foam instead, which provides a responsive bounce that doesn't distort the quality of your sleep. The combination of these layers is topped with a natural viscose cover that wicks away moisture and hence keeps sleepers cool all night long.

Nolah's technological advancements, the combination of a genuine body and proprietary foams, make this an unmatched mattress that is worth every penny.


Motion Isolation

Motion isolation is how a mattress can absorb movements from a sleeper rather than transferring the commotion to other people who might be sharing the same bed. Nolah original mattress has this ability, and I would recommend it for coworkers who share the same bed and, most importantly, couples. 

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Off-gassing is familiar with memory foam mattresses. Upon unboxing, you might notice some odor, but it quickly disappears. Open your bedroom's windows where the bed is set up to increase the rate at which the odor disappears. The smell is free of ozone.


I tried Nolah original mattress Airfoam as it was referred to as a cooling mattress. I was sick and tired of hot nights, and this new mattress had layers of relief. The covers actively move the excess heat from the sleepers' bodies. Nolah original mattress manufactures have also invested in a graphite infused technology that helps in keeping night sweat at bay. It's not like sleeping on an ice pack, but with this mattress, you will no longer feel sticky while sleeping. However, hot sleepers should invest in a cooling comforter and lightweight sheets to maximize a good night slumber. If you often sleep hot, check out the Puffy Lux review for some of the best cooling beds Puffy has to offer.


Nolah evolution 15, to be precise comes, in three levels: firm, luxury firm and plus. I opted for a luxury firm level, a mattress that quilted a 2-inch layer of top resilience foam to provide adequate comfort and cushioning for side sleepers. All thanks to the high-density memory foam base and tri-zoned support coils, sleepers enjoy a comfortable sleep without feeling like they are sinking into the mattress.

Cleaning and Maintenance


Your body sheds at least 15 million skin cells a night. Additionally, your mattress accumulates dust, dust mites, sweat and sometimes saliva creating a habitat for germs. Over time, if not well cleaned, the environment might drastically reduce your quality of sleep. Your sleeping haven shouldn't house germs.

Strip the Mattress

Remove the sheets, bedclothes, protective covers and pillowcases.

Remove stains

Removing stains from your mattress is a delicate job, as you shouldn't get your bed wet. Gently mist the stained part and blot using a damp cloth. You can mist with an antibacterial spray or vodka from a spray bottle to eliminate germs.

Vacuum sides and top and bottom

Now that you have removed stains, grab a vacuum cleaner. Use the upholstery to get into every inch of the mattress, including the bed.

To keep your mattress clean, you can do the following;

  • Clean your mattress after every six months change your beddings frequently
  • Clean stains immediately
  • Use a mattress protector
  • Avoid having meals (mostly greasy meals) in bed

What are the Health Benefits of Sleeping on Nolah Mattresses?

Your bed dictates the quality of sleep, something that most people overlook. Here are some of the health benefits associated with Nolah mattresses.

Spinal Alignment

Topping off my list is a crucial advantage of having a Nolah mattress and getting enough restful sleep or nap. In addition, the mattress supports each part of your body adequately.

It prevents Pain

If you experience joint and back pain; chances are your mattress is not from Nolah. A Nolah original bed holds your spine straight all night. It also supports your posture and relieves pressure points which prevent pain

Peaceful Night

Tossing and turning to affect the quality of your sleep and that of your partner sleeping beside you. This is because restfulness creates waves that are transferred through the mattress. But don't worry, Nolah, you are covered with a bed that removes interruptions from your night's schedule. The mattress absorbs these waves, so even when sleeping with an unrestful partner in positions, you are less disturbed.

Tackles Snoring

Snoring when part of your airway is obstructed when sleeping. If your mattress sags too much when sleeping on your back, your neck and back won't be adequately supported. This triggers your throat to constrict, and hence, you snore. By arming your bedroom with a Nolah original mattress, you guarantee yourself a snore free slumber.

Nolah Mattress Warranty

All Nolah original mattresses come with a 120-day trial period. This means that you are free to use the bed and return it and get a full refund if it doesn't meet your needs and expectations. The mattress is already a fan favorite, thanks to the temperature neutral Nolah air foam and their competitive pricing. Manufactures add icing on top of an already marvelous bed with a lifetime warranty.

What is covered in the warranty?

Nolah original mattress covers manufacture defects; they call out indentations that are deeper than an inch. Any defect could be covered if it developed as a result of a manufacturer error. Other common faults include splits on the top layer, defective innerspring coils, and cracks in foam layers. Nolah warranty compensates mattress cover defects for the first year of ownership only.

If your mattress has a covered defect, it will be repaired, or you will receive a new one. This is a free cost for the first 15 years. However, after this period, you are required to pay a prorated or handling cost repairs as well as a $75 shipping fee when receiving a replacement mattress. What voids the mattress warranty? Make sure you avoid the following as the actions can void warranty coverage:

  • Using a foundation or bed frame doesn't fully support the mattress and users.
  • Slats on slatted beds should have a 3-inch maximum gap
  • You should not damage the Nolah original mattress
  • Only the original owner is covered by the lifetime warranty

What is not covered?

  • Mattress damage caused by an adjustable base or box spring
  • Change in comfort preference to your body type and sleeping position
  • Damage from misuse or abuse of the mattress including cuts, stains, liquid damage, mold, burns or using the bed for activities other than lounging, sex and sleeping.
  • Injuries caused by using a Nolah original mattress
  • Mattresses used in commercial amenities such as schools
  • Subjective performance changes of your mattress such as pressure relief
  • Normal softening of your mattress materials, such as poly-foam, comfort layers and resilience foam
  • One inch shallow indentations.
  • New mattress scent/off-gassing
  • Cosmetic mattress flaws such as natural blemishes and wrinkles

The fine print

Nolah doesn't have much fine print on their warranty, but here's a summary of what was highlighted.

  • Mattress replacement is covered for only 10 years
  • Nolah arranges all shipping via a third company
  • The warranty only covers your mattress. Pillows or sheets gained from a promo aren't covered
  • Prepare for a warranty claim by keeping the original proof of purchase as well as the order number
  • To prevent a warranty void, follow the appropriate cleaning and care guidelines

The warranty is in place of all other warranties. This includes warranties of merchantability or implied warranties.

How to File a Claim?

Filling a claim with Nolah is pretty straightforward. Email their customer care team first. Your email should include your order number, photos, or a clear description of the effect and origin purchase proof. Nolah, the customer care rep, might ask you to follow up with additional performance tests or photos to prove the severity of the mattress defect. This is a vital part of your claim process.

Nolah will then decide whether to replace or repair your mattress when the claim is approved. If they choose to replace the mattress, Nolah arranges your old mattress to be donated or recycled, depending on your current state. You are then required to email the pick-up receipt of the Nolah representative. Once your email is received, your replacement will be shipped.

Note: to get the best mattress cover, it's essential to inspect the package box upon delivery. Inspect your mattress before using it. With the help of a level, examine any sagging. Also, keep an eye on snags or tears. If there are any damages, take clear and dates photos.

Which mattress best suits your needs?

The right mattress doesn't have to be the fanciest. It would be best if you didn't have to break a bank. If you've been wondering how much you should spend on a mattress, you need to know that a bed that costs a dime doesn't precisely mean it's better. A high price tag mattress entails materials used to produce, and the marketing means used to help sell it. Instead of focusing on price and prominent brand name, think about what suits you on a mattress. Selecting a bed should be a very personal task, and you need to take time before deciding. Some people rather have a firmer mattress, while others prefer a softer style. With Nolah foam mattresses, you have the freedom to purchase and test the bed for some time to see if it's what you want. What are you waiting for?

Frequently asked questions

1. Are Nolah original Matresses good?
Answer: When sleeping on your back, the Nolah mattress gives you perfect balance, support and comfort. Your hips sink into the top layers. When sleeping on your side, Nolah original mattress offers superb pressure relief. Airfoam relieves pressure on your hips and shoulders. Need I say more?

2. What kind of mattresses does Nolah produce?
Answer: Nolah produces two types of superior quality mattresses.; the Nolah original mattress and the Nolah Signature. They are memory foam mattresses, however, Nolah Signature has a reversible design with a firm and medium side while Nolah Original points of pride from medium firmness.

3. Is the Nolar mattress durable?
Answer: Nolah manufactures top-quality layers to create a mattress with four to five layers. There is the inner high-density foam measuring seven inches thick, making the bed sturdy and robust. The manufactures durability with a lifetime warranty in case of any production defects.

Final Verdict on the Nolah Mattress Review

We spend about a third of our day in bed. What you do with this time is primarily dictated by your mattress. Invest in a good mattress and enjoy a blissful slumber. Without a good mattress, you will probably spend your night turning and eagerly waiting for the morning alarm. In other words, I decided to create a mattress review and improve sleep quality for everyone. As additional features and technologies are introduced, purchasing a mattress can be a daunting task. On the other hand, you can't just touch and sit on a bed to determine what's suits you best. With that in mind, Nolah original mattress gives you 120 days to test your mattress, and if it doesn't meet your requirements, you can return 100% cost-free.

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