Best Mattress Topper For Back Pain (Upper & Lower)

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People who experience constant back pain will often have their quality of sleep compromised due to discomfort. Many mattress toppers have been created to provide you with the relief and comfort that you need to wake up the next morning refreshed and energized for the day. In order to know which mattress topper will be the best for you, you will need to know what factors to consider and how the best mattress toppers can help you with your back pain. We've tested a range of the best mattress toppers for back pain so keep reading to see our findings.

7 Best Mattress Toppers For Back Pain

GhostBed Mattress Topper - Small

Ghostbed Mattress Topper


This zoned mattress topper has a unique feel for each part of your body. It has 5 zones designed to relive pressure different for each area of your body. It also comes with a waterproof mattress protector.

PlushBeds-Natural-Latex-Topper- small

PlushBeds Organic Latex Mattress Topper


We love how this topper relieves pressure points. It feels expensive, but it's actually budget friendly. It even helps to keep allergens away.

Lift by AmeriSleep (Comfort Version)

Lift by AmeriSleep (Support Version)


This supportive mattress topper is easy to use and set up. It keeps your back aligned and comfortable with its unique HIVE technology.

PlushBeds Cool Bliss Memory Foam Topper Small

PlushBeds Cool Bliss Memory Foam Topper


This topper uses memory foam gel to support your back. Best of all, its cooling foam is great for hot sleepers while providing optimal support.

Molecule Triple Zone Mattress Topper

Molecule Triple Zone Mattress Topper


We love how comfortable the layers make our bed feel. Each layer is designed to provide another level of comfort. Its zone support really caters to your entire body for a good night's sleep.

Layla Memory Foam Mattress Topper Small

Layla Memory Foam Mattress Topper:


If you tend to sleep on your back or your side, the Layla Memory Foam Mattress Topper might just do the trick. This firm topper for mattress relieves pressure points and ensures you have a good night sleep.

Tempurpedic TEMPUR Supreme 3 Inch Topper Small

Tempurpedic TEMPUR Supreme 3 Inch Topper


The Tempurpedic TEMPUR Supreme 3 inch Topper is best if you prefer a firm surface. Most toppers are known for their soft and comfortable feel, but this one is just as great to upgrade your sleeping experience and relieve back pain.

GhostBed Mattress Topper


  • 5 unique zones that relieve pressure differently for different areas of your body
  • Incredible overall value for the price
  • 2" elastic grip keeps the mattress topper from sliding
  • Comes with a waterproof mattress protector (Worth $75)
  • Gel foam design is cooler than memory foam
  • Made in the USA
  • Ships free & currently in stock
  • 5 year warranty


  • It's 3" thick, which may mean you need sheets with deeper pockets to accomodate it


Not all mattress toppers are designed to relive pain. Some cheaper ones are designed to make your existing mattress feel softer, but without any actual changes in pressure relief. The Ghostbed mattress topper is different. Everything about this mattress topper is designed to help relieve pain, especially in your back. This topper has 5 different zones. Each zone is designed to relieve pressure in their respective areas. This means the area your back touches is different than the zone your feet touch. The area around your back is built to relieve pressure in your back. 

Not only does this mattress topper have unique zones, it's also THICK. 3" thick to be exact. This thickness will make a significant difference in how your existing mattress feels. Even though it's thick doesn't mean it'll be too warm though. It's made from a gel-infused foam which sleeps much cooler than traditional memory foam. 

A premium mattress protector comes alongside this mattress topper. This means your topper is protected from sweat, spills, and any other liquids. It also helps keep the mattress topper from sliding. 

Ghostbed is a family owned company with a great story. The brand exists because the owner, Marc Werner, struggled to find a mattress that would relieve his back pain after enduring multiple spinal surgeries. When he couldn't find a solution, he made his own. The Ghostbed mattress topper has the same build quality that Ghostbed is known for, with a similar pressure relieving design but at a fraction of the cost of a new mattress.



  • Four different support options from soft to extra firm
  • Allows enough bounce for easy movement
  • Easy to clean- removable cover layer


  • Certain firmness options cost extra


You don’t have to get a new mattress to get the support you need for your back. We love how this mattress topper uses all organic latex, which is best for the environment while keeping allergens at bay. It's actually one of the best organic mattress toppers we've tested. 

When it comes to moving around, this isn’t a mattress topper that sinks and makes it hard to get comfortable. The latex and foam provides just enough bounce back to make getting out of bed easy, while also taking the strain off pressure points. When you have back pain, these are crucial qualities.
You can get the same quality and basic construction, but with the tailored support you need. There’s no settling for a harder or softer mattress topper just because your back hurts. You can choose between four different levels of firmness depending on what you need. Choose between soft, medium, medium firm, or extra firm depending on where you need support. This is a bonus, since it can be really hard to find a soft feeling mattress or mattress topper that still provides enough support.
 We recommend the softer options for people that have more pain in pressure points (like hips, shoulders, or knees), and the firmer options for people that need more support in keeping their spine aligned. 

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Lift by AmeriSleep (Comfort Version)


  • Balanced support along pressure points and spine
  • Sleeps cooler than other mattress toppers
  • Designed to adjust to areas needing support


  • Comfort option won’t provide as much back pain relief as the Support option


One thing that really stood out to us about this mattress topper is that it solves two problems back pain sufferers often complain about. First, most people already don’t have enough support in their mattress. This is a major cause of back pain if you’re not aligned and supported. Second, we know how hard it is to move around to find a cool spot when you’re already in pain. This mattress topper delivers a solution to both problems.

It gives your back relief, and it’s designed to stay cool and ventilated throughout the night. We really like the unique design of this topper, which includes a beehive like hexagon structure. It feels a lot different than other mattress toppers for back pain, and works just as well. It’s technically called HIVE technology, but we’re just glad it works as well as it does. Each support area is spaced to deliver the kind of cushion and structure that your back, hips, and shoulders need most. Plus, it also helps to keep the bed cooler throughout the night. 

We liked the firmer support we felt along the spine, and the softer cushioning feel we get around our shoulders, hips, and pressure points. 

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PlushBeds Cool Bliss Memory Foam Topper


  • Adaptive support makes a huge difference
  • Ideal for hot sleepers
  • Relieves pain from shoulders to knees


  • Can’t be returned


We had to try this one given all the hype it's received and it went beyond expectations because it also does a great job relieving back pain. Plus, It’s one of the most affordable mattress toppers targeted to back pain out there. There’s no reason to buy an entirely new mattress when you can simply top your mattress with this, and get all the same benefits (if not more). 

Because it uses cooling memory foam, it adapts to both your body heat, and your sensitive pressure points. As soon as we checked it out, it became obvious how adaptable it is. It isn’t made with your typical static layer of support foam. Gel beads within the memory foam help create this effect. While a lot of memory foam simply conforms to your body shape, the gel beads take it up a step.

When you lay down, the gel beads shift to provide support where you need it most, and to cushion areas like pressure points. This memory foam mattress topper helps keep your spine and the rest of your back aligned by equalizing pressure, and we found it to be a real game changer. 

Molecule Triple Zone Mattress Topper


  • Zoned support provides whole body comfort
  • Sleeps cool and wicks away sweat and moisture
  • Great value, very affordable


  • Slides a little bit for sleepers that move a lot


Back pain is no joke, and we’ve been on the search for the right mattress topper to make waking up a breeze. Some mattresses and mattress toppers rely on stacked layers to provide back support. While this mattress topper does have three different stacked layers, that’s not the only way it caters to people with back pain.

The upper layer feels comfortable, but what we really noticed is how well it gets rid of hot spots. The middle layer is memory foam gel with beads that keeps you supported, increases ventilation, and even wicks away moisture. The bottom layer has a really special design, which makes it especially best for back pain.

The bottom layer isn’t just for support. Other mattress toppers have a solid layer with the same support throughout. This mattress topper has three distinct zones (as you might guess from the name). Near the head and feet, the patterning gets smaller, which provides more gentle support. Then, in the center, there’s larger patterning to create firmer support for your back and spine. It seems like a lot of detail, but these details really make all the difference. 

Layla Memory Foam Mattress Topper


  • Sleep cool throughout the night while protecting your mattress
  • There is a soft and firm side which you can choose from depending on your preference
  • Best for back and side sleepers as the topper relieves pressure points


  • Softer than other brands and models


The Layla Memory Foam Mattress Topper is a 2 inch-thick copper-gel infused memory foam mattress pad made to be comfortable for people with back pain. It claims to keep your bed cool and after testing it, we can confirm how effective it was!

This mattress topper is accompanied by a cover infused with Thermogel to help spread the heat across the pad. One of the advantages of having a topper is that it’s not only an added cushion to your bed, but it also acts as an antimicrobial protection shield that will keep your original mattress clean and free of bacteria. It also comes with straps to secure the topper to the bed, and make sure that it doesn’t move throughout the night. 

We found that it’s best to leave it out for a whole 24 hours for it to expand to its fullest. To our surprise, the Layla Mattress topper also comes with a firmer side for those who prefer firm mattress toppers. Oftentimes, we expect memory foam mattress toppers to only be super soft for the most comfortable experience, but the firmer side was able to provide the same back relief. We were still able to enjoy the cool feeling of the copper. 

We felt great support when lying on the back as it mainly targeted the lumbar area. It is also quite comfortable for side sleepers in terms of pressure relief, but can be too soft when lying on the stomach. We definitely recommend this topper if you tend to sleep on your back and are a fan of memory foam. This topper is on the softer side, so if you’re not a fan then it might not be the best choice for you. You can still try out the firm side on a firm bed, but if it’s not to your liking, you can get a 100% refund back.

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Tempurpedic TEMPUR Supreme 3 Inch Topper


  •  Best for side sleepers thanks to the slow response and molding
  • Feels like a mini mattress. It weighs 30 lbs and is 3 inches thick, and can act as a travelling mattress
  • Good alternative to other memory foams which tend to be softer


  • While the cover is washable, the TEMPUR material itself cannot be washed


Tempur-pedic is a known brand within the industry, so when we saw they also had a topper available to purchase, we had to try it out. This is a memory foam topper that is specifically designed to be medium-firm. It comes with a washable cover and is supposed to last for over two years. We thought this was a great change from the usual soft memory foam topper, since some of us prefer firmer beds than softer ones. Despite its firmness, it completely molds to the body and provides ergonomic support.

 The cover is made of a knit polyester blend which allows the body to breathe and keep the mattress always fresh. After first use, we noticed the topper felt quite firm, which surprised us considering this is after all memory foam. However, the body starts to sink in while retaining its thickness and a certain level of firmness. 

Another difference between the Tempurpedic TEMPUR Supreme 3 inch Topper and other memory foam toppers is its design. The topper uses the TEMPUR material which is meant to slowly respond to pressure rather than fall right into the bed. For this reason, it doesn’t feel as bouncy, and it doesn’t need to be. Instead, it feels great to relieve back and shoulder pain. 

Benefits of Getting a Mattress Topper Specifically For Back Pain

For a mattress topper to benefit you, you need to buy one that has the right depth and also individually matches with your bed. The correct mattress topper can convert a great and comfortable mattress into an extraordinary one. Here are more details on the benefits of mattress toppers:

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When you sleep on a core mattress that has no additional topper, your body compresses the softer top component. This causes discoloration on the mattress due to sweat. The extra layer provided by the topper layer not only adds extra comfort but makes it easy to turn and rotate the mattress. It also resolves mattress construction-related issues that come with one-sided mattresses.

Offers Protection

People often tend to sleep directly on their mattresses. However, whether it’s through sleeping directly or not covering it, you leave it open to sweat, germs and dirt. A mattress topper will not only increase your comfort but also increase the longevity of your mattress. By protecting your mattress from harboring sweat, germs and indentations, a mattress topper increases the longevity of the mattress.

Your body releases a lot of moisture through normal breathing, sweating and the release of other fluids. Most of these fluids get into the mattress, duvet and bed covers or bed sheets. With a mattress topper, sweat does not seep through into your mattress.

Indentations can also occur when your foam is compressed due to an increase in body weight affecting the foam structure. Instead, the topper will sag and instead of your mattress. This prevents the top layers of your mattress from slumping.

Dirt dead skin and bacteria can also land on your mattress. With dirt, sweat and germs eradicated, you will reduce the possibility of developing allergic and asthmatic symptoms caused by breathing harmful microorganisms. 

Cooling Effect

Most memory foam mattresses tend to feel comfortable. But with time, they retain too much body heat and end up so hot. The breathable wool combined with the cooling gel that is used to make the best mattress toppers combats this issue.

How to Choose a Mattress Topper if You’re a Side Sleeper

Compared to other sleeping styles, side sleepers have more requirements look out for when choosing a mattress and a topper. You will first need a good mattress so always examine your mattress for worn out and dented sections. Any indentations can add extra pressure to your body, making your sleep that much more uncomfortable. If need be, you might even have to buy a brand new mattress before you buy a topper. 

The body weight of side sleepers is mostly concentrated in the shoulder and hip areas. This brings about the potential risk of hurting your back and joints. As a side sleeper, you need to go through all the main features a topper has to get the most out of your purchase. Here are features to consider when choosing a mattress topper for side sleeping.


Different sleeping positions require different mattress topper thickness. While stomach sleepers are comfortable on a very thin mattress, side sleepers are not. Side sleepers have a hard time sleeping on a thin mattress since it has no padding.

When choosing a topper, buy a thick one with a depth of around 7 cm to maintain a straight spine when sleeping. Thick toppers also come in handy if you suffer from back pain.

Check the firmness level of your mattress to determine the actual size of your mattress topper. Ensure that your spine is aligned and that you’re not sinking too deeply into your bed to avoid future joint and back problems. A medium-soft mattress topper or a thick one is the top recommended choice.

Memory Foam or Latex  

If you are a side sleeper, a memory foam or latex mattress toppers is the best choice. The materials conforms to your body shape promoting a straight spine. It’s also durable.

Heat Retention Capability

Most users have a problem with heat retention when using memory foam toppers. A cheap mattress topper with no ventilation is a bad choice if you live in a warm or hot climate. It doesn’t matter if you are a side sleeper or not, the end result is a stuffy and hot night which affects your sleep.

To prevent this, topper manufacturers have improved the air flow and ventilation within a mattress by making toppers that heat quickly and easily. In  turn, this helps to regulate your body temperature.

Level of maintenance

Since they are not waterproof, it’s not possible to clean a memory foam mattress topper in a washing machine. Therefore, you have to spot clean the topper if needed. Dab it using a dry cloth to collect any excess moisture. If cleaning it is a problem, just use a waterproof cover to prevent your topper from staining, especially if you have young children.


From comfort to mattress hygiene, mattress toppers can really improve your sleep. Toppers are much better and cheaper, compared to having to frequently remove, wash or even replace the entire mattress. What mattress topper is best? Follow our tips or pick out any one of the best mattress topper for side sleepers we've listed in this guide and you'll be on your way to a much better sleep!

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