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How to Store a Mattress Topper

A mattress topper sits on top of a mattress and offers numerous benefits for users. First, it ensures extra comfort as you sleep. No matter the comfort level of your bed, the topper is an inexpensive way of making it cozier and ensure a good night's sleep. Secondly, it helps to increase the lifespan of your mattress.

This is possible because using a mattress topper creates a thick barrier between the users and the mattress. As a result, you will reduce the chances of wear and tear significantly. Another benefit is that it offers more protection. Your mattress can harbor germs. If you get sick, microorganisms can get into your mattress through the sheets.

If you get a mattress topper that is antibacterial and moisture-resistant, it will protect the mattress and reduce the chances of allergies and other respiratory complications. The problems often occur when you breathe in harmful microorganisms that may accumulate in your bed or storage room over time. Cleaning your mattress topper will greatly help rid off these microorganisms. 

Tips on How to Store a Mattress Topper

What’s the secret to store memory foam mattress topper? It needs proper protection. It can remain strong for years if stored properly. Here are storage tips for you:

Pick the Ideal Storage Space & Storage Bag

One of the main challenges when it comes to storing your memory foam mattress topper is moisture, and a good storage bag can help combat this. If you intend to store it in a storage unit, consider using a dehumidifier. However, this is unnecessary if you use a climate-controlled unit. Either way, a protective storage bag will also help.

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You can store the mattress topper in the plastic bags used to move mattresses. Although most of them may be bigger, they are perfect options for storing mattress toppers. Alternatively, if your topper is small, you can use a vacuum storage bag. A vacuum sealed bag uses an airtight vacuum seal to keep out moisture and air. Also, if you have the original plastic mattress bag for your mattress topper, reuse it for storage. You can use duct tape along the openings, and use a vacuum cleaner to such out the air to create a decent vacuum seal. If not the original bag, any large plastic bag or plastic storage bag will do. Vacuum sealed bags are preferable, but any mattress topper stored in a bag will be protected from things like dirt and dust mites, a vacuum bag isn't necessary, just preferable..

Only store your mattress topper if you have some protective wrapping around it. Without it, things such as dust and pests can get into the topper, especially if you usually store it in a closet attic or basement. No matter how clean the areas may seem, you should not store the mattress topper without protecting it.

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If your mattress topper or mattress pad has a cover or any kind of mattress protectors, you can remove it and store separately. Secure it using ratchet straps. The straps are cheap, and it will become easier for you to grab the mattress topper. If you opt for regular mattress bags, seal them using duct tape and use a vacuum to created a vacuum sealed bag.

How Long Can You Store a Mattress Topper?

Some experts recommend removing them from their plastic bag every six to seven months to air out. However, this can be longer for most memory foam mattress toppers or mattress pads. Even if crevices form after storing it, they will disappear after some time. Using proper storage will help no matter what.

Clean It Properly

You can clean most types of beddings using your washing machine. To clean memory foam mattress toppers, you cannot use this method because the equipment can damage it. There are several procedures for cleaning mattress toppers. One of the options you have is vacuuming.

Air Drying

Proper drying is crucial to maintain your mattress topper in pristine condition. Traces of moisture on it will encourage mold and mildew growth, which will lower its lifespan. Foam mattress takes some time to dry.

One of the easiest ways of speeding up the drying process is storing it in a well-ventilated area. You can also place it under direct sunlight for up to 40 minutes in the morning. Air-drying in the sun is recommended when dealing with delicate materials like foam.

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How Often Should You Replace a Mattress Topper?

Since the foam mattress toppers are thinner than mattresses, they have a shorter lifespan. Generally, with proper care, they can last up to five years. That is why you have to be keen when using them or any time you want to store foam for extended periods. Some of the considerations when thinking about whether to get a new mattress topper include wear and tear and persistent unpleasant odors.

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