Puffy Mattress Topper Review

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Puffy Mattress Topper Review

Yes, you can just buy a whole new mattress when you find that yours is too firm or soft, but there’s an easier solution: a mattress topper. More specifically, the Puffy Mattress Topper. The Puffy Mattress Topper is made to add softness or firmness depending on your preferences, and for a price that doesn’t break the bank either. This responsive memory foam mattress topper might be just what you need to get a good night’s rest.
If you want to find out more about our experience after testing out this Puffy Mattress topper, keep reading.

Puffy Mattress Topper Overview

The Puffy mattress topper is made of bamboo, polyester, and memory foam. This makes it hypoallergenic, since it will also keep out any bacteria or dust mites over time. When we tested how it felt to lay down, it does feel firmer than other options, but it will gradually soften over time.

There’s a cover included in this mattress as well, a lightweight cover that helps the topper breathe during the night and that’s easy to remove and wash. This keeps you cool during the entire night, and with the anti-slip grip along the bottom, you won’t wake up with the topper slipping off the bed in the morning either.


  • Includes the option of a 101-day sleeper trial, so it's completely risk-free for you to give it a try
  • You have a lifetime warranty for this topper
  • The level of comfort means that side sleepers, stomach sleepers, and back sleepers can rest comfortably. Whether it's the right cushioned comfort for stomach sleepers or adequate pressure relief for side sleepers, the Puffy mattress topper is versatile and truly delivers for any sleeping style.
  • Includes deep (15-inch) pockets, meaning that it will fit on any mattress whether you have a memory foam, innerspring, hybrid or latex mattress 
  • The coolness of this mattress topper is pretty much unparalleled. It's not only cool to touch, but you even feel a sense of coolness whenever you move.


  • It is heavy, so it can be difficult to maneuver to get it clean

Construction and Materials

As soon as you get your Puffy Mattress Topper, you’ll want to get it out of the box to give it some time to decompress and air out. This is something that happens with any toppers that come in a box like this. Unlike other toppers and mattresses though, this one does not have a chemical smell to it since it’s made of hypoallergenic materials—with no dangerous chemicals used in its construction.

The Puffy Topper is only 2 inches thick so that you don’t end up too high on your original mattress, and it's made of 40 percent bamboo and 60 percent polyester. It’s actually made of oeko-tex certified materials, meaning that there are no chemicals involved.

With the Puffy mattress topper, you get to enjoy and lay on CertiPUR-US certified memory foam. The density depends on whether you get the soft or the firm option, but regardless, the foam is well designed to keep you cool. This is thanks to the breathable cover, which lets air circulate through the topper and the mattress as you move around. Remove this cover and wash it when you’re ready.

When it comes to its construction, we absolutely loved the deep elastic pockets. These pockets are 15 inches deep, which meant we could use this topper with mattresses that are thicker. Even if you already have a 15-inch mattress, you’ll be able to use this topper with it.

It's great to know that no matter what size your mattress is, the Puffy memory foam mattress topper will never slip off while you’re sleeping during the night. The thin grip base along the bottom of the Puffy mattress topper prevents it from sliding around while you’re sleeping.

Comfort and Firmness

As mentioned, you get to choose your firmness level with the Puffy Mattress Topper. If you do pick the firmer option, while it may start out quite firm, we did notice that it does soften up slightly over time.

Do remember though that the feeling of your firmness will depend on the mattress you have underneath. If your mattress underneath is really struggling, even the best Puffy mattress topper won’t be able to save your mattress.

The whole point of a mattress topper is to change the comfort level of your bed, which is exactly what this Puffy mattress topper does. If you place it atop a soft or firm mattress, it will make you feel as though you’re sleeping on something medium-firm.

Regardless of the option you pick, we found both the firm and the soft topper versions to be extremely comfortable to sleep on. They cushioned our shoulders and hips and effectively took the pressure off of our pressure points. 

That’s due to the responsiveness of the memory foam, which will stay responsive regardless of your sleeping position or if you tend to move a lot throughout the night.

Speaking of comfort, it’s worth mentioning the motion transfer in this mattress too. Thanks to the foam construction, there’s a very minimal amount of motion transfer. If you move a lot when you sleep or if you have a partner who does, it’s easier to sleep comfortably with them.

A lot of memory foam mattress toppers have the problem of heat retention, causing discomfort through the night. Thankfully, Puffy mattress toppers do sleep cool. This is on account of the breathable cover that allows air to circulate through it while you move and while you sleep.

Price, Warranty, Shipping, and Returns

It’s a good thing that this Puffy mattress topper clocks in at a reasonable price, especially when you realize how good the materials are, along with the fact that it suits any sleeping position.

How much you spend will depend on the firmness you choose and the size, with the lowest price point for twin size. The price will increase with size, but whether you pick the firm or the soft option, you’ll still be spending the same amount.

This is a solid mid-level price point that isn't unreasonably priced at all, considering that it has two inches of memory foam to support you. And if you find that this topper isn’t working for you once you buy it, you have a 101-night sleep trial to back you.

Do keep in mind though that this trial is only in effect if you bought the topper right from Puffy. If you bought it from a thirty-party website like Amazon, you do not have the guaranteed sleep trial.

Speaking of shipping, if you do need to ship this mattress topper back, you will be able to ship it back with a money-back guarantee. If you live in certain areas like Alaska, Hawaii, or Canada though, your original shipping cost won’t be refunded.

When we were waiting for our Puffy topper delivery, it didn't take a lot of processing time. It took only a little while to get a shipping notification—and just 2-5 days from there for our mattress to arrive at our doorstep.

You won’t be charged shipping unless you live in Alaska, Hawaii, or Canada, but you should probably make sure that you’re at home when your topper arrives. Like other in-a-box toppers or mattress options, it will arrive compressed and left at your door; you just need to let it air out for a little while before you put it up on your bed.

The Puffy mattress topper gives you a lifetime warranty to put your mind at ease. That means that if you see any defects, you can return it for a full refund. Just keep in mind that any damage from commercial usage or abuse are not covered under your warranty. If you stain it, this is not covered either.

Who are the Puffy Mattress Toppers Suited For?

Puffy mattress toppers are perfect for anyone who wants to:

  • Have a cooling sleep through the night - Its breathable cover means air can circulate well, making its surface so comfortably cool. Its polyester and bamboo materials also help to prevent heat retention.
  • Change the firmness of their mattress without spending too much - It's literally like enjoying a brand new mattress, without spending an exorbitant amount. Simply choose from Firm or Soft to change your current mattress firmness to a level that you'd like.
  • Have a new layer over their old mattress - You might not want to change the firmness level of your current mattress but it might be time to give your old mattress a fresh new layer after all those years.


Where Can I Buy the Puffy Mattress Topper?

You can buy Puffy memory foam mattress toppers from a third-party website like Amazon, but it's best for you to make your purchase from the Puffy store. This is only because if you buy from the Puffy mattress online store, you’ll get that 101-night sleep trial, which you won’t get otherwise.

What if I Don’t Like It?

You already know that you have a 101-night sleep trial to decide if you want to return it, so if you don’t like this Puffy topper, you have this option. But you do need to keep in mind that you have to use this topper for a minimum of 30 days if you want to return it. You can’t test it for a week and then just ship it back; you have to have it for those 30 nights. 

Do I Really Need a New Topper?

The whole point of getting yourself a mattress topper is to make your bed more comfortable, without spending the money that you would normally spend on a brand new mattress. You don’t need to buy a new mattress topper if you’re getting a new mattress already, and you don’t need a topper if you’re already satisfied with the feeling of your bed.

You’ll really want to pick a mattress topper if your mattress is too soft or too firm, since Puffy offers both firm and soft topper options. You can even buy one if you and your partner sleep differently—just use the Puffer memory foam mattress topper to even out the feeling of the mattress, or to help one partner sleep more comfortably

What is a Puffy Mattress Pad and How is it Different from the Puffy Topper?

A mattress pad serves a different purpose; it's meant to be an extra soft layer atop your mattress. It doesn't alter your mattress firmness. When it comes to the mattress pad, people like it for a more cushioned, luxurious feel.

If you want a soft surface that almost feels like a comfortable pillow, then consider a mattress pad.

On the other hand, a mattress topper has memory foam and is able to actually provide more support while adjusting your mattress firmness. In a way, it does more than a mattress pad and is able to help relieve pressure points too.

Closing Thoughts

Instead of buying a new mattress, the Puffy Mattress Topper can help to enhance the comfort or firmness level you need. Sleep in any position with this comfortable and versatile memory foam topper, which can be placed on any bed, and pick out the size and firmness that will work for you. With this memory foam topper, you might just find that a good night’s sleep is just one purchase away.

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